Man Gives Wife A Final Ultimatum When Nothing Else Works In An Attempt To Save Their Marriage

Relationships are work. They require a lot of time, effort, and energy from both sides. So, when things are starting to get shaky, everyone has to stop what they’re doing and focus on putting in the work.

However, sometimes, the shakiness is not visible right away. It starts as a rumble, with things being a little off and partners being a little tired and slowly progresses into something bigger.

This seems to be what had happened in the following story. The relationship started cooling down after having a child and never picked up. Read on to find out what it eventually led to, and why the author of the story turned to the Am I The Jerk subreddit.

If relationship dissatisfaction lingers for too long, partners will start taking drastic measures to get what they want

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That’s what happened to the man in this story who couldn’t stand living without intimacy

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It’s hard not to feel bad for the man

It is easy to understand the man’s frustration. He has needs that haven’t been met for years, and he is longing for connection and attention that his wife is not willing to give. The dismissal is definitely hurtful, and one can only stay in an unfulfilled relationship for so long.

It also seems like he tried to genuinely work on their relationship. The author elaborated in the comments that he had multiple conversations about the situation with his partner that led to quick fixes, but, unfortunately, no lasting impact.

The wife’s perspective here is also important

Of course, we don’t know the whole situation. The wife might be right about feeling blindsided. Sure, they did have conversations about it, but we can’t be certain how clearly the importance of intimacy was communicated. Maybe she didn’t think it was a deal-breaker.

Another thing of note that the author did point out is that the change happened after they had a child. Having children is a major change in a couple’s personal life that also shakes up the relationship dynamic. This could have affected the wife in more than one way that eventually manifested in her being distant.

Ultimatums only work in certain situations

If you ever get to a place in a relationship where you have to be throwing threats of leaving for something to happen, is it even worth it? Apparently, sometimes, it is.

In general, relationship experts encourage people to avoid ultimatums. Setting boundaries and having constant communication is a way healthier approach to a partnership. Regular relationship check-ins where you discuss what makes you happy and what’s troubling you is a good way to keep the conversation going.

However, sometimes, when a partner doesn’t respond to invitations to work on the relationship, ultimatums might be the only way to sort things out. They can work as a last-ditch effort to influence a partner if they are willing to hear this wake-up call.

The important thing here is to follow through with the ultimatum. Promises to leave only go that far if they keep being repeated but never acted upon.

The man shared a few more details about the relationship in the comments

A lot of people agreed that his actions are justified

At the end of the discussion, the man decided that moving on from the relationship might be the best option

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