Internet Users Are Sharing Their Experiences With Insufferable Neighbors, Here Are The 59 Best Stories

Despite the knowledge that someone knows exactly where you live, there are people who seem to think that horrible, annoying or just deeply petty behavior is acceptable. Even stranger, in the 21st century, it has never been easier to document insufferable behavior, including legally permissible evidence like videos and pictures.

So despite these considerable risks to being a menace, these neighbors still chose to be a menace to those who lived near and around them, fortunately, in the age of the internet, we can all “enjoy” the examples people have shared. So get comfortable, upvote your favorites as you scroll through and be sure to comment your own experiences. 

#1 Revenge On A Rude Neighbor

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#2 Revenge On A Rude Neighbor

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#3 Revenge On A Rude Neighbor

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Despite the many variations of “be a good neighbor” that range from Jesus Christ to Mr. Rogers, people with antisocial tendencies don’t really see any issues with just being annoying to everyone around them. As a species, this trait should have been evolutionarily weeded out, as social creatures can’t really stand an outright hostile neighbor. Unfortunately, it still exists, propagated by bad families and disagreeable environments. 

This is a vicious cycle, as antisocial behavior creates the environments that help it propagate, leaving everyone else worse off. While in some cases, antisocial behavior is partially genetic, more often than not, it is learned, through poor socialization, abuse and just existing in a particularly bad environment. It’s no wonder that in English, a neighborhood doesn’t just refer to an area, but the people in it. 

#4 Revenge On A Rude Neighbor

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#5 When My Neighbor In The Building Accused Me Of Lying…

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#6 Revenge On A Rude Neighbor

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All is not lost though, as there are potential treatments for antisocial behavior. The first is preventive, as there are certain, surmountable risk factors, ranging from positive role models to even having good nutrition. Of course, the real issue is that most of the people on this list are already adults, so preventative measures are basically way too late. So instead, a possible solution is Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

#7 Kids Are Having Fun With Friends So A Neighbor Reported To Hoa That They Must Be Running A Childcare

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#8 At What Point Do The Officials Step In?

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#9 The Way My Neighbor Decided To Move For A Couple Hours

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It’s important to preface the fact that no one can just make another adult do CBT, no matter how annoying of a neighbor they are. In certain cases, it could be mandated by a judge, but that would require an actual crime to be committed. For better or worse, being very annoying isn’t a crime in most places. But, hypothetically, a person might decide to improve themselves, maybe after a specific incident or after an intervention from loved ones. 

#10 Revenge On A Rude Neighbor

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#11 I Pay $125 A Month To Park In My Parking Spot. I’m 111b. This Jerk Is My Neighbor

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#12 Revenge On A Rude Neighbor

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In these cases, a person would attend a number of sessions with a therapist to try and work through how they see themselves and how they can more positively relate to the world around them. Unfortunately, CBT is geared more towards children, as in many adults, antisocial behavior is cemented. Still, should an adult choose to attempt to better themselves, it could heighten the possibility of the treatment “sticking,” but this still requires that the person actually thinks they need help and strives for it. 

#13 Upstairs Neighbors Let Their Dogs Urinate On Their Balcony Which Leaks Down To Ours

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#14 Ugh. I Sent A Copy Of This To My Landlord. My Neighbor Just Had To Be This Guy

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#15 Our Neighbors Drag Their Trash Bags Out Their Front Door And Down Our Communal Hallway/Stairway, Creating A Literal Trash Juice Trail

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This may make it sound impossible to help someone who exhibits antisocial behavior, but in reality, it does happen. It’s also important to differentiate between antisocial behavior and antisocial personality disorder. The latter is more serious and harder to treat. It’s also less common, so in most cases, an annoying neighbor is not likely to become even more of a menace over time. Cold comfort, for those suffering from this issue, but better than nothing. 

#16 Too Bad There Isn't A Garbage Chute Nearby......

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#17 People-Sharing-Petty-Neighbor-Stories

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#18 Our Homophobic Neighbor Complained To The City That Our Trash Bins Are On The Side Of Our House. The City Said We Could Put Up Lattice In Front Of The Bins. Hope She Loves Our New Lattice!

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#19 Someone Came And Cut A Dozen Roses Off My Rose Bushes

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#20 At 3am This Morning My Neighbor Pulled Off His Door And Smashed It In The Street While Screaming Nonsense

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#21 Downstairs Neighbors Left Windows Open On Window Cleaning Day, Now I And Everyone Below Them Won’t Get Our Glass Cleaned And The Cleaners Can’t Work

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#22 Revenge On A Rude Neighbor

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#23 Today Was Trash Pickup Day. I Committed The Crime Of Moving My Neighbor’s Empty Can Closer To Her Driveway, So I Could Park My Car

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#24 Revenge On A Rude Neighbor

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#25 Ease Up On The Drugs, Old Chap

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#26 What Would You Do?

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#27 Revenge On A Rude Neighbor

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#28 My Neighbor Has Indeed A Bright Light

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#29 Our Neighbor Bought This Giant Sign Instead Of Turning The Light Off

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#30 My Nosey Neighbor Filming Us Again!!!

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#31 How My Neighbors Park Their Bikes In The Shared Stairwell

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#32 Dear Dog Owners, Since You Don't Seem To Have Anything To Pick Up Your Dog's Crap, I Have Kindly Provided You Some Plastic Bags

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#33 Neighbors Who Have Nothing Better To Do

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#34 My Neighbor’s Boyfriend Always Parks Right In Front Of My House, Blocking My Car, Instead Of The Open Visitor Spaces 8ft Away

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#35 My Downstairs Neighbor Tied Their TV Antenna To My Deck Railing With A Cut Cord For Better Reception

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#36 My Neighbor Insists I Grew My New Grass Over The Property Line So She Continues To Mowing This Two Foot Section Of What’s Actually Mine

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#37 Lazy A Holes, They Don't Understand How Trash Cans, Pick Up Works??? So I've Been Looking At This Over A Week

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#38 Neighbor Across The Way Has 2 LED Lights With Blinds Open And Pointed Directly Outside. Which Is Of Course Right Into Our Window

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#39 Sheltered What I Assumed Was A Stray Cat For Two Days, Called My Apartment Complex Asking If Anyone Lost Their Pet, And On Day 2, The Owner Shows Up And I Returned Her Cat. Woke Up To This Note This Morning

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#40 If I Make A Single Peep, My Neighbor Behind Me Kicks On His LED Spotlights In His Backyard. Attempted To Say Hello A Few Times Because I Can Hear Him Walking Around And He Refuses To Respond. I Opened The Back Door To Let My Dog Out And He Did This

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#41 We Wouldn’t Sell Our House To The Neighbors Or Accept A Ridiculous Land Trade So They Built A Fence

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#42 My Next Door Neighbor Received This In The Mail And Let Me Take A Pic. I’ve Never Heard Her Dog Bark For More Than A Couple Seconds

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#43 This Note That My Neighbors Left On My Car...

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#44 People-Sharing-Petty-Neighbor-Stories

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#45 From The Guy Who Revs His Engine And Burns Rubber All The Time

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#46 One Of My Apartment Neighbors Left This Anonymous Note On My Door Accusing Me Of Noise Complaints After Midnight On Christmas... I Live Alone & Don’t Stay Up Late. So I Left A Petty Response/Note Taped To The Post-It-Note They Taped On My Door

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#47 My Parents Neighbour’s Yard. That’s Not Dirt, It’s 8 Months Of Dog Poop Built Up. Behind It Is Their Kid’s Swing Set

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#48 Still Life: Packed For Moving Into My New Sound Isolated Apartment Building (After Successfully Nullifying My Lease With Management Who Wouldn’t Do Anything About Neighbors Who Rage So Loudly The Dishes Rattle)

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#49 Good Walls Make Good Neighbors, Even Temporary Ones...

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#50 My Neighbor Always Parks This Company Van Out In Street. He Totally Has Room In His Driveway. I Can Barely Get My Car In Front Of My House!

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#51 So It Rained Yesterday And I Got This Friendly Note Blaming My Dog For The Rain... Hung With A Command Strip With The Pull Tab Cut Off

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#52 City Hall Refuses To Do Anything, Simply Because "They're Renting", Despite The Fact This Is Clearly A Fire Hazard At The Very Least

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#53 My Friend’s Terrible Neighbors

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#54 How My Next Door Neighbor Consistently Mows

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#55 My Neighbour Melted Down And Attacked A Stationed Car, Javelin-Style. Car Was Parked In Day Hours, So No Night Revs Or Stuff. Classy Romania, 2022

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#56 This Garage Door I Spotted In My Neighborhood. One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

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#57 Revenge On A Rude Neighbor

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#58 Seen On My Morning Walk. Do You Think There Might Be Some Good Stories Here?

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#59 Revenge On A Rude Neighbor

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