Meta AI assistant has entered the chat with claims of more advanced intelligence

You'll see the Meta AI logo everywhere in Meta's apps.

ChatGPT is probably the first generative AI product you think of when the genAI topic comes up, and that's because OpenAI was the first to roll out a chatbot that went viral. Microsoft followed with Bing Chat and turned it into Copilot. Google caught up with Bard and later renamed it Gemini. We also have Claude from Anthropic and Perplexity, to name just a few interesting AI projects out there.

While that happened, Meta had its own large language model out in the wild, Llama 2. Available as open-source, others could use the model to develop their own AI projects. But it never felt like a ChatGPT, Copilot, or Gemini competitor. That's even though Meta wanted to include its Meta AI assistant in all its products.

Fast-forward to mid-April and Meta AI has truly entered the chat. It will be available on Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Facebook. The Meta AI assistant also gets its own website, which will work just like ChatGPT. Add image generation support and real-time online search, and Meta AI is starting to resemble a major player in the AI field.

Mark Zuckerberg went as far as to say that the Llama 3 Meta AI model is the "most intelligent AI assisatnt that you can freely use."

It's all part of Meta's goal to build "the world's leading AI." And I think everyone else in the field should take notice. I've never been a big fan of Facebook, but I think they do have the ability and unique resources to create the world's leading AI.

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