Major iPhone 17 redesign leaked in new report

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With the iPhone 16 announcement expected four months from now, reports for the upcoming iPhone 17 are already here. According to The Information, Apple has big ideas for at least one of the newest iPhone 17 models, as plans for a redesign have just leaked.

The publication says Apple is testing "different designs for the slimmer iPhone, including an aluminum chassis and a smaller hole and pill-shaped cutout for its front-facing camera and sensors." This iPhone 17 model would feature Apple's A19 processor, an improved front camera for video calls and selfies, and the screen could measure between the 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch current iPhone models.

In addition, this device's rear cameras could be relocated from the upper-left corner of its back panel to the top center.

The Information says this iPhone 17 could be the equivalent of the iPhone X in terms of a "major redesign" and even hints that it could be placed above the iPhone Pro Max.

While another report has mentioned that Apple plans to shrink the display of the iPhone 17 Plus, this story feels very inconclusive, as it hints at a Frankenstein iPhone.

Is this the iPhone 17 Ultra?

The Information claims the iPhone will have an aluminum finish, which means this could be a base model. However, Apple usually updates the design of its high-end Pro phones first. Since Apple currently uses a mix of titanium and glass for its top-tier devices and aluminum and glass for the standard ones, this might be more of an early prototype than a product that will see the light of day.

Another hint is the possible rear camera redesign in the center of the rear panel. DSCC CEO Ross Young recently corrected a report saying Apple would be moving some of the TrueDepth sensors of the iPhone 17 Pro under the panel, as it's aiming to make these changes in 2026 now, making it impossible for the iPhone to have a thinner cutout.

That said, Apple could indeed be planning a different iPhone Plus—or even a higher-end model above the iPhone Pro Max—as we have seen plenty of iPhone Ultra reports before. However, these stories could all be about ideas Apple is testing, but won't be releasing anytime soon.

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