Silver Alert Issued For Bryson Muir, Missing Son Of Former Colts Player Daniel Muir Amid Abuse & Cult Allegations

 Indiana State Police have issued a Silver Alert for Bryson Muir, the 14-year-old son of former Indianapolis Colts defensive lineman Daniel Muir.


Daniel Muir

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The alert comes after his parents, Daniel and Kristen Muir, failed to bring Bryson to a scheduled meeting with police, raising concerns about his safety.


Images of Bryson Muir

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Bryson has now been missing for two weeks.

Missing For Two Weeks

Bryson Muir was last seen two weeks ago in Ohio. Described as a 6’2″, 185-pound Black male with black hair and brown eyes, Bryson was last seen wearing an orange Under Armor shirt and blue jeans. Alarmingly, he was also seen with a black eye, leading to suspicions of abuse.

The Indiana State Police (ISP) are asking for the public’s help in locating Bryson, who may be the victim of parental abuse. His father, Daniel Muir, is now a person of interest in the investigation.

Parents Back Out of Police Meeting

On Friday, the ISP declared an official Silver Alert for Bryson, who still remains missing and considered in danger. The police arranged a meeting with Daniel and Kristen Muir at the ISP’s Peru Post, scheduled for 12 p.m. Friday.

According to officials, just an hour before the meeting, the Muirs backed out, signaling an unwillingness to cooperate with authorities.

“We are urging anyone with information on Bryson’s whereabouts or his parents to contact the Indiana State Police Peru post at (800) 382-0689 or call 911,” said ISP Capt. Ron Galaviz.

Though the parents are now showing misleading behavior, police say they are focused is on Bryson first.

“He is our primary concern; his well-being and safety are of utmost importance.”

Grandmother’s Disturbing Report

The investigation into potential abuse began after Bryson’s grandmother reported seeing him with a black eye. According to NBC News, Bryson’s grandmother is accusing Daniel Muir of allegedly giving Bryson a black eye, split lip and a swollen face.

Bryson’s non-parental family members reported seeing him last on June 16. On that day, he left his grandmother’s home near Cleveland, Ohio, with his mother, Kristen Muir. They were traveling in a white 2015 Chevrolet Suburban.

According to Fox59, local police stopped the Suburban minutes after leaving, but Bryson was not found inside the vehicle with his mother.

“It was minutes; it wasn’t a very long period of time whatsoever,” said Capt. Galaviz. “But in that period of time, Bryson wasn’t able to be found. We don’t know where he went.”

There’s An Investigation Into Abuse Allegations

Police say two days after Bryson’s disappearance, the Cass County Department of Child Services requested ISP troopers investigate allegations of domestic battery against Bryson at a home in Logansport. The department had been unable to contact the family.

Up until Thursday, ISP had been unsuccessful in reaching the Muir parents despite several visits to their home on the 1700 block of West US 24 in Logansport.

However, on June 27, Capt. Galaviz confirmed that detectives had made contact with Daniel and Kristen Muir, who were beginning to cooperate with the investigation. Despite this, Bryson remained missing.

Property and Cult Connections Questions Loom

The Muirs’ Logansport property is owned by the Servant Leader’s Foundation, a nonprofit religious group. The Chevy Suburban driven by Kristen Muir is also owned by this foundation.

FOX59/CBS4 crews visited the secluded property, finding it marked by multiple no-trespassing and private property signs.

While there were no signs explicitly mentioning the Servant Leader’s Foundation, there was a sign reading “Welcome To Straitway Indiana Goshen.” The crest on the sign featured an “S” on a shield with two swords forming an X behind it.

Straitway Indiana Goshen is reportedly associated with Straitway Truth Ministries. Some label the Tennessee-based religious group as a cult. On their website, the group describes itself as “a nation of Hebrew Israelites who are commandment keepers; obedient to Yah (God) and our savior, Jesus the Christ.”

Straitway’s official YouTube page features a video from four months ago that appears to show Daniel Muir preaching from a stage to a cheering crowd. In the video, he holds up a picture of himself and fellow former Colts defensive end Robert Mathis while discussing a place called Goshen.

Newsweek shares that former Packers star Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila joined Straitway after denouncing Christianity and that Daniel Muir also introduced former Colts teammate Robert Mathis to Straitway in 2018. 

Call for Information

As of 2:45 p.m. Friday, the ISP provided no further information. Authorities urge anyone with knowledge of Bryson Muir’s whereabouts to report it immediately to ensure the boy’s safety. This is an ongoing investigation. 

Indiana State Police Peru post: (800) 382-0689

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