Jennifer Coolidge Recalls Falling In Love With Angry Chefs In Her Waitressing Days: ‘I Like The Way They…’

Before there was the award-winning comedic genius Jennifer Coolidge, there was an aspiring young actress who primarily worked in the service industry.

In a recent interview for Variety‘s actors on actors feature, Coolidge recalled her experience with hot-tempered chefs while working in restaurants.

“I think 99% of my jobs were all restaurant jobs. I was a waitress, and I always fell in love with the angry chefs,” she told fellow actor, Jeremy Allen White.

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On what it is that attracted her to the angry chefs, Coolidge said, “I just like the way they throw the food down. It was so sexy.

“They’d be like, ‘Take it. Just take it,'” she recalled. “And there’s something about a man who can do something fast.”

As for whether or not Coolidge pursued any of those chefs — she sure did!

“There were a lot of chefs in my life,” she told White. “I have to say that when you see that hostile, tough person in the kitchen, it does transfer to real life when it’s out of the restaurant.

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When asked what job made her want out of the industry, leading her to fully commit to acting, Coolidge shared:

“I think I was in my early 30s. I was at a pool hall waitressing in Westwood. I just couldn’t do it. Thank God I got a job — ‘Seinfeld’ or something.”

Coolidge previously spoke about how her comedy was greatly influenced by harsh critiques from her waitressing days and recalled serving New Yorkers with Sandra Bullock in the ’80s.