‘I Never Said I Was Pregnant’: Spice Reveals Maternity Shoot Wasn’t For Pregnancy, Celebrates ‘Rebirth’ In New Song ‘God A Bless’ After Near-Death Experience

Not so fast if you’re buying baby shower gifts in Spice’s signature electric blue because the singer revealed her maternity shoot wasn’t to announce a pregnancy.


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Don’t let the viral pictures or even the baby bump fool you! Dancehall star Spice has many things celebrated, but apparently, a baby isn’t one of them. Dancehall Mag reports the maternity shoot symbolized her “rebirth” from the music video for her new song “God A Bless.”

Spice Is Celebrating Life, But She’s Not Really Pregnant

The new life she’s welcoming is the one Spice said God blessed her with after a near-death experience last year. In 2022, rumors circulated about Spice suffering complications from surgery in the Dominican Republic.

“God has been so good to me,” Spice wrote on the picture of her in head-to-toe blue, cradling a baby bump.

On Instagram Live on Friday, the Grammy-nominated singer finally opened up about the pregnancy rumors and surviving death.

“I am honored to be given a second chance at life. Fast forward to the photo I posted where I appeared pregnant, I never said I was (pregnant). I said God has been good to me and that photo is just me celebrating my second chance at life,” the singer explained.

Pregnancy is so emotional that the mother of two apologized for offending anyone with her viral pictures.

“So, if it did, I apologize. I know there are people who can’t have kids, have had miscarriages. It [the photo] was just done to celebrate my new life,” Spice said.

Spice Proves She Will Survive In Her New Song, “God A Bless”

The video for the Queen of Dancehall’s new banger, “God A Bless,” starts where everything almost ended for her: the operating table. Opening with a simple of Gloria Gaynor’s 1978 hit, “I Will Survive,” Spice confronted her near-death experience head-on. As much as Spice loves dramatic flair, the flatline scene was no exaggeration.

“I died October 2022 and God literally gave me a second chance at life, so this pregnancy signifies my rebirth. The release of this song is called ‘God a Bless Me’ because it’s really a blessing what I overcame and I’m so grateful to God to still be alive,” Spice shared.

The Send It Up” singer, who is open about her past plastic surgery, went to the Dominican Republic for routine maintenance. After ten years, Spice was due to replace her implants. She also wanted to correct fibrosis on her abdomen from past procedures. 

The procedures initially went well, but the Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta got very sick in recovery. The doctor discovered a hernia on her side had ruptured her intestines. The rupture caused an infection that sent her body into septic shock.

“The sepsis started attacking my lungs and it started attacking some of the organs in my body. The sepsis literally start to eat my skin…my skin start to deteriorate…it literally start to rotten out my entire stomach,” Spice revealed.

Doctors rushed Spice into the operating room to repair her intestines. The surgeries continued in multiple attempts to fight for Spice’s life. After four major procedures, Spice was hospitalized for two months. Many speculated about her weight loss caused by a feeding tube and restricted diet to recover.

This fight from the brink of death makes Spice’s comeback even more impressive. “God A Bless,” indeed! Art imitates life throughout her new video. After the operating table, she roars back with a pounding beat, fierce performance, and high-energy dancers.

Check out the full “God A Bless” video below.

What do you think about Spice’s new song, “God A Bless?” Did the gut full of human confusion leave you feeling some type of way or are you just happy Spice is back to slay?