Leaked Apple OLED iPad and MacBook roadmap could point to major design changes

Early 2023 MacBook Pro on a desk.

The OLED iPad Pro is expected to launch next month. While BGR has reported about Apple's OLED iPad and MacBook roadmap, a new, credible source is corroborating the possible release date of these devices. With that, Apple could be preparing a major revolution in its products by 2027, as offering a new display usually means a new design is coming.

OLED MacBook and iPad release date

According to Omdia, all MacBook models and most iPads will get an OLED display by 2027. Currently, here's when which device could be announced:

  • iPad mini: Early 2027

  • iPad Air: Early 2026

  • iPad Pro: Mid-2027, it will get an updated OLED panel

  • MacBook Air: Early 2027

  • MacBook Pro: Early 2026*

OLED MacBook and iPad models possible release dateImage source: Omdia

Interestingly, recent rumors don't expect Apple to introduce an OLED MacBook Pro until 2027*. Since this laptop will use the 8th gen OLED technology, it's likely that Cupertino will only get this display in late 2026, so it might only apply to its own laptops by 2027.

For the iPad Air and MacBook Air, they will get a simpler OLED panel. Still, with this display tech changing, Apple may offer a new design.

With the 2021 MacBook Pro, Apple added a miniLED display and a new industrial design. Apple added an OLED display and a brand-new design to the iPhone X. That said, these upgrades could likely follow.

Apple could introduce yet another OLED device in 2027

Last but not least, Omdia teases a foldable iPad. This device has already been rumored from other sources, and now the research firm believes a foldable OLED iPad with a 20.3-inch display could launch in 2027 or later.

Over the past few weeks, we've heard rumors about a possible foldable iPad mini and even a foldable iPhone, which could be released in 2027 to mark the 20th anniversary of the original iPhone. At the moment, it seems Apple is still experimenting with folding displays, as the company might think the technology isn't there yet.

Still, the OLED roadmap for iPad and MacBook models is already enticing, with a release date fast approaching.

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