I Photographed Inside An Abandoned Artist’s House In The Countryside Of France With Everything Left Behind (22 Pics)

While exploring the countryside of France, I came across many abandoned chateaus and houses. This several hundred-year-old manor once belonged to a famous artist and collector. With no known alive relatives, the contents of the house have sat for over a decade, untouched. Have a look inside.

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The exterior

Urban exploration, as it is popularly known, has become increasingly visible on social media. A number of individuals venture into it with the sole intention of gaining fame or amassing views through YouTube videos. My approach, however, is distinct. I view my explorations as an art form, something I love to do and share with others, and the appreciation I receive is a pleasant bonus.

The living room

That being said, urban exploration is not without its challenges. There’s often a need to navigate barriers such as sealed entrances, occasionally put up by locals or even fellow explorers who wish to maintain exclusivity, despite not having the authority to do so. I respect these barriers; if a place is completely closed off, I consider it out of bounds.

The process of exploration involves meticulous planning and navigation. Once a location is identified, it involves figuring out how to get there, checking if the place is accessible, and identifying the most suitable entry point. This can sometimes mean reaching out to the former owner of the property. The journey is rarely straightforward, often involving lengthy treks through fields or forests.

Essential tools of the trade extend beyond camera equipment such as a tripod. Protection against airborne particles, especially dust and asbestos, is crucial, hence the need for a mask. Staying hydrated is key, hence carrying water is non-negotiable. A flashlight is important for poorly lit areas, and it’s always wise to carry bandaids or similar supplies to tend to potential injuries.

Contrary to popular belief, urban exploration is not a risk-free hobby that anyone can undertake. It’s a risky venture that requires extensive research and planning. Locations that were accessible a few days ago may now be off-limits. And just because a place is deserted, it doesn’t mean it’s up for grabs!

The kitchen

One of my most harrowing experiences involved a castle in France. At the time, an irate neighbor, who happened to have a key to the castle, chased me around the property with a lead pipe. The castle may or may not be the one in the story mentioned.

Through these explorations, I’ve gleaned some profound insights. I’ve realized that we leave this earth empty-handed, and that what we prized, including properties, can often be neglected by those we bequeath it to. I’ve come to appreciate history and the familial narratives, some heartbreaking, that unfolded in these deserted places. Each exploration is an opportunity to journey into the past.

A bedroom

The library

Clothes downstairs

Artist’s studio

A detail on the sewing machine

Another bedroom

Main staircase

Master bathroom

A bathroom cabinet

The study

An upstairs room

Another upstairs bedroom

The second bedroom upstairs

A Bed with a doll

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