End Of An Era: Dak Prescott Reacts To The Dallas Cowboys Cutting Ezekiel Elliott– “I’m Hurt”

Dak Prescott - Zeke New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott Source: Wesley Hitt / Getty


The Dallas Cowboys have officially parted ways with Ezekiel Elliott a move many never imagined especially Dak Prescott who is “hurt” by the move.

If you know anyone who is a Dallas Cowboys fan you understand that every season they feel as if they will win the Super Bowl. Last season was no different, after a decent 12-5 season San Francisco sent them to Cancun. The loss ruined any chance for a Super Bowl and sent fans back into depression.  For the first time, the hype was warranted yet the season ended the same. Everyone who loves the Cowboys knew it was time for changes.

Perhaps the biggest surprise within the organizational changes was the decision to release Ezekiel Elliott. Quarterback Dak Prescott and Zeke are a duo, you can’t envision one without the other. After the news went public fans were curious if Dak would speak on the decision and how he felt. It didn’t take long for someone to get a camera-in microphone in front of him for his thoughts.

“I really can’t imagine taking the field without him,” Prescott said. “It’s something that I don’t know if it’s completely hit me yet.”

“I’m hurt,” Dak stated. “I’m sure he is. But it’s more important for me to be able to support him. I know he’s got more opportunities coming his way. And I love that guy. Proud of him. No. 1 supporter for him no matter what.”

Jerry Jones has always run his team as a family, if Zeke isn’t happy with offers coming his way he can always take a pay cut and return. But let’s be real, nobody is taking a pay cut to stay on a team that let them go. Regardless, Jerry Jones is all in for this upcoming season and now has extra money to spend to secure talent.