How I used ChatGPT to make a playlist based on Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off

Taylor Swift

Running takes up a big chunk of my free time, as I'm currently training to run a marathon -- something I've never done before. I got back to running with the help of ChatGPT, as I instructed the chatbot to give me a training plan based on my requirements so I could run half marathon races comfortably again. It worked, too; I relied mostly on ChatGPT's program to get me there, so I have now progressed to the next stage: A full marathon.

As I explained before, the problem with long-distance running isn't just about strengthening your heart and legs to withstand the effort. It's also about training the mind. I don't just mean getting in the mindset that you can do it, but having the patience to run for hours and hours.

I use podcasts and music to keep my mind occupied as my body runs the distance we agreed on beforehand. Taylor Swift is in the rotations of playlists I listen to, and Shake It Off is the song that gets me going. Even on easy runs, I invariably pick up the pace when Shake It Off plays, despite knowing that I have to stay within a certain heart rate range. 

The song will be great on actual race day when I have to push harder than during training, especially on those last few miles. So, I had this idea while running and listening to the song a few days ago. Why don't I use ChatGPT to generate a marathon playlist for Apple Music featuring different songs that have one thing in common with Taylor Swift's Shake It Off: A similar beat to motivate me?

I did exactly that, and it worked better than expected.

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