Next-Gen Entrepreneur: 2 Chainz’s Son Halo Carves His Own Path To Success!

2 Chainz‘s son, Halo, is following in his dad’s footsteps with his own entrepreneurial dreams, showing that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

The 2023 ESPY Awards

Source: Allen J. Schaben / Getty

The dad of three jumped on Instagram to post a video of his son explaining his business and revealing how much money he earned that day at school.

Halo had a handful of $20 bills, totaling his earnings to $80.

“Okay, I[‘ll] tell you. So, we was at school. It was like last month. And me and Charles had split up a little thing where acorns were $20 a piece and so I made like $60. He added, “It was really supposed to be $100 because me and Charles split it… Charles didn’t really get no money though.” The video clip then shows Halo counting his bills atop a table, only to realize he actually earned $80.”

Halo takes after his father in numerous ways. They co-host the successful podcast “Me and Halo,” where Halo, despite his youth, has expressed his ambition to follow in 2 Chainz’s footsteps and secure the bag.

On their podcast, they cover a wide range of topics, including sports, academics, family life, and much more.

The show has featured guests like Issa Rae, creator of Insecure, Trae Young, the superstar of the Atlanta Hawks, and football legend Cam Newton, among others.

Be sure to check out the newest episode of Me & Halo below!