“I Hope It Was Worth Never Seeing Your Grandkids Again”: Mom Turns Tables On Lying Grandma

A mother’s shocking tale of a vindictive grandmother, who filed false charges of child abuse against her, went viral on social media for its drama and cruelty.

The mother named Beth, known on TikTok as bostonink, shared her story online and detailed how her sour relationship with the grandmother of her children became even more fraught. The grandmother allegedly concocted stories of Beth’s daughter “being molested” and her children “being abused” by her and her boyfriend.

The false charges led to officials of the Department of Children and Families and the police force arriving at her doorstep and questioning her.

It is unclear which state Beth is currently based in.

“So yesterday the DCF and the police came to my house. Why? Why? Because my kids grandmother, not my mother, my kids grandmother didn’t like that I told she couldn’t instruct my children to lie to me and do sneaky things behind my back. So I put her on a time-out,” Beth shared with her TikTok followers.

A mother’s battle against a vindictive grandmother has gone viral on TikTok

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After telling the grandmother of her children that she can’t “hang out” with them, the TikToker revealed that the woman went to the extreme length of faking child abuse charges against Beth and fabricated stories about her and her boyfriend abusing the children.

“Her response to that was excellent,” Beth told her followers. “‘I’m going to call DCF and tell them your daughter is being molested and that your children are being abused.’ Wild, but sure.”

Beth, known as bostonink on TikTok, shared how the grandmother concocted false allegations of abuse against her

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Beth, who had text messages on her phone from the scheming grandmother, showed them to the police officers and exposed that she was lying all along, according to the TikToker’s narration of the story.

“Then the police and the DCF and everyone shows up, and then I hand them my phone and they read through all the text messages you sent talking about how you’re going to file a report and you’re going to take my kids. Just making it very clear that you lied. You lied. And everyone knows you lied,” the mother said.

After the police officers went through the text messages from the grandmother, they explained to Beth that she had enough evidence to turn the tables and file charges against the grandmother for the bad faith report, which is a false or misleading allegation made to authorities with malicious intent.

After Beth told the grandmother that she could no longer “hang out” with her children, the grandmother came up with an evil scheme to falsely accuse her of child abuse

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“She lied. But the crazy thing is they don’t like bad faith reports because it takes the focus off kids who are actually in trouble and it’s a huge waste of time and resources. And when you have text messages on your phone that prove it’s a bad faith report because this dumb gutter muppet couldn’t stop bragging about what she did,” Beth said.

“They tell you to file charges because you can prove it. Crazy, I didn’t think you could file charges… When they literally admit to it in black and white and you show it to the police, they’re like ‘BOOM, file charges. Get a restraining order and file charges,’” she continued.

The grandmother made up false stories of Beth’s daughter “being molested” and her children “being abused,” the mother explained

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Although proving the grandmother lied was a glimmer of hope, Beth admitted that the legal proceedings would not change the effect the incident had on her and her children.

“No matter how many charges I file… what it’s not going to change is the fact that my daughter cried herself to sleep last night, telling me how much she hates you and never wants to see you again and wondering why you’re trying to ruin our family. So I hope it was worth never seeing your grandkids ever again,” Beth said.

When Beth showed officials the text messages from the grandmother, they informed her that she could press charges against her

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The DCF, which is an agency responsible for protecting children from abuse and neglect, is responsible for investigating reports of child abuse, providing services to families in need, and ensuring the safety and well-being of children. When the department receives a bad faith report that intentionally provides false or misleading information about a child’s welfare to the authorities, it can be punishable by law.

“A false report is a report of child abuse, neglect or abandonment or adult abuse, neglect or exploitation that is made to the central abuse hotline which is not true and is maliciously made for the purpose of: harassing, embarrassing, or harming another person; personal financial gain for the reporting person; acquiring custody of a child or vulnerable adult; or personal benefit for the reporting person in any other private dispute involving a child or vulnerable adult,” according to the Florida DCF.

The grandmother now faces the possibility of jail time for the bad faith report

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A person who knowingly and willfully makes a false report is guilty of a felony of the third degree, which is punishable by up to five years in prison, and they can be fined up to $10,000 for each violation, the department noted.

The DCF will investigate all allegations they receive because they will “always want to err on the side of caution,” wrote Attorney Kevin Seaver, an experienced lawyer specializing in DCF Law since 1991, on his website.

“DCF’s job is to help children, not the parents. That is why they tend to act with a “better safe than sorry” mentality. In their minds, they are doing the best thing for the child. In reality, DCF involvement can ruin families,” he continued.

The DCF takes bad faith reports very seriously and can punish the complainant for making claims with malicious intent

@bostontink♬ original sound – beth

Beth’s experience, if true, is an example of the traumatic consequences of a bad faith DCF report.

The grandmother’s accusations against Beth and her boyfriend were intended to manipulate the system and gain custody of Beth’s children. Fortunately, the grandmother’s plan was thwarted by her own incriminating text messages, leading to possible legal repercussions against her.

After her initial video garnered 1.3 million views, Beth later posted an update where she acknowledged how she didn’t expect the video to go viral.

In a later update, Beth revealed that the father of her children was on her side

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She then revealed that she spoke to the father of her children and explained how he had no idea that his mother was plotting against Beth.

“He had no clue what was happening. No idea his mom did any of this…” Beth said and noted that the father called officials and informed them that his mother was “insane.”

Beth’s update revealed that the grandmother was not done trying to cook up abuse stories against the family members.

In another update, Beth also revealed that the grandmother began changing up the story and accused her 7-year-old son of abusing her daughter

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“She changed up the story” and accused Beth’s 7-year-old son of abusing his sister, the mother said in the TikTok video.

She also shared in the clip that she discovered the grandmother had reports of violations against her as well.

People who heard about Beth’s story found it “horrendous” that a grandmother would do such a thing

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