Person Walks Out Of A Job Interview After Waiting For 35 Minutes, Wonders If This Was Unprofessional

Good time management is crucial in both personal and professional lives. However, many struggle with it, leading to missed deadlines, increased stress levels, and even wasted opportunities.

Reddit user u/HachiTofu took to the subreddit r/AskUK to seek opinions on whether they made the right decision in walking out of a job interview at a local bakery. According to the applicant’s post, they arrived ten minutes early, signed in, and were told they’d be seen in five.

However, time went by and nobody provided them an explanation about what was going on or even acknowledgment of their presence.

This person was very excited to get a call back from a bakery they applied to work at

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But their experience was a disaster

People already fear job interviews, and situations like this one only add fuel to the fire

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It’s perfectly understandable that u/HachiTofu is questioning their decision. For an overwhelming majority of adults, the job interview is a dreaded, stressful ordeal as 9 in 10 employed Americans say they fear something about the experience. When you can’t relax, you can’t calmly react to the situation, either.

A survey conducted by market research and analytics company Harris Interactive on behalf of Everest College revealed that people’s biggest fear is having the jitters, as 17% of respondents view being too nervous as their top concern, followed by being overqualified for the job (15%), being stumped by the potential employer’s questions (15%), being late for the interview (14%), being underqualified (11%), and not being prepared (10%).

“For so many, the job interview can be a high-pressure, make-or-break event when searching for a job, so it’s only natural that anxiety can play a major factor,” survey spokesman John Swartz, regional director of career services at Everest College, said.

“Everyone is different when coping under the pressure, but the best advice to help manage job interview fear is to simply be prepared. Conducting research, anticipating questions, and acting professionally are staples that will stand the test of time, regardless of the latest job interview trends.”

Respecting each other’s time is the least we can do for each other

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However, as we just saw, recruiters can make mistakes too. (Or be just plain negligent.)

According to the team at Vantage Circle, a company that uses AI-based innovations to support HRs in simplifying and improving the employee experience, leaving a candidate waiting is one of the worst things an interviewer can do when screening them.

“When it is about an interview, the job candidates are cautious about how they approach it. They come to an interview before time to make a good impression,” the experts at Vantage Circle wrote in a blog post.

“What most recruiters do not realize is that interviewing on time is very crucial. If you make a candidate wait past their interview time, then they might feel that your organization doesn’t regard the interview as necessary. This creates a candidate feeling demotivated and might affect their future discussions.”

And this story is excellent proof of that.

As the post went viral, its author provided a bit more information on what happened, and people had a lot to say about the whole ordeal

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