Moneybagg Yo Launches ‘Bread Gang TV’

Moneybagg Yo is taking his entrepreneurial skills to the next level as he recently launched Bread Gang TV, a platform aimed at empowering and providing opportunities for upcoming artists. With exclusive content, unreleased music, and a glimpse into his own life, the Memphis rapper's new app is set to make waves in the music industry. 

Moneybagg Yo

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‘Bread Gang TV’

On Dec. 5, Moneybagg Yo unveiled his new Bread Gang TV app after a year of hard work. The Memphis rapper announced the platform’s purpose, stating:

“I created a platform For empowering content creators and unlocking new avenues for monetization for upcoming artists.”

The app, set to be available on the streaming platform OTT, offers unique features and content for users. One of the highlights is the “Inside The Bagg” section, which provides regular updates about Moneybagg Yo’s daily life and any new business ventures. 

Additionally, users can enjoy exclusive content, and unreleased music, and even access YouTube series such as Dinner with Don and footage from his Larger Than Life Tour. 

5K Subscribers In 24 Hrs?!

The “Said Sum’n” rapper’s announcement drew enthusiastic responses from fans and followers. 

In the comment section of his Instagram post, one user, @jusme.cookie_, exclaimed, “Like I kept telling yall don’t play with him the largest,” while another user, @anthonygurley2, commented, “Largest loaf, keep runnin dat sh*t up mane!”

The impact of Bread Gang TV was immediately evident. Within the first 24 hours of its launch, the app gained over 5,000 subscribers, securing its spot as one of the top trending apps on the App Store. This rapid success showcases the demand and interest surrounding Moneybagg Yo’s platform.

Moneybagg In His Bag

In addition to his Bread Gang TV endeavor, Moneybagg Yo has expanded his ventures beyond music. In April 2023, he opened a fine dining restaurant called Cache 42 Kitchen & Cocktails in his hometown of Memphis.

In May 2023, Moneybagg Yo expanded his business portfolio by launching his own Rap Snacks flavor, Dill Pickle Jalapeno. The initiative was joined by Chicago rapper Lil Durk, who introduced his flavor, “Durkio’s Flames,” resembling Cheetos.

‘Spill’: The New Black Twitter

Following in the footsteps of other successful app creators, Moneybagg Yo’s venture into the tech world aligns with the rise of apps developed by Black individuals. In July 2023, the Spill app dominated the app store, offering a platform similar to Tumblr.