Husband Demands That His Wife Lose Weight For His Boss’ Black-Tie Event, She Maliciously Complies

Revenge is a dish best served cold, but karma doesn’t have to be instant. It can wait a bit. It can be subtle. Gradual. And it only makes victory taste that much sweeter when your plan finally comes together.

Redditor u/ShepherdsWeShallB shared a story about how her sister, ‘Jen,’ got back at her husband ‘Chris,’ who had demanded that she lose weight so that they could attend his company’s black-tie dinner in a year’s time. Jen was barely overweight, but Chris was nearly clinically obese. Oh, she promised to lose weight all right, but she had a secret twist ready for him. You’ll find the full story, as told by the woman’s sister, below.

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A husband told his wife that she should lose a lot of weight so that they could attend an important event in a year’s time

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The woman’s sister shared how she handled the entire situation in the best possible way

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The husband ended up being completely taken aback by how everything developed

According to u/ShepherdsWeShallB, for her sister, her husband’s comments about losing weight “was the straw that broke the camel’s back.” He had also refused the idea of going to marriage counseling, accused his spouse of cheating on him, and joked to lots of people about her being ‘stuck’ with him.

So, the OP’s sister decided to follow her husband’s advice and get in shape for his employer’s big event. But not in the way that he expected. She got great results and within just six months, she was incredibly fit. But the moment that she reached her goals, she filed for divorce. And she did show up to the black-tie event… with a long-time friend who also worked at her (now ex) husband’s company.

This was malicious compliance at its best. And most readers thought that the revenge was well-deserved. It seemed like ‘Chris’ wasn’t prepared to put in the same effort into his marriage as his then-wife, ‘Jen,’ the mother to his five children, did.

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The man was obese himself while the woman had only been a few pounds overweight

Marriage and healthy long-term relationships rely on teamwork and communication. But they also demand a certain level of self-awareness. Nobody likes a hypocrite. Redditor u/ShepherdsWeShallB explained that her sister had been “6 pounds [2.7 kg] overweight,” and was told to lose 30 to 40 pounds (13.6 to 18.1 kg). Meanwhile, ‘Chris’ was “bordering on clinically obese.” It’s more or less clear that if anyone needed to worry about their weight, it was him.

A quick way to check if you’re at a more or less healthy weight is to do a quick BMI calculation. According to the CDC, you’re considered to be underweight if your BMI is less than 18.5. If your score is above 25, you are overweight. And if your BMI is 30 or higher, you are technically obese.

Of course, living a healthy and happy life is about more than just someone’s weight: a lot depends on the person’s lifestyle and quality of social life, too. However, being obese does have an incredibly negative effect on a person’s life.

The CDC warns that obesity increases the risks of serious diseases and health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, cancer, clinical depression, and, overall, leads to a much lower quality of life. The effects go beyond just the individual, though.

In 2019, obesity-related medical care costs were estimated to have been nearly 173 billion dollars. Productivity costs due to “obesity-related absenteeism” were calculated to fall between 3.38 billion dollars to 6.38 billion dollars.

Both partners need to respect each other. The relationship won’t work otherwise

Respect, love, and mutual attraction make up the foundations of a marriage. If only one person in the relationship has feelings and respect for the other, you’ll end up with lots of problems that can, eventually, lead to divorce.

It’s vital that spouses don’t treat marriage as ‘just’ dating. Both partners genuinely need to want the best for each other, have to care about one another, and shouldn’t ever take the other person for granted.

You’re in it for the long-run (possibly until the end of your life), so the idea is that you treat the love of your life like, well, the love of your life. Being supportive, actively listening to your partner, taking the time to talk issues out, putting in the effort to work through issues and look for compromises—that’s what helps a marriage stay healthy, not dominating the other person.

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