“I Can Hear Every Beat”: Neighbor’s Music Drives A Woman Crazy, She Seeks Petty Revenge

Unfortunately, no one is immune to or safe from aggravating neighbors, who have the magic power to make the lives of those around them needlessly more difficult.

For this redditor, it was her “annoying frat boy” neighbor—who she referred to as Ty—blasting music that got on her nerves. The woman tried talking to her music-loving neighbor, but he didn’t care much for it, which encouraged the OP to take a different approach with her petty revenge.

Few things are more aggravating on the day-to-day as dealing with troublesome neighbors

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This woman’s “annoying frat boy neighbor” would continuously play loud music, even late at night

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Being loud is one of the things people dislike most about their neighbors

Unsurprisingly, noise is one of the main things that gets on people’s nerves the most when it comes to neighbors. According to a survey conducted by LendingTree, it is the second most popular reason people dislike someone living next door, preceded only by them giving off a “weird vibe”. (Other common reasons include neighbors being rude or nosy, having pets that cause disruption or not maintaining the exterior of their house, among other things).

The survey found that nearly three-in-four people dislike at least one of their neighbors; probably the one who makes the most noise. However, a similar number of people are actually friends with at least one of their neighbors, which shows that people next door can be a blessing or a curse, and unless you invited all your friends to move into the neighborhood, you can’t really be sure what you’re getting when someone new arrives.

While many people deal with noisy neighbors, not that many of them are eager to report it

Another survey, carried out online back in 2020, found that unfortunately, neighbors tend to be the loudest in the evening—a time that, for many people, is dedicated to relaxing and unwinding after a long day. But while 45% of noise-machine-like neighbors tend to be loud in the evenings, nearly one-in-four of them do in the middle of the night, making it arguably even more difficult to live with. (Roughly 20% tend to make noise in the afternoon, and 10% do it in the morning, arguably messing up people’s day before it even starts.)

But what might come as a surprise is that many people tend to suffer in silence (pun intended), with less than half of them complaining about the noise to anyone. For instance, only roughly a third of respondents have contacted their landlord about the problem vs. nearly roughly 47% of those who haven’t.

Similarly, only a small part of people—close to 30%, to be exact—have contacted local officials to make noise complaints, versus the remaining 70% of respondents who have taken no such action. The majority of people haven’t even gotten in touch with the person responsible for the cacophony, though quite a few of them have confronted the latter—55% versus 45%.

Some places are worse than others, when it comes to noisy people or streets

According to said 2020 survey, some states in the US are worse than others in regards to noisy neighbors, with Idaho topping the list as the worst place to live (followed by New York, Vermont, and Kentucky respectively). For those seeking the quietest neighbors there are, it might be best to move to South Carolina (or Missouri, Arkansas, or North Carolina respectively), as that’s where neighbors seem to be the least rowdy.

As for Europe, Malta reportedly has it the worst when it comes to both noisy neighborhoods and streets, according to Eurostat. It is followed closely by the Netherlands and Germany, with Portugal, Luxembourg, and Denmark respectively lining up below them. The best places to live in Europe noise-wise seem to be Croatia, Estonia and Ireland, followed by Bulgaria, Hungary, and Slovakia.

The OP didn’t mention where in the world she was located, but it didn’t really matter, as there was clearly at least one person responsible for the heightened noise levels in their area. And since Ty’s decibel level didn’t change much after the talk with and the notes from the redditor, she decided to opt for petty revenge instead; she started playing kids’ tunes, which, as many of us—especially those with kids—know, are impossible to get out of your head. Fellow redditors in the comments had plenty of other suggestions for what to play for the neighbor next.

People in the comments shared their stories and suggestions for what songs to play for Ty next

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