Mellisa Barrera Says She Likes Shows Like ‘Love Is Blind’: ‘I Know What It’s Like To Fall In Love Quickly’

‘Scream VI’ actress Melissa Barrera is no stranger to a whirlwind romance.

The actress is in year four of her marriage to singer Xavier Zazueta whom she married in 2019 and reveals their meetcute seemed almost scripted.

“Life has better plans for you than you have for yourself,” she told People as she recalled their meeting as singing contestants on “La Academia”, a musical talent show.

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“It was ‘like’ at first sight. You know when you look at someone and you’re like, ‘You’re hot, I like you,’ ” she remembered. “And then we got to know each other really quick, and I immediately thought, ‘This is a really good guy.’ ”

In hindsight, Barrera came to realize they were barely friends before they began dating.

“In my mind, we were friends for a month before we started dating, but actually, looking at the timeline, I think we started dating two weeks into the show. It just feels so much longer because you’re spending 24/7 with these people, so you get to know them on such a deep level so quickly,” she continued. “That’s why I love shows like Love Is Blind, because I know what it’s like to fall in love quickly with someone — I know that it’s possible.”

In fact, having their romance play out on national television had its own benefits to keeping them together.

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After the two were eliminated from the show, Barrera and Zazueta pursued their own career paths while living in Mexico City.

“It was rough,” she admitted. “but I think the love that we got from fans really helped us during tough times to stay together.”