How to Downgrade From Android 15 Beta to Android 14 Stable

  • There are two ways to downgrade from Android 15 beta to Android 14 on Pixel phones. Keep in mind that all your data will be erased during the downgrade process.
  • You can use the Android Flash Tool to roll back Android 15 effortlessly and install Android 14 on your Pixel phone.
  • Apart from that, you can manually flash Android 14 images on your Pixel device using a computer.

Now that the Android 15 Beta 2 is available to install on Pixel devices, many Pixel owners have already installed the latest Android build. However, as expected, the beta updates always bring a ton of bugs, and that results in an unstable experience. So if you want to downgrade from Android 15 Beta to Android 14 stable, we have a detailed tutorial ready for you. You can uninstall Android 15 and move back to the stable release of Android 14 using two methods. On that note, let’s begin.

Downgrading from Android 14 to Android 15 will erase all data on your device. Make sure to back up everything before following the downgrade process.

Enable USB Debugging

  • Firstly, on your Pixel device, open Settings and move to About Phone.
  • Next, scroll to the bottom and continuously tap on the Build number seven times to enable “Developer options”.
  • Now, go back and open “System” under Settings. At the bottom, you will find Developer options. Open it.
  • Here, scroll down and enable USB debugging. You are done for now.

enable USB debugging on pixel phones

Connect Your Pixel Phone

  • Now, connect your Pixel smartphone to your PC, Mac, Chromebook, or Linux computer using a USB cable. Make sure your phone is in unlocked state.
  • Next, launch (visit) in the Chrome browser.
  • Click on “Get Started”.

android flash tool web UI

  • After that, click on “Already installed“. Generally, the USB driver is auto-installed on Windows, but if you face detection issues, download the driver from here and follow these steps to install it. Other OS users don’t need to install drivers at all.

already installed USB driver for android flash tool

  • Next, a pop-up should appear. If it doesn’t, click on the pop-up button in the address bar and allow pop-ups.

allow pop-up in chrome

  • After that, click on Allow ADB access.

allow adb access to web-based android flash tool

  • If it shows “No devices available”, click on Add new device.

add new device using android flash tool

  • Now, it should automatically detect your Pixel device. Select it and click on Connect.

connect pixel device using web adb on pixel flash tool

  • Finally, it should show “Connected” or “Auth pending”. You should see a prompt on your smartphone, enable “Always allow…” and tap on “Allow”.

pixel device connected to android flash tool

Downgrade From Android 15 to Android 14

  • Having connected the device, click on Back to Public under “Public releases”.

move back to android public release on android flash tool

  • Here, it should show the stable Android 14 build for your specific Pixel phone. Click on Install build.

install android 14 build using android flash tool on pixel

  • Confirm the action and accept the terms. It may say “Factory reset required”, click on Yes.
  • It will now reboot your Pixel phone into the bootloader mode. You may have to reselect the device in the Android Flash Tool if it shows disconnected.
  • After that, an “Unlock Bootloader” dialog may appear. Click on Start.

unlock the bootloader

  • Move back to your Pixel phone (do not unplug the device) and use the volume button to change it to Unlock the bootloader. Now, press the power button to select it.
  • This will unlock the bootloader on your Pixel phone.
  • Now, the Android Flash Tool will start downloading the latest Android 14 build and it will automatically install Android 14 and replace the Android 15 Beta build.

install android 14 stable build

  • After the installation, you will get a “Lock Device” prompt. Click on Start.

lock the bootloader prompt

  • Again, move back to your Pixel device, and use the volume button to change the option to Lock the bootloader. And press the power button to confirm it.
  • Click on Done on the Android Flash Tool, and now you can unplug your smartphone. Press the power button to start your Pixel phone. You have successfully downgraded from Android 15 to Android 14.

downgrade android 15 complete

Install Android 14 Manually and Replace Android 15

Set Up ADB

  • First off, go ahead and install ADB on your computer. We have a detailed tutorial for Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, and Linux computers.
  • After that, head over to this link and scroll down. Now, download the Android 14 factory image for your specific Pixel device. Click on “Link” to download the image.

download pixel factory images

  • Now, extract the content of the image ZIP file and paste all of them into the platform-tools folder.

copy factory image files to platform tools folder

  • Next, on your Pixel phone, open “Developer options” in Settings and make sure to enable OEM unlocking.

enable oem unlocking in pixel phones

Unlock the Bootloader

  • I am assuming you have already installed ADB and enabled USB debugging from the guide linked above. Connect your Pixel phone to your computer and run adb devices to confirm the connection.
  • Once it shows a device with a serial number, run the below command to boot into the bootloader.

adb reboot bootloader

reboot to the bootloader

  • After that, run the below command to unlock the bootloader.

fastboot flashing unlock

unlock the bootloader

  • Next, press the volume button on your Pixel phone to change the option to Unlock the bootloader. Now, press the power button to confirm it.

Flash Android 14 Build

  • Once the bootloader is unlocked, the phone will restart or you can also press the power button to start your device. Now, don’t add your Google account or PIN, and simply enable USB debugging again under the Developer options.

enable USB debugging on pixel phones

  • Run adb devices again to confirm the connection, and then run the below command to move back to the bootloader.

adb reboot bootloader

reboot to the bootloader

  • Once you are in the bootloader, run fastboot devices to check whether your device is detected. It should return an output. If fastboot is not detecting the device, follow our tutorial to fix it.
  • After confirmation, simply run the below command to install Android 14 and erase Android 15 on your Pixel device. Make sure you are running the Terminal/CMD from the Platform-tools folder and that all the content of the factory image has been already copied to the Platform-tools folder.


flash android 14 image on pixel

  • Once the flashing process is done, it will restart the device with the Android 14 build. You can also press the power button to start the device.

Lock the Bootloader

  • Since the bootloader is unlocked, you need to lock it again. So go ahead and enable USB debugging again from the Developer options in Settings.

enable usb debugging on pixel

  • Run adb devices to confirm the connection and then run the below command to boot into the bootloader.

adb reboot bootloader

reboot to the bootloader

  • Once you are in the bootloader, run the below command to lock the bootloader of your Pixel phone.

fastboot flashing lock

lock the bootloader

  • After that, press the power button to start your device. You have now successfully downgraded from Android 15 to the stable Android 14 build. You can unplug your phone from the computer and set up the device as you like.

Opt-Out of Android Beta Program

Since Android 15 Beta updates are rolled out as OTA (Over The Air) updates, your phone will start scanning for the latest Beta as soon as you boot into Android 14. To prevent this from happening, you need to opt out of your device from the Android Beta Program. To do this, go to this link, scroll down, and click on Opt out for your Pixel device.

Opt out of Android Beta program

If you do not see your device, sign in with the Google Account that you used to sign up for the Android 15 Beta program.

So these are the two ways you can downgrade from Android 15 beta to the stable build of Android 14 on your Pixel phone. If you are facing any issues regarding ADB or fastboot while rolling back Android 15, let us know in the comment section below.