'Love Rat' Investigator Reveals 'Loyalty Check' Used To Determine Partner's Faithfulness


According to Madeline Smith, there are five signs a woman should watch for to determine if her partner is cheating.

Many people in relationships may worry about the possibility of their partner being unfaithful.

However, a "love rat" investigator who works exclusively for women suggests there's one main "loyalty check" that can uncover unfaithful partners.

Madeline Smith, who works full-time exposing cheaters, claims to have caught around 1,000 unfaithful individuals.


She uses various methods, from social media investigations to direct involvement, to catch them in the act.

Charging as little as $30 (£23), she is dedicated to exposing cheaters, drawing inspiration from the TV show Cheaters.

'Love Rat' Investigator Reveals 'Loyalty Check' Used To Determine Partner's FaithfulnessAuto Draft

Despite being in a relationship herself, her mission is to help other women avoid toxic relationships by catching cheating men.

As a private investigator based in Los Angeles, she uses multiple phones and accounts to contact men suspected by their partners, testing their loyalty.

The extent of her involvement is determined by her clients, sometimes even going as far as sending nudes if requested.


"There are so many types of guys and I know exactly how to play each one - smart guys, dumb guys, suspicious guys," she explained.

"I feel so much of it is intuitive. I can look at a profile and immediately know [a guy's] personality," she added.

Madeline developed the loyalty test in 2018, using her years of experience to create a formula that can identify any cheater.

Women who fear the worst can reach out to Madeline by filling out a form with details about their relationship, including past incidents, and specifying how aggressive they want her to be.


Sometimes, her work can be very dangerous, and she advises some clients to seek legal assistance.

Madeline says it can take anywhere from five minutes to a few days to contact the men in question, and even their response time can be quite revealing.

'Love Rat' Investigator Reveals 'Loyalty Check' Used To Determine Partner's FaithfulnessAuto Draft

Madeline Smith has caught married men with children who have accumulated debts due to their infidelity. She even engages in sexting with these men, asking specific questions like "circumference or diameter" to uncover the truth.

According to Madeline, there's a fool-proof test to determine if a man might be cheating. If he shows these signs, he could be unfaithful.

Here are five red flags that might indicate infidelity:


1. They frequently use Snapchat
2. They hide their passcode and notifications, often placing their phone face down
3. You have an intuitive or gut feeling (which is often right)
4. He is constantly jealous and makes accusations
5. He expects you to have strict boundaries with men while he enjoys attention from women

Madeline claims that 80 percent of her messages are about repeat offenders, supporting the saying "once a cheater, always a cheater."


She shares her investigative adventures on TikTok, ensuring that none of her methods break any laws. The 30-year-old has a legal team to ensure she complies with laws across different states.

Women who suspect their partners of cheating can fill out a form on TikTok, choose the test they want Madeline to perform, and find out the truth.