Google I/O 2024: Android 15 Beta 2 Confirmed for Tomorrow

Android 15 Beta 2 coming tomorrow
  • Android 15 Beta 2 was expected to be released today but has been delayed.
  • Google announced during I/O 2024 that Android 15 Beta 2 will be released tomorrow.
  • The first Android 15 build was released in February this year, with the first public beta available last month.

Android fans who were expecting a new Android Beta to arrive today will have to wait another day. At its I/O 2024 event, Google confirmed that Android 15 Beta 2 is coming tomorrow.

For those unaware, the testing for Android 15 started back in February with the first two Developer Previews, followed by the first Beta landing in April. Soon, Google rolled out a hotfix update to squash a few bugs.

Android 15 Beta 2Image Courtesy: Google

So far, we know Android 15’s internal code name and have also covered a host of new features that might be coming tomorrow, alongside a list of features we’d like to see.

As for compatibility, Pixel 6 and above devices should receive the Beta updates followed by a stable update sometime in August or October during the Pixel 9 launch. Manufacturers like OnePlus, Nothing, and OPPO have already started testing Android 15 on their latest devices, and other popular manufacturers should join the party soon.

Today’s Google I/O 2024 event missed out on Android, Wear OS, Pixel 8a, and ChromeOS announcements. Instead, it was mainly focused on things that revolve around Generative AI like Project Astra, Gemini 1.5 Pro, Flash, and a few features coming to Google Workspace and apps later this year.

What are your thoughts on Android 15 or the lack of any mention of it at Google I/O? What do you want to see in Android 15 Beta 2 tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below.