People Are Sharing What Still Makes Them Angry After Many Years (53 Answers)

In 2021, Trustpilot surveyed 2,000 people in the UK, US, Australia, Netherlands, France, and Italy, respectively. They asked if these people were harboring any kind of grudge over being passed on for a job, getting dumped, or being mistreated by staff. The study revealed that 78% of people feel some sort of lingering resentment. The most common grudges were about betrayal, false accusations, getting cheated on, and another person not paying them back.

So, it's natural to hold some kind of grudge – apparently, many people do. One person was curious to know what resentments people have, so they asked: "What is one thing you are still angry about years after it happened?" Well, the statistic above seems to be true because over five thousand people came with receipts of things they still can't get over.


My grandmother blaming me for the nails in her tire. I was f*****g 6 and she lives in the middle of nowhere! It was like, 25 f*****g years ago and I will never forget the scolding I from her for it. F*****g psycho.

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When I told my mom about me being SA when I was walking home. And she call me a liar. I was only 6-7 years old.

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My cousins mysterious death. She was never investigated, but 99% sure it was his wife. Way too many coincidences for her to be innocent.

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Not getting any callbacks from detectives after my daughter died.

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My first pregnancy where my parents wouldn’t celebrate because they didn’t want to hurt my sisters feelings. She had boys and wanted a girl and I was pregnant with a girl. It’s been 20 years and still makes me mad.

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My doctor outed me as sexually active as a teen to my folks. He said the fever I had might be syphilis. He had no reason to rush to that judgment. It was a non-STI infection.

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The hospital telling me it was all in my head when I was in pure agony from heavy metal poisoning. It was a really toxic metal too not a common one.

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20 yrs ago my dad got choked out by a detective because he requested a lawyer before he talked & they grabbed him by the neck and pushed him against the wall. he ended up crushing my dads esophagus and it doesn’t sit right in his throat anymore. he never got in trouble for it.

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37 years ago I was five and had spent two years saving up 10 dollars worth of pennies. I used to count them 10 pennines in a pile 10 piles is a dollar. Kept them in a empty coffee ground can. One day the jar was empty and we had pizza for dinner. She made me thank her boyfriend for the pizza...

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During the covid lockdown I graduated from college. It was a huge deal, I was the first in my family. They did a zoom ceremony and the presenter accidentally skipped over my name. My family was all watching, waiting for them to call my name via livestream, and of course the presenter never f*****g did. it was just as devastating for them as it was for me. i will never forget my mom saying, "i don't understand, our name should have been there." our name. ours. I was graduating for us.

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That sting ray killing Steve Irwin.

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In 5th grade I was determined to win Best Essay for the D.A.R.E. program. I lost. In high school years later my classmate who won admitted that her dad wrote her essay. I'm still pissed.

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Manager of the store I worked in got fired. As assistant I took over but was never offered the job. No big deal. I held the position for 4 months. The new manager came in and on the day he came in he went into a manager's meeting and was given a bonus cheque of several thousand dollars for the 4 months I was in charge. That still pissed me off.

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I was accused of stealing a car freshman year of college. The girl who did the accusing was supposed to be my best friend. I had an alibi but was freaked out and too shocked to stand up for myself.

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I don't care what people say. Pluto is a God damn planet.

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The affluenza kid killing a family of 4 and paralyzing another getting off scott free.

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The covid response.

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I'm still bitter and angry about my high school Spanish teacher giving me a bad grade on a poem assignment.  I used a word she didn't know (but was a valid word I checked in my dictionary), she initially accused me of cheating and after I showed her my rough drafts and explained how I'd come by the "unusual" words I'd used, she then still gave me a D for the assignment. F**k you, Ms. L, I worked hard on that poem. 

Edit: The word was "tenebroso", meaning dark/gloomy. Sadly, no, I don't have the poem, this was 25 years ago .

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The destruction of Duckbill Rock, a beautiful natural rock formation in oregon. Seriously a bunch of stupid kids robbed humanity of such a beautiful natural formation and it’s been in my mind since it happened in 2016. I had the ultimate privilege of seeing it in person and it’s amazing, like, “puts our humanity into perspective” amazing. The vandals were never caught either.

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My parents never let me watch any media, play with toys of the era, or listen to certain radio stations. It made me completely unrelatable to my peers.

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My Pokémon cards getting “lost” while moving to a new house as a kid.

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I was kicked out of a bar spelling bee for spelling a word CORRECTLY. The word was Lilliputian. Like from Gulliver’s Travels. I spelled it correctly. They had it without the double L. I showed them I was correct and they still wouldn’t let me back in the spelling bee. This was like 5 years ago. I’m still super bitter.

Edit: I want to be clear; I was an adult, maybe like 27 years old? This was a “fun” event at a local bar.

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Twenty years ago, I was standing on my back porch, smoking a cigarette, and talking on the phone. This cop comes out of the forest behind the house, soaking wet and covered in mud. He walked right up into my yard and I asked if he needed help. He told me to get my fat a*s back into the house or he'd arrest me...

I just stood there as that cop walked through my yard and away to wherever he was going.

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Had a teacher in high school tell me my answers were wrong in a specific section of our workbook. He refused to help me figure out what I was doing wrong. Just kept saying “it’s wrong, do it over”. He marked all of my answers wrong in that section of the workbook. 

The following year I was reviewing for the certification exam and revisited those problems in the old workbook after having a better understanding of the problems. I got the same answers I had gotten before that were marked wrong. The guy just didn’t like me and decided that I wasn’t allowed a decent grade. .

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Primary School, Sports Day.

A bunch of guys I knew were bullying this kid by throwing his hat to each other.

I joined the circle, got thrown the hat and then walked forward, genuinely intending to give it back to the kid. He thought I was faking and punched me in the face. That's pretty understandable tbh, so I'm not mad about that.

What I'm mad about is that a teacher sent us BOTH to the office where we BOTH got the same punishment of litter duty despite my friends backing me up that I never threw the hat and the teacher who sent me to the office having never seen me throw the hat.

To be clear, nobody else got sent. Not the kids who were doing it for ages, just the kid who was being bullied and the kid who tried to help him.

F**k you Ms Wilson

Edit (because so many people are posting similar stories), I've actually just finished my first week on the job as a teacher. It's high school (grades 7-12) not primary, but still. A big part of how I deal with kids is based on the idea that I don't know everything and that they're not idiots. Seems to work pretty well so far. It makes me a little less angry knowing that some of today's teachers were yesterday's unjustly punished kids, so I hope it helps you all feel a little less s****y too.

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About 35 years ago (when I was a teenager). House was broken into. Detectives thought I did it as an "inside job". My dad had me sit down with them for questioning, After laughing at the accusation, I realized they were serious and told them, "no." and clammed up.

After, I asked why my dad would put me in front of them, with no warning that I was a suspect. Like did he think it was me? He said, "I think it could have been you."

Like, WTF? Seriously? I never did anything illegal like that in my life for him to think that. Rocked my relationship him...

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When my grandmother died my grandfather was unable to talk or take care of himself. He had previous strokes. He was placed in a nursing home which was nice. My aunt and uncle went through my grandparents house and labels everything with their names and their kids names.l that they wanted to keep and everything else as to get sold. Then sold the house dirt cheap, sold their new car dirt cheap. And got rid of everything asap. What they couldn’t sell they threw away. My aunt and uncle were not hard up for money but my family was. My grandma was my favorite person. I had to steal a few items to keep for myself so I could have something to remember them by. About 5 years later after my grandpa passed by aunt and uncle sued my dad because he was adopted and by the state law he got 1% more than his siblings. They lost the suit. It’s been over 20 years and I still hate them for how they acted like a bunch of f*****g a*s hole entitled pricks and took anything I could get to remember my grandma by away. Im cordial to them but I will always hold this grudge.

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Friend fell asleep at the wheel driving their stint while helping me move, it was snowing and icy. woke up to the begining of getting side swiped by a semi, ended up crushing the passenger side of my car in, which I and my pets were in. Threw us off an embankment over the guard rails and rolled "6 or 7 times" according to the man who d**g me out of the car. Ended up losing my car, every possession I had, my pets were killed in the impact, put into a medical coma for brain swelling for a few days, etc She was unscathed, not a scratch on her, walked away just fine and told me how I acted while being traumatized and severely injured, mourning my pets was "embarrassing" her.

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My little sister was in 3rd grade a few years after 9-11. One of her friends was teasing her about a boy she liked. She yelled out “I’m gonna kill you.” The teacher marched her to the office and demanded the principal call the police because my sister made a “terrorist threat.” The police came and “interviewed” my 8 year old sister without any parents present because my parents were called after the police and couldn’t get there as fast. My parents were pissed and removed us all from the school. We started a new school the following week. My little sister has a major fear of police to this day. No one is exactly sure that they asked her or told her. And no, we did not sue.


Back in 2012, Had to walk my drunk friends (one male, one female) back to hotel we were staying at. Before we took off, a female supervisor asked me if I was "gonna try something?"

Me: what are you trying to say? That I'm gonna rape her?

Supervisor: did I say that?

Me: well wtf are you saying? In fact y'know what, YOU walk her back to the hotel.

Supervisor: She's not my responsibility.


I was in 7th grade around the time of the Columbine school shooting and a group of girls in my grade thought it would be fun to single out a few people by making falsified reports of them discussing a school shooting.

I, a socially awkward kid dealing with an abusive home life that was easy to single out, happened to be one of their targets. The vice principal didn't believe me when I told her I never said anything about that, but she refused to believe me and was a general a*****e about it. I spent the entire time terrified of my father finding out because I thought he'd beat the s**t out of me. He didn't, but still.

It resulted in a suspension and me being blacklisted from field trips for the rest of the year. A member of the PTA also decided it was a reason to dedicate an insane amount of her time and energy to trying to have me expelled or excluded from school activities that might even be remotely enjoyable.

The girls who started that idiocy never saw any consequences. Personally, I sometimes think about that situation and hope they all ended up in terrible marriages.

Edit: Thank you for the responses. I feel the need to note a few things. One is that I never found out the identity of my accusers. I suspect that was intentional in an attempt by the vice principal to protect them from retaliation, which would make sense in a case where she was dealing with someone who was actually dangerous. I can't call them out publicly because I don't know who they are. "A group of young women" was the only descriptor I got out of the vice principal.

The other is that there appears to be one reply that seems to be under the impression that my parents never found out. In the late 90s/early 00s, something like this didn't happen without your parents being alerted.

Either way, thanks for the supportive replies.

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When I was in elementary school, there used to be this thing called the "Young Authors" competition where children can write and submit a story, and one story gets selected some kind of recognition and the story gets published in some kind of journal with other winners (I think this was like 30 years ago). I was pretty gifted for my age, was a voracious reader, and very academically motivated, so I put a lot of effort into my story. I tried to go the extra mile by typing it up on our Tandy 1000 computer and binding it.

Our teacher had collected all of our submissions and was reading each of them for the class, and when it came time to read mine, instead of reading it she called me up in front of the class and accused me of cheating/having my mom write it for me. She also refused to submit it for the competition. My mom was a teacher at the local highschool, and obviously my parents were furious, so they confronted her about it. The teacher stood her ground and said someone had to have helped me with it, and one of the reasons she gave is that I had correctly used apostrophes in my story, and she hadn't taught those to us yet.

Later on when that part of the curriculum came up, I completed the first assignment in class without any help and aced it. I have no idea if that actually made her second guess her original decision, but for some reason I doubt it. It's been almost 30 years and I'm still angry about it. F**k that teacher.

*Edit- I ironically I messed up an apostrophe in my post hahahaha.

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17 years ago, two of my "friends" called up the girl they knew I thought was cute and threatened to SA her and beat up her boyfriend if he tried to intervene.

This was first semester of freshman year of high school. Word obviously got around, but no one ever told me why I suddenly became the creepy weirdo kid who everyone avoided.

It wasn't until Junior year when I finally found out why. They laughed in my face as they told me it was them who did it. They thought it would be funny to pretend to be me and call up her up. Someone who I knew was in a relationship and who I had never even spoken to, and threaten her and her boyfriend.

I spent 3.5 years of high school alone on break, alone on lunch, begging my mom to drop me off and pick me up so I could avoid the bus, all because they thought it would be funny.

I can forgive almost everyone, but Eric and Mike. F**k. You. I will never forgive you.


My step Dad (who I consider my Dad) was in his last few days of life. He got a retirement check at the beginning of the month.

My free loading brother- who's 66 and never moved out of the house-not counting the years he was off to college, which he then moved back in. He's never had a sustaining job. He's literally been a student the whole time.

When my Dad married my Mom, he took on 3 kids who weren't his own. I'm sure the thought of her oldest son never moving out didn't occur to him.

Then figure in my freeloading brother basically took over the house. Converted my Dad's office (he fixed houses after he retired) into his bedroom. Had the garage packed with junk. Same with the basement.

Anyway, in the last few days of my Dad's life, it was near the end of the month. My freeloading brother says if he dies late on the 31st, tell the authorities my Dad died on the 1st so we get another retirement check.

I was- and still am- pissed off. All my Dad did for the f**k wad, and all he meant to this ungrateful savage is one last retirement check.

My Dad did actually die on the 1st, but as luck would have it- he had to live to the 3rd to get that check. I've never been so happy to not get $2,000 in my life.

For what it's worth, I haven't respected my brother since the 90s. He was always a nice enough person though. Since the day he said that about my Dad- I've despised him.


My mother's grand scheme to get me diagnosed with a developmental disorder I don't have as a way of absolving her of her questionable parenting. Thankfully circumstances prevented this from working, but that was the moment I knew I could not trust her.

Alternatively, ex-from-hell popping up like a weed several months after we'd had a spectacular falling-out to proposition me for a particular sexual act I've never been inclined to try with ANYONE.


I'm 31, going to be 32 next month. When I was age 3, I distinctly remember having an extreme urge to go out to recess and play on the tricycle. About 15 minutes before hand, the teacher came around with a lock of blond hair, which someone had clearly cut off of their own head. She had been going around to the other blond kids in the class, asking if they were the ones who had cut the hair. Now, when she came to me, I was 100% honest with her, and told her that I did not do it, nor did I know who did. However, she decided that I was lying and clearly did it. To this day, I don't know what prompted it but it was horrendously unfair, and my first genuine experience with injustice in the world. As tiny an event at that was, it had a profound impact on my world view, and now, the thing that sets me off more than anything in the world is being accused of something I didn't do. Later on at that same location I also got pushed off a playset thing and broke my arm, but that didn't make me as mad as that first event still makes me.

P.S, if you were a teacher at daycare/kindergarten in north central Indiana in 1995, and you made a kid with blond hair sit out of recess because you couldn't be bothered anymore, f**k you. Seriously.


My high school tried to decrease my gpa (and changed my grades) to not make me valedictorian. They liked the other candidates more than me. I caught them and then they gave everyone in the running a participation valedictorian award.


It's the fourth grade, I definitely have undiagnosed ADHD. After a quiz in Ms Curbeams class (a crotchety old woman at an inner city school) she went over the answers. Having spaced out during the lesson and playing too much Donkey Kong country on SNES the night before, to the question "how do armadillos protect themselves?" I answered with "they roll in to a ball to protect themselves".

While going over the answers, she said "somebody in this class wrote they roll into a ball to protect themselves", and stared right at me. The entire class erupted in laughter. The kind of laughter you hear echoing down the halls like in the movies.

I stared down at my desk in shame. I felt so humiliated. I had never felt so embarrassed.

Another time in that class we did an oral quiz, where she asked the question out loud to the class and we had to write down our answers. Well, again as a kid with ADHD and being kept in a classroom for 7 or so hours at a time with only a 30 minute recess, I accidentally blurted out the answer "the great wagon trail". I don't remember the question, but she screams at me in front of the whole class and tells me I'm wrong, even though I knew I was right. I got my quiz back and she had failed me for blurting out the answer on accident. She held up my quiz to the whole class and used me as an example for what happens when you don't follow instructions.

Anyways, that's my origin story. From that day forward, I vowed to get my revenge. I'm 99% sure she's dead now since she was in her 60's then. So I guess I win.

Btw, every once in a while I Google armadillos and make sure I was right because guess what?



Was tailgated in a snowstorm and got Tboned by the guy turning off into a gas station to get him off my a*s. He was so close I couldn’t even see his headlights in my rear view mirror. The kid knew the cop and called his dad to the scene and gave a sob story. He lied and said I had my blinker on the opposite way even though there was no road to turn off on that way and my blinker was still on the way I was turning because I never fully got to turn as he pushed me into the parking lot with the snow.

This all happened on gas station camera and the station wouldn’t release the footage to me and needed my insurance to get it. I got saddled with an adjuster who was going on medical leave and didn’t give a f**k about my case. She said she would get in touch with me and instead of calling or emailing like I asked for she sent snail mail to my old address. I eventually got told to go after the other insurance company who just blew me off and told me they believed their client over me.

I was 19 and living on my own, paycheck to paycheck, grocery shopping at the dollar tree store and working two jobs. I had no money for a lawyer. I had no adult wisdom to help me navigate this. I drove a totaled vehicle (in previously near perfect condition) for a year before I had any sort of money to repair the functional parts (never got the bodywork done).

This a*****e who hit me made my life absolute hell for over a year (financially) and caused me multiple tickets from the police because of the shape of my vehicle and the fact they thought it was “suspicious”. They ruined my perfectly good truck. They ruined my safety. They ruined my reputation for some people (I knew the guy who hit me) by claiming I was the liar. And they took away my financial security.

I’ve been abused and raped and somehow this a*****e who tboned me is who I have a hard time forgiving. Just how smug he was and how he laughed at me after the accident f*****g gets to me. Just a power play because he knew he was getting away with it and relishing in the fact he caused damage.


The dingo ate my baby woman. She lost her kid in a horrific way and then got charged with murder as well as her husband and was going to do life until they found the jacket and found out that the dingos actually did in fact eat her baby. Not only was it horrific but they use it as a punchline in multiple movies and shows.


My brother had a mental health episode where he became angry and beat our pet bunny to death. It was horribly traumatic. The family never really dealt with it. Nobody acknowledged how I got that bunny from my mom as a Christmas gift.


My decision to get married. Stupidest idea ever! Im still kicking myself for it, even after we were together 16 years and have been separatwd for 4.


My father shooting himself in the head and finding out about it 8 hours later through a friends status on Facebook. Not being left anything in his will, that got left to his wife, who is half the reason why he is dead.

Also the way that I was treated at his funeral a month later, I was seated behind his wife's family...

I didn't have anything to do with planning the funeral as I was born out of an affair and his parents were bitter about that, so they had to bring that DURING THE SERVICE! it took my partner at the time and my friend that came

For support to stop me from walking out of that pathetic, pointless scoring funeral.

I haven't spoken to any of my father's side of the 'family' since and this was back in 2016, no love lost there as I think they are disgraceful human beings.


Not getting MVP after I kicked a*s during my last tennis season in high school and as team captain taught the other kids how to play. Coach passed it on to someone who's first year playing happened to be with the other best player on the team, who carried her through tournaments (I'm not just saying this because I'm salty, she was really not that great). Years later I still feel slighted by it.


I have a rare auto immune disease (long story short, my immune system attacks my blood vessels which causes them to break in patches all over my body) and before we knew what it was, my doctor at the time just keep pumping me full of Reactine. I just went with it for a while because I didn’t know what else to do, and it obviously wasn’t working and should have been clear at that point that it wasn’t an allergic reaction. Every time I went to see her when there were no changes, I got the same answer - take more Reactine. I finally snapped and asked her “So are you actually going to do something to help me or…?” and literally, all she said to me was just “Keep taking Reactine.” That answered my question. I immediately got a new doctor.


My moped got stolen on my birthday almost 4 years ago and I’m never gonna get over it. They cut the lock when it was parked in my condo’s parking garage while 3 guards were on duty and they weren’t able to get any video at all even though there are cameras facing both exits. It was a style of moped they don’t sell any more due to law changes, so I can’t get a brand new one even if I wanted. So now I ride a slow a*s s****y moped in the hopes that people won’t try to steal it because it’s not as desirable.


12 years ago I worked at a shoe store in a mall in my hometown. It was a smaller store so we only had 2 employees for the morning shift and 2 for the evening shift. I was one of the evening shift employees and I worked with the store assistant manager, let’s call her M. Her and I were really good friends and we knew how to make a boring shift fun. Our relationship grew stronger and more personal and I had a huge crush on her. I knew she had feelings for me when she started messaging me dirty things during our shift and outside work. At one point she basically asked me if (hypothetically) we could ever be a thing. I said of course and she blushed.

I didn’t want to rush things because women hate that so I let it roll slowly.

Then she met some guy through other friends but of course they were just friends. I knew this guy from his reputation around town. I knew he did and sold d***s all the time and I was worried that she would get caught up in that. So I warned her about what I knew but she swore he “wasn’t like that”.

A few days later he started messaging me from HER phone threatening to hurt me if I didn’t back off. Then of course she would take her phone back and say it was all a joke and he wasn’t serious.

This went on for a few weeks until one day when I went in to work, the store manager ,let’s call her T,was there to speak to me. The store manager fired me for “harassment”. I asked who had accused me of this but T refused to tell me. So when I got home M messaged me saying she was sorry but she “had to”. I asked her what that meant and she told me that the d**g friend convinced her to call HR and tell them that I was harassing him and M. I never did any of that and she knew it.

I was crushed that she would betray me so easily like I was nothing to her.

Oh and T also knew it was a lie but did nothing to fix it. I found out some time later that T got fired for terrible management so I guess karma got her.

I still think of this from time to time. And this makes it difficult for me to make friends at work now. Sorry this was so long.


On what would be the last trip I would take with my dad, I reserved seats on a train from London to Oxford for my mom, dad, and I. I chose seats strategically: they were close to the doors (my parents have some mobility issues) and they were at one of only a few tables in that carriage.

When we boarded the train, we discovered a family was sitting in our seats already. I apologized for the inconvenience but informed them that we had reserved the seats they were in. The husband/father looked at me, and then went back to talking with his partner. I tried to get his attention again and indicated to my ticket that we had reserved those seats and my elderly parents needed to sit, and he told me it wasn't his problem.

When we tried to sit at another table, a family boarded and indicated they had reserved those seats. I wasn't about to stiff them like the other family had done, so we got up. There were no seats available in the carriage, so I asked my parents to wait while I scoped out other seats--I was so anxious about them having to stand for the entire train journey. I was also trying to find a conductor, but I went the entire length of the train and discovered it was unstaffed. I had to escort each of my parents, separately, across multiple carriages while the train was moving, and we couldn't all sit together.

I recently took my mom on an Amtrak from Philadelphia to DC and was so relieved to see a conductor come around and check tickets. The US is not perfect, but there are usually safeguards in place to make sure that people follow rules, because when there aren't (like this situation), there are some a******s who just don't care.

This became kind of a vent, which I apologize for, but the saddest part to me is that my dad apologized for being an inconvenience. He was never an inconvenience. I lost him just 6 months later.


Equifax SOLD everyones info as far as I'm concerned. Millions of peoples info, and no one went to jail or any trouble at all. It got buried in the news and onto the next social offense. They should have been shut down for that.


I had a homeless friend who was given a lethal dose of fentanyl and left for dead. The piece of s**t who gave it to him stood there watching while EMS took him away and then stole his backpack with his belongings in it. I visit my friend's grave regularly.

If there is an afterlife, I hope my friend is at peace and nothing but eternal torment for the man who hurt him. He still walks free. Poisoned (OD on fent) his girlfriend (died), raising shitass kids, and stealing from the hard-working, productive members of society.


It was the second semester of freshman year of college during Covid lockdowns. Half capacity campus, hybrid classes. My uncle had died less than two weeks before this incident.

It was a Zoom lecture for an entry level English class. We had read a short story about a woman in the 1800s I think and she had been told her husband died. She initially wailed and sobbed before going to her room. Then she started to realize she could do more as a widow than a wife. But at the end it turns out her husband hadn't died in the accident bc he didn't get on the train that exploded.

This English professor was trying to assert her initial reaction was totally fake, not an ounce of truth, because she was so active in her emotional response and in front of people. I, having just lost my uncle less than two weeks before this class, responded that I disagreed. That I had been told over the phone he died and that my dad would come pick me up to go home and that as soon as I hung up I was sobbing extremely hard. I was in my own bedroom with no one around and had almost the same reaction.

This man had the f*****g audacity to say something along the lines of, "I don't know about that because, you see, I, as a Black man, froze for three days when I found out Chadwick Boseman died".

I really wish I was kidding. I really do. I responded with something like, oh, and didn't talk again that lecture. I know it sounds fake, but it rocked my world. It didn't help that every 4 ish months for the next two and a half years I lost another family member. This comment stuck so, so much that I actually developed a grief disorder I haven't fully overcome yet. I still, to this day, think that my emotional response to death isn't valid and isn't "real". I can't express sadness in a healthy manner anymore. I was still actively grieving as a f*****g recently turned eighteen year old and a man in his sixties told me my response to learning my uncle died wasn't as "real" as his response to an actor he never even met. I can't walk on a certain part of my family's property because my childhood dogs are buried there and I don't know how to process their death because of this man.

The worst part? I once could handle grief really well. I lost my grandad before I was four and raised chickens since I was eight, meaning I learned about death from a young age. I wasn't cold to it but I knew how to feel my grief and then let it go. I can't do that anymore. I'm stuck in a perpetual loop of feeling immense sadness, then a guilt for an unknown reason, then a guilt I made someone else's death about me, then just more sadness.

I wish I had reported him to the dean. This man f****d up my life and is still doing so. Because of one comment. I hate him. I will always hate him. I don't know why he said what he said, but he did and it has made my life so much worse. I'm just glad I finally was able to figure out where the grief disorder came from thru therapy and am working to fix my life.


On 'California Love', Dre says "We in that Sunshine State where the bomb-a*s hemp be..."

The Sunshine State is **Florida**.

California is 'The Golden State'

Still pisses me off.


In the first grade I had a problem with a certain kid and his friends constantly trying to bully me. One day he (Kyle) and his two best friends surrounded me, pinned me by the arms and drew their fists back to punch me when suddenly the teacher on duty blew her whistle. She then proceeded to scold 3 boys for causing a scene with their behavior. And by three boys, she meant the two friends of the boy, and me, who was on the ground by the other two. She sent us to the office. We all three were forced to sit every break without being able to play for three weeks. Even in the office, the other two boys were saying I was innocent and that Kyle was guilty, that they all three were attacking me. The boys even told the teacher that it was the three of THEM that were about to attack me. Her response was “No, HE was the only one not doing anything, I heard u/myjellojiggles yelling, egging y’all on.” Even the boys admitted the only thing I was yelling was “Please, no.” I was totally innocent, even the principal wasn’t hearing it. She actually made me feel worse about it because In her words “You are the first problem students this school has had since we started that student of the month program.”

First day sitting out from recess I stared at the ground on the verge of tears, and the teacher forced me to watch the other kids play as a punishment. I “deserved” to watch other kids have fun. Every day Kyle would run by and throw sand in my face with the teacher less than 5 feet from me who literally turned her face away as she smirked. Kyle, the boy who never got in trouble, was the son of that teachers best friend who, by the way, was the local school bus driver who backed into our horse trailer earlier that year and tore it all to hell and tried to take no responsibility for it. She blamed us for her hitting the horse trailer because “We put it in her way.” Truth of the matter was the she was being lazy. The bus driver before her just went up the road (MAYBE 400 feet ahead) and circled back around. She would pick me and my sister up, and then put the bus in reverse backing into a small ditch into our front yard where we parked all the cars and trailer. To make things worse she never actually looked all that much when she was backing up, she designated a couple kids to be her watcher. I guess they thought it would be funny and not let her know no she was about to majorly f up.