“It Was MY Wedding”: Bride Flips Out After Groom’s Grandparents Play A Slow Song At The Wedding

Music is an integral part of celebrations, and weddings are no exception. Musical choices on such a special occasion have the power to affect the mood and set the overall atmosphere of the event. And this can look very different, depending on the couple’s preferences. 

This bride wished that the songs on her special day would be fast-paced to keep up the good energy of the guests. However, the grandparents-in-law thought it would be nice to request their wedding track, which was much slower than she liked. The moment this melody reached her ears, the bride came rushing to shut it down. Such behavior didn’t sit well with her husband’s family, causing a whole ordeal. 

Music is an integral part of a wedding, or any celebration for that matter

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However, this bride flipped out when her perfect wedding playlist was disturbed by a slow song

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Most couples want more control over their music

According to a professional wedding DJ, Ben Boylan, most couples want more control over their music. And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as such an option can help avoid music that they don’t like or that will stop the guests from dancing. 

Now, to have a no-song request policy at such a celebration, the bride and groom really have to know their guests as well as their musical tastes. If they decide on a playlist that the guests will appreciate, then there’s really nothing wrong with that, as everyone will likely have an opportunity to get on the dance floor at some point or another. 

However, when this isn’t the case, guests may be more eager to take their requests to the DJ, which may clash with the preferences of the couple and stir up some unwanted disagreements. 

Therefore, Boylan suggests going with a happy middle, which means allowing guests to make requests if they match the songs that are already playing. If it so happens that the tune strays too far away, the DJ is instructed not to play it, and the guest is allowed to think of another alternative. 

Another great idea is to allow guests to contribute to the creation of the wedding playlist by asking them to request some songs with their RSVP. This way, they can pick and choose songs to their liking, and there won’t be any unpleasant surprises. 

There are a few things  wedding guests should know before requesting a song

In cases where guests do have the liberty of expressing their musical preferences, they might want to know a couple of things before anyone finds their requests infuriating or rude. 

Something that professional DJs highlight as important is timing. Requesting a track is best done early in the evening, as later the person playing will most likely be occupied with songs by the bride and groom as well as other guests. 

It’s also crucial to remember to respect the wishes of the couple, and if they ask not to play a certain song, don’t try to persuade anyone to do otherwise. And if you wish to hear your own wedding song, ask for it to be played during dinner. It’s the perfect time to play slow songs and lead your spouse to the dance floor without disturbing the atmosphere of the event. 

To remain on the DJ’s good side, you may also want to know the name of the song (and preferably the artist) as well as be polite, flexible, and understanding. Your tune might not be played immediately, and the person doing his job probably doesn’t want to hear that the music they were playing is awful. 

A seasoned professional, Tony Schwartz, advises, “If you want a DJ to even consider playing any of your additional requests, you better dance to the ones you already requested when they play. A good compliment on how I’m doing – and how you are enjoying the evening – is also appreciated, as well!”

Commenters saw the bride as the one who was in the wrong

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