Move over coastal grandma, 2024 is all about grandpa core

Mature old cool bearded grandfather in sunglasses in casual and cap showing thumbs up and nodding in approval.
Grandpa core is one of Pinterest's predicted trends for 2024.

  • Come 2024, we'll be looking to our grandfathers for some style inspiration.

  • "Grandpa core" is one of Pinterest's top trend predictions for the coming year.

  • If you can picture your grandpa — or Tyler the Creator — in it, you've nailed the aesthetic.

Coastal grandmother who? 2024 fashion is going to be all about grandpa core.

As the name suggests, grandpa core is inspired by the fashion sensibilities of our dear grandfathers. Think funky sweater vests, colorful cardigans, and vintage loafers — you get the drift.

This eclectic but comfort-driven aesthetic is one of Pinterest's trend predictions for the upcoming year.

The platform noted that there was a surge in the use of some search terms related to the aesthetic, including "Grandad style," "Eclectic clothing style" and, of course, "Grandpa core."

Turns out some of our grandparents have always been stylish — there's even an Instagram page called Gramparents dedicated to user-submitted photos of fashionable elders spotted on the streets. The account has amassed over 250,000 followers to date.

On TikTok, the hashtag #grandpacore has also been viewed over 16.5 million times, with most videos showing off how users styled the trend.

The best part of the aesthetic is that it's fairly gender-neutral — everyone can dress like a grandpa if they so desire.

@pharmacydad the reason my account is pharmacy dad is bc i saw a grandpa/dad in the pharmacy who was dressed just like me and this jacket reminded me of it :) #fashiontiktok #fitcheck #fit #ootd #capsulewardrobe #dadfit #cleangirlaesthetic #matildadjerf ♬ original sound - Hannah Brown

It's unclear exactly where grandpa core originated, although Tyler, the Creator has often been credited for popularizing the style.

Composite image of Tyler the Creator in three different grandpa core-inspired outfits.
Tyler, the Creator is often credited with popularizing the grandpa core aesthetic.

As grandpas come in all shapes and sizes, opportunities to dress like grandpa are endless.

There's the bookish grandpa with a tweed blazer and pageboy hat, the cozy granddad with a slouchy sweater, and the weather-ready grandpa with a trusty windbreaker and old sneakers.

If you can picture your grandfather — or Tyler, the Creator — in it, you've probably already nailed the aesthetic.

Sorry grandma, but grandpa's coming for your throne.

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