My Story: "Make It A Lifestyle, Not An Event"

lose weight recently sat down with Maisha Wynn: media personality and inspirational speaker. Maisha revealed her incredible weight loss journey and what it takes to overcome challenges.

BDO: Is there a specific event or thing that happened to make you want to lose weight?

Wynn: Losing my beloved mother to a multitude of health issues, including stomach cancer and diabetes, was truly the turning point in my life. In her loving memory, I’ve made a conscious decision to live a healthier life.

BDO: What is your family health history like?

Wynn: I come from a long line of family members who have battled with obesity, including myself. With this disease comes various health ailments like high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. However, I am elated to announce I have a clean bill of health, from my body mass index being perfect to my cholesterol level being normal. I went from being a size 20 to a size 4. I am living proof that transformation is possible.

BDO: When you began to lose weight, what was your biggest struggle?

Wynn: The biggest struggle was making being healthier a lifestyle versus an event. We live in a world where we want to lose weight for our next big event, such as a family reunion or a vacation. However, I had to transform my mentality by making losing weight a priority for life, and not a temporary option.

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BDO: What advice would you give someone who was your size trying to lose weight?

Wynn: I actually have three “Wynning” tips:

1. Learn to be your best friend and not your worst enemy. What do I mean? So often people are hard on themselves when they don’t reach a certain goal in a certain amount of time. Learn to embrace your small victories like being able to walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath or having more energy. These are positive signs that you are headed in the right direction towards your personal triumph.

2. Start keeping a food journal of what you eat and drink daily. Writing things down is an excellent way to begin making changes in your life. It will give you a close look at how much you eat, as well as help you uncover when and why you are eating certain foods.

3. Find old pictures of the “BEST YOU” and place them in key areas around your home and office so you can stay motivated. I’ve learned that, in life, seeing is truly believing.

BDO: In your quest to stay healthy, what does a normal day look like for you?

Wynn: When it comes to me taking care of my mind (universe) and body (temple), I am an extremely regimented individual. I love juicing first thing in the morning. It has become a huge part of my “wynning” regiment, as well as working out six days a week. I’ve learned this is best for my body and mind. One day out of the week, I box with my trainer and the remaining days I work out on my own. I enjoy strength training, brisk walking outside, and running up stairs in my building.

BDO: What is one of your guilty pleasure foods?

Wynn: Sweets are my guilty pleasure. I love decadent desserts like homemade cakes and pies. However, I only eat sweets on special occasions like going on vacation or on my birthday.

BDO: What is a problem area of your body and what do you do about it?

Wynn: I’d rather use the term challenge versus problem. Problems are issues we wish would go away while challenges are created to be overcome. I am currently working diligently on my abdominal area. For the first time in my life, I desire to have a washboard stomach. Self-motivation and discipline are essential to achieving this personal goal. I’m more mindful of what I eat daily and I’ve increased my cardio and abdominal workouts. I am truly pleased with my progress, thus far.

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BDO: What are you up to now and what’s next for you?

Wynn: I stepped out on faith to start up my brainchild, Live To Wynn. Our mission is to inspire change, ignite change and initiate change. As a lifestyle specialist with Live To Wynn, I show men and women how to live a more abundant life. My “wynning” services include working individually with clients who are ready to live a more fulfilling life, conducting a quarterly lifestyle series, and motivational speaking.


For more details on Live To Wynn, click here.