‘Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’ Star Regé-Jean Page Shares His Favourite Nerdy Interest

Regé-Jean Page is embracing his inner nerd.

The actor recently spoke with ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante at the premiere of his new film “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” where he shared his thoughts on mainstreaming nerd culture and what he relates to the most in the board games cryptic world.

When Bustamante asked the actor something he’s a fan of that was once considered nerdy, Page mentioned anime and Pokémon cards.

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“I mean, I feel like the whole anime scene has kind of gone mainstream. I feel like Michael Bay’s done a lot for us on this one, but like, anime has gotten cool. […] Everyone’s proud of being an Avatar fan. Everyone’s got their Pokemon card collection somewhere in the back of the house. They’re like, ‘You know what? These are actually pretty cool now.’ I think it’s just the idea that we’ve become more comfortable in enjoying the things we enjoy and being unashamed of that.” 

When asked what class he belongs to in the Dungeons and Dragons world, Page answered that he doesn’t have “the foggiest clue.”

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“What am I in real life? I don’t know, man. I spend so much time not being in my real life that I haven’t the foggiest clue. I think. […] So I think that that righteousness, that straightforward rules, adherence of the Paladin is definitely close to my heart. But I also enjoy talking myself into and then out of situations. And so maybe a little bit of Bard going on. That little bit of Chris Pine’s territory is good fun. You want pieces of everything. No one wants to stick themselves to one track forever.”