Da Birthday Da Brat Gets Spoiled By Judy With 50 Gifts For Her 50th Birthday Including Books, Backpacks & 100 Carats

Da Birthday Da Brat was recently lavished with gifts from her wife Jesseca “Judy” Harris-Dupart to mark her 50th birthday. The rapper who was adamant that she didn’t want a big celebration, got some BIG gifts including designer gear, personalized books, and jewelry totaling 100 carats of diamonds.

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On April 14, Brat blew out 50 candles on her birthday cake, and to mark the occasion, she told her wife Judy that she wanted a “chill” celebration. Throughout the week, Judy told her followers that her “perfect human” was insistent on “not doing anything big” for the special day and she did her best to respect her wishes.

“My wife turned 50 TODAY and all she wanted was to be with me , our family and chill,” wrote Judy on Instagram. “She said not to do anything BIG, so ???? I tried to stay w/in the parameters given ( just a few surprises , DASSIT )”

She continued,

“ALTHOUGH last year she said that I could throw her a party for her 50th. Now that we are here she said ALL I WANT IS TO CHILL AND RELAX???????? please don’t do anything big. So here I am NOT doing anything big ????????”

BET Hip Hop Awards 2023 - Arrivals

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As you can imagine, not “doing anything big” was a struggle for the gracious giver who previously bought Brat a Bentley and a Tesla, but she did her best and documented Brat’s birthday on social media.

On day one, Judy showcased a well-decorated house complete with card games and orange balloons that she rented for a laidback vacation in the mountains. With baby True Legend in tow,  emotional Brat checked out the house and thanked her wife for planning.


Next, Judy showcased Brat’s family showing up to surprise her before they enjoyed personal massages.


In part 3, Brat was treated to a private chef who cooked while she pushed her son in a stroller. Brat was also seen having her first drink in two years after stopping drinking during her IVF and pregnancy journey.

That’s not all however, hit the flip for more of Da Brat’s (chill—but big) 50th birthday bash.

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