Google’s amazing Gemini AI demo was a big fake, so I’ll stick with ChatGPT

Google's Gemini AI system revealed at Google I/O 2023.

One of the biggest immediate worries with AI products like ChatGPT is not that they'll take over the world, eradicating humanity in the process. It's that they'll distort the truth through hallucinations or answers to prompts that are factually incorrect or misleading.

That's why hearing that Google just faked the amazing Gemini demo we saw a few days ago is incredibly disappointing. No matter how Google tries to explain it or how accurate Gemini might be at responding to the prompts shown in the clip in real life, it's still a massive fake. The company showed off a product that doesn't exist. Or a product with capabilities that have been greatly exaggerated.

It turns out that Google might be so incredibly desperate when it comes to matching ChatGPT that it needs to mislead us. And, again, that isn't very reassuring from a company I want to trust with the safe development of AI.

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