Jeezy Alleges He’s Only Seen Daughter Monaco Mai ‘8 Times This Year’ As The Rapper Retracts Full Custody Request

The custody battle between Jeannie Mai and Jeezy continues, and it’s just getting messier and messier.

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Just a few days ago, it was reported that Jeezy wanted primary custody of his 2-year-old daughter, Monaco Mai Jenkins. Now, it looks like he’s cooled down a bit, changing his request to ask for joint custody with the talk show host.

On April 11, TMZ reported that the rapper demanded full custody of his child, claiming that Jeannie allegedly hasn’t been taking care of the toddler herself. According to the site, because of Mai’s busy travel schedule, her mother and brother have been the ones caring for the child. As a result of that, Jeezy reportedly asked a judge to throw out their current custody schedule and allow their daughter to live with him full-time.

Now, it seems like the Atlanta native is looking for a more sustainable agreement, asking the judge to make sure he and his estranged wife each get their fair share of time with their daughter instead of seeking sole custody.

In new court documents obtained by Hollywood Unlocked, the “Put On rapper” claims that Jeannie has allegedly denied him visitation to their 2-year-old. In the documents, filed on April 16, Jeezy says that he’s only seen his daughter a total of eight times this year, and on top of that, he doesn’t even know where the little one is living.

Jeezy goes on to claim that his estranged wife has blocked his phone number, which goes against their previously mediated agreements for communication.

Hollywood Unlocked reports that the rapper is seeking joint legal and physical custody with a court-determined parenting schedule. While he insists he is not trying to take his daughter away from Jeannie, he wants to make sure that he is “granted equal time with his child.”

In his plea, Jeezy also emphasizes the importance of the 2-year-old spending time with both sides of the family so she can learn about both her Vietnamese and African American cultures.

Hopefully, Jeezy switching up from wanting sole custody to simply wanting his fair share is a good sign that their custody agreement is moving in the right direction.