Parent Reveals To Their Daughter That The Guests Hated Her Wedding, She Doesn’t Take It Well

No matter how long you spend planning your wedding, the day will never be perfect. Something will go wrong, whether it’s the weather deciding not to cooperate, the groom showing up late due to traffic or the cake being dropped on the floor. But that’s okay! As long as you and your new spouse have a lovely time and get to ride off into the sunset together, you can call the day a success.

And if your guests have a terrible time, well, they should probably keep that information to themselves. One woman recently found out that her wedding has been a running joke in her family for a year now, and she did not take the news well. Below, you’ll find the full story that her parent who spilled the beans posted on Reddit, as well as some of the replies from readers.

The most important aspect of any wedding is the bride and groom’s happiness

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But when this parent revealed to their daughter that guests hated her wedding, she did not take it very well

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Later, the parent clarified a few details about the wedding

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The average wedding has around 100 guests in attendance

A wedding is all about the bride and the groom. The whole day is centered around celebrating their love, and guests often accommodate all of their needs and desires for the day. If the happy couple is vegan, attendants at the wedding will enjoy a plant-based dinner that day. If the couple tying the knot decides that their wedding will be on the beach, guests will accept the fact that they’ll have sand in their shoes all day. Whatever makes the lovebirds happy!

But if a couple decides to throw a wedding where many guests will be in attendance, it’s only polite to consider their happiness as well. After all, most brides and grooms want the day to be remembered fondly by everyone, not just the two of them. According to Wedgewood Weddings, the average guest list contains about 75 to 100 people. And The Knot reports that about 85% of guests are likely to RSVP that they’ll be in attendance.

Depending on the agenda for the day, that means that nearly 100 people will probably be expecting drinks, snacks, dinner, cake and coffee or tea and entertainment, music or games to keep them occupied during the reception. While this can put a lot of pressure on brides and grooms, most are excited to make the day special for guests.

While the big day is all about the bride and groom, it’s wise for them to consider their guests’ happiness as well

When it comes to keeping wedding guests happy, Here Comes the Guide recommends keeping the ceremony short and sweet. This might be the most moving part of the day, but it can also be boring for guests, especially if they can’t properly see or hear what’s happening at the altar. It’s also important to make sure that the day flows smoothly. If there will be a long gap between the ceremony and reception, be sure to provide guests with appetizers, drinks and activities.

Something as simple as a guest book to sign, a photo op, some board games to play at tables or yard games set up outside can be great to keep guests engaged. The day of a wedding often turns into a long one, so it’s best to make sure guests don’t start losing energy too early on. And of course, good food is a great way to keep friends and family members satisfied.

A delicious hot meal can lift anyone’s spirits, so it’s definitely worth splurging on the food if it will keep everyone happy. You all need energy to dance the night away anyway, so that starts with a great meal. On that note, be sure that guests are comfortable. If it gets chilly in the evening, it’s wise to provide blankets for guests to wear when they head outside. And if you can turn on outside heaters or have a fire, that’s even better!

Most couples want their weddings to be remembered fondly by all who attended

While it’s not always possible to prioritize guests while wedding planning, notes that there are some considerations that couples can make early on in the planning process to make everyone’s lives easier. First, try to select a convenient day and time for the wedding. Keep in mind holidays and other events that might get in the way. For example, if there’s a huge music festival in your city the same weekend as your wedding, guests might struggle to find affordable accommodation.

As with everything else in life, communication is key. If you won’t be able to accommodate a guest’s allergies or dietary preferences, alert them ahead of time, so they can pack their own food. It’s wise to provide attendees with an itinerary prior to the wedding as well, so they have an idea of what will happen when. And if you have a website for the big day, be clear about transportation, parking, accommodation and more to keep your guests in the loop.

Nobody wants their wedding to be remembered as an unfortunate event or a running joke. But there are steps brides and grooms can take prior to the big day to prevent that. We would love to hear your thoughts on this situation in the comments below, pandas. Then, if you’re interested in checking out another Bored Panda article discussing wedding fails, look no further than right here!

Many readers assured the parent that they didn’t do anything wrong

However, some thought the parent had been a bit too harsh

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