Passenger Pretends To Be A Vegetarian, Flight Attendant Serves Up The Perfect Comeback

It’s great how today’s flights offer so many food choices. Whether you need gluten-free or specialized meals for children, diabetics, or vegetarians, airlines seem to have it all. Surprisingly, passengers can go to great extremes to make sure they receive exactly what they want, even going so far as to fake birthdays, honeymoons, or pretend to be vegetarians.

This happened to a Redditor named u/Troikos, who works as a flight attendant. With over a decade of experience in the industry, he was no stranger to demanding passengers. However, this particular situation really tested his patience. Check out how he dealt with a needy passenger below.

A needy passenger pretends to be a vegetarian to get a better meal

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Flight attendant smells a rat and handles him perfectly


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Image credits: cottonbro studio (not the actual photo)

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Cabin crew sometimes has a tough time dealing with difficult passengers

Certainly, while the story can bring a smile when we applaud the flight attendant’s efforts, having a troublesome passenger on board can indeed present significant challenges and potential safety concerns.

A disruptive passenger is someone who doesn’t follow safety rules and behaves badly, often due to alcohol or drugs. It’s illegal for an intoxicated person to get on a plane, drink alcohol they didn’t get on the plane, or use drugs. Anxiety, jet lag, medication, and fear of flying are other reasons passengers might act out. Unfortunately, such incidents are happening more often and causing flight delays.

Once passengers are on the plane, flight attendants keep an eye out for any signs of aggression or threatening behavior while boarding. They stay vigilant for anything that seems suspicious or out of the ordinary because, during this phase, if a passenger becomes unruly, they can be removed from the plane and handed over to security. However, once the aircraft is in the air, dealing with such situations becomes more challenging.

If a passenger seems like they might cause trouble, flight attendants can limit their alcohol consumption. If the passenger becomes aggressive, the flight attendant will try to calm them down by talking and offering a non-alcoholic drink while encouraging cooperation. Flight attendants are trained to spot potential troublemakers and are skilled in security, conflict management, self-defense, and how to restrain someone if needed.

If things get worse, a flight attendant will issue a warning to the passenger. At the same time, another crew member will inform the senior crew member, who will then notify the flight deck. This is crucial because the safety of the plane, crew, and passengers could be at risk. They’ll assess the seriousness of the situation and might consider diverting the plane to the nearest airport. If the passenger continues to be aggressive and doesn’t comply with the warning, they may be physically restrained and handed over to authorities upon landing.

Not all situations get super serious

Of course, not all disruptions on a plane are serious. Sometimes, there are minor issues that involve nearby passengers, like someone being loud, kicking seats, crying babies, or someone reclining their seat all the way back. In such cases, another passenger might use the call button to get help from the flight crew.

Flight attendants can use friendly communication to address issues. They might offer toys or coloring books to seat-kickers, help soothe crying babies by warming up food or holding them for a while, and ask passengers to raise their reclined seats during meal service so others can eat comfortably. It’s all about using good communication skills to prevent and resolve problems.

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