Kansas City Parade: 2 Adult Men Arrested By Police For Murderous Mass Shooting During Chiefs Super Bowl Celebration

Shooting At Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Victory Parade Leaves Multiple People Injured

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The Kansas City Chiefs 2024 Super Bowl Championship parade will forever be marred by the blood of 23 innocent people who were either injured or killed during a moment of celebration. Last week, BOSSIP reported on the two juveniles who were arrested on gun-related crimes and appear to be party to the gunfire that erupted near the city’s Union Station.

Kansas City shooting after Chiefs Super Bowl parade

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Today, according to reporting by NBCNews, two more people have been arrested for taking part in the shooting that saw almost two dozen people hospitalized or worse. Dominic M. Miller and Lyndell Mays, adult men, have been handcuffed and charged with second-degree murder, armed criminal action, and unlawful use of a weapon. At this time, these charges are significantly more severe than those publicly announced against the unnamed teen boys who were arrested previously. That said, Kansas City officials have made it clear that additional charges against the juveniles could be en route.

The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office released the following statement updating the public on the arrest and some of the details that lead to the fatal shooting.

“The defendants attended a Super Bowl parade and rally on Feb. 14, 2024, and were armed with firearms,” the office said. “A verbal altercation occurred and gunfire broke out with no regard for thousands of other individuals in the area.”

Shooting At Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Victory Parade Leaves Multiple People Injured

Source: Jamie Squire / Getty

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker says that these men have no known connection to the others in the verbal altercation but things got heated extremely quickly as both parties allegedly pulled out firearms almost immediately. It’s so typical that it’s embarrassing.

“Four males approached Lyndell Mays and one of the males asked Lyndell Mays what he was looking at, because they didn’t know him,” the charging documents allege.

“They began arguing about why they were staring at each other,” Det. Grand Spiking wrote in the documents of Mays and a group of men involved in the confrontation.



Grown men beefing with kids over “what you lookin’ at?” and now someone is dead and many others are wounded physically and traumatized emotionally.

Lock all these thugs up forever.