Someone Asks People Who Quit Their Job On The Spot To Share Their Stories, And They Deliver (57 Answers)

If you know someone who quit their job, you probably know all the reasons that led to it as well. Years of micromanaging? No acknowledgement or career opportunities? Toxic work environment? As a species, we humans are resilient and can take a lot of damage before we're finally pushed to our limit. But some things set it clear that we need to remove ourselves from the situation here and now.

One Redditor wanted to hear exactly these stories: what led people to quit their job on the spot. Many users responded with their experiences, detailing the last drop that made them leave their long-term workplace, or what made them walk out 15 minutes into their first shift.

Bored Panda selected the most interesting stories that range from bad managers to dangerous work conditions, many of them indicating red flags to look out for. Scroll down, upvote your favorite stories, and if you quit your job on the spot, we invite you to share your experience in the comments below!


I walked away from a job in management once because they passed me up for a promotion for a role I was doing anyways due to it being vacant but needing to be done. When they passed me up I started looking. When they asked ME to train the guy who got it who was now my boss... I left.

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Company got bought out and genius new owner decided to cut everyone's pay by 50 percent. Nope. Literally all but 1 person quit on the spot.

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Worked at McDonalds when I was like 18 or 19, it was a stressful shift and one of the managers in the restaurant threatened to beat me up. I just walked out. Never came back for a single shift.

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I was told by HR not to waste their time, Men can’t sexually Harass other men.

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I tested positive for covid at a rehab center and my director of nursing told me to put my mask on and get back to work. I put my badge down and walked out

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I found out I was being charged 180 pound a month for training without being told. Then to add the rotten cherry on the smashed cake, the training only cost the company 300 a year.

F**k you Daniel.

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I worked graveyard shift at a convenience store in the early 90s and was robbed at gunpoint one night. I quit right after the cops left. I was the assistant manager and my boss was a real hard a*s ex military guy who called me a pussy for quitting.

F**k that.

Just not worth the $4.25 an hour I was getting at the time.

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I had just started working at a secure psychiatric facility for emotionally disturbed children at the start of the summer (end of May). At the interview I told the HR person that I had a pre-planned trip home for later in the summer and that since I was driving I was going to be away for two weeks (I hadn't been home to see my family for 2 years). I made it clear to her that if this was going to be a problem to let me know right then and I would seek employment elsewhere. She reassured me it wouldn't be a problem and that she would leave a note in my file saying as much.

So the time for my trip nears, I give them the two weeks notice as agreed upon at the interview but my immediate supervisor refuses to approve the time off. Figuring it was a miscommunication I tell the immediate super about the interview agreement with HR, that the issue was already settled at the initial interview. So she gives me this run-around and asks me to give her a couple of days to come up with a solution. Next day she calls me into her office and has the balls to say "OK, I know how we can work this. You can work a double shift on Sat (18 hours mind you) then leave for home right after and make your drive (30 hours non-stop) visit your family for 3 days then drive back (30 hours non-stop) and arrive in time to work another double."

I couldn't stop myself. I laughed uncontrollably. I asked her if she was seriously suggesting I stay awake for 48 hours straight, 30 of those spent on highways crossing the country. She just gave me this stupid smile and said "yes, you can do it. You have a responsability to the center." I laughed in her face and told her I wouldn't work for such a cess-pool, a place that would dare suggest I put my personal safety in harm's way and wouldn't honor an agreement made.

I quit in the spot. I was still scheduled for the rest of that week, they had the nerve to call me at home that night asking if I was coming-in. I told the person who called "no way in hell" and I told him what happened. Then the super called me and basically said I had to come in, I was scheduled. I suggested she could cover my shift, I mean she already worked 9 hours, what was another 18, she could do it.

I left for my trip the next day.

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Boss said "we're cancelling all vacations already approved and increasing your hours, you'll be working 12 hours a day 6 days a week and some Sundays, if you don't like it you know where the f*****g door is."

I knew where the f*****g door was.

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It was a CNA job for a nursing home. I worked for my facility for 3 years faithfully. We got bought out in the 3rd year. They cut staffing, supplies, and kicked out patients that weren’t “money makers.” I went through covid with these guys, and kept expecting things to get better. My last straw was the day I came in to 29 patients to just me and one nurse. During the day. They expected 8 baths to be done and almost half of my patients were lifts. 3/4 were incontinent. I called my boss in practically tears because there was no way I could take care of all these people. I told him it was illegal to do this. I told him it was elder abuse. I begged him to send someone in to help me. He laughed in my face and told me that the law in our state doesn’t specify the number of patients and CNA can take care of so therefore what he was doing was legal. And no help would be coming so figure it out.

I quit right on the spot. Told the nurse I’d finish my shift because I cared for these people for 3 years and they deserved more. Finished my shift out and quit right after.

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I had worked at new place for a little over three months, thinking everything was going great when suddenly my boss asks me into her office, and asks me to sign 13 write-ups for "behavior unbecoming of a [s****y place to work] employee." I ask her what these are for, and she explains that they are for each time I came into a shift, and she asked how I'm doing, and I said "tired, but hanging in there." I clarified that she wasn't kidding, then handed her my keys and badge and clocked out.

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Quit a job on the first day. I was hired as an IT tech, however this company did not know what IT techs were. They thought "IT does everything." including making sure their lights were replaced.

I had one lady complain about me not changing her lightbulb fast enough because the burned out one shatterd on me and cut my hand open. I dropped the box of flourescents, shattering literally all of them, and walked out. Told my supervisor he needs to hire actual maintenance cause IT fixes computers.

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I was working in a factory that made aluminum fishing boats. Its been there since 1958 and the presses are that old. I was trying to change out the die for a new order on my press and couldnt get the bolt to move. I tried everything, even standing on the wrench with all my weight. I wanted to do it myself, because being a female, I had to prove myself as a fellow worker. My hands slipped a few times, I pulled every muscle I had, sliced open my fingers...I was almost in tears of frustration. So time to ask for help, knowing Ill never hear the end of it. Turned around to see all the fab supervisors and the plant manager watching me and laughing. They were there the whole time. Yeah I should of asked sooner, but they saw me struggling and bleeding. They could have helped. Still feel bad, but damn.

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When I was first hired, I let my boss know that I need a certain week off because 1) it was already booked 2)my entire family was coming. He assured me I would get my week off. Well surprise surprise, 2 weeks before my week, he told me I can no longer take that week off. I knew this was coming so I had been looking for a new job. Not only that but the job sucked. So as soon as he said I’m working I handed in my laptop and said thanks for the opportunity and walked out

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I got passed over for a promotion that I was vastly more qualified for. I rage quit the same day. Started my own business with a friend and I’ve been self employed for 10 years since then.

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Had a job mostly driving and a lot of heavy loading and unloading. Got a concussion while working (my fault, wasn’t paying attention and rushing) and was not feeling right while on the road. Pulled over and asked to be picked up to go to see a doctor. Got lots of attitude the whole time. Doctor confirmed concussion and told me no driving, heavy lifting or repetitive up and down movements for 2 days. Boss then says he’s putting me on light duty in the warehouse. The warehouse is absolutely not light duty. They paid well enough that we had enough saved to cover a couple months. So, my wife suggests I just take some time off and look for something new (I had a backup plan if nothing came up). Never showed up the next day. I’ve never quit a job like that before and probably never will again, but it was a pretty awesome feeling. I already knew I wasn’t going to stay, I was not a good fit and it was affecting home life…the worst job I ever had. Plus I got to spend a whole month and a half off with our 3 month old. I feel like it did a lot for our bond..and the whole situation put me where I am today I suppose.

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I worked for a well-known Australian plumbing company, in the call centre booking jobs. I had a call come in from a desperate single mother, her pilot light had gone out on her hot water system & she hadn't had hot water for over a week.

She couldn't afford the repairs and had just been doing her best to cope.

One of our technicians was already at her neighbours property, so she approached him for help, he followed procedure and gave her the number for the call centre, assuming, since he was already next door, that we could waive the $150 call out fee and he could, at the very least assess the problem & give her a quote for repairs.

Well my operations manager refused, saying she would cost the company etc etc. By this time the woman on the phone was in tears, extremely upset, and my ops manager said "well, I guess she can decide what a hot shower is worth" with a big smirk on her face. I packed up my desk and walked out.

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I was 19, working as the host in a restaurant. Job was terrible, boss was a nightmare. One night, 2 friends called and basically said (paraphrasing here): "We're in the parking lot, one of our favorite bands is playing in Denver tomorrow (which was like a 6 hour drive away), impromptu road trip, now."

I briefly protested and mentioned that I was at work, had no extra clothes. They cut me off and told me that they had already stopped by my place and my roommate had let them in. So they had grabbed some clothes out of my room and thrown them in a backpack and reiterated that I need to get my a*s outside.

So I looked at my coworker and was like, "yo...I'm really sorry..I'll take you out for dinner and drinks to make up for this, but if you see Karen...tell her I quit" and then I left and we hit the road.

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Was working at Goodyear. It was well beneath my skill level, but they were hiring when I needed a job.

Their lead tech had to leave because he tore his bicep. The same day they fired the guy below him on the totem pole for smoking pot on his lunch break.

I was assigned all the technician duties (anything more complicated than an oil change came to me). I asked if this came with a raise or a promotion and the boss said "Bring me 2 ASE's, and 3 local seminars and I'll give you a promotion, a dollar raise, and a percentage of the work you do". I didn't have enough money for the racket that is ASE testing, and seminars were $200-500 a person.

They hired a new guy from a Firestone across the street. Couldn't do technician work worth a damn, blew a couple main fuses on some cars, but could bust tires like nobody's business. Several times a week I was coming in to fix his mistakes or bail him out of a job he was not qualified for and did not have the tools for.

Boss called a storewide meeting. New guy got promoted "In recognition of his service in the industry". No ASE's. No seminars. Gave my notice I was quiting right then and there.

Boss called me later as I was leaving for the day and begged me to stay because he realized no one else was qualified to do work beyond tires and oil changes. Offered a dollar raise if I brought 2 ASE's in. I laughed and reminded him that's what he offered me several weeks ago, then told him just for that I was going back in to pack my tools.

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Just got done busting my a*s as an oyster shucker at this fancy restaurant. They charge $20 for a dozen and I made dozens an hour but only $9 went to me. I got my paycheck for those 2 weeks and it was barely $300. We had less hours because of Thanksgiving.

I was the only with a servsafe certificate in the place and my check wasn't enough to cover rent. I walked and they had to pull a chef from another location because they couldn't sell food without me.

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I was working as an engineer for a big corporation. I was supposed to get a promotion to senior engineer at the start of covid lockdowns, so they told me I wouldn’t get one because of covid. Fair enough, but a couple weeks later they told me our salaries would be reduced because the company wasn’t doing well. Not nice but nothing I could do.

A couple months later, the company promoted two vice presidents to senior vice presidents, and gave them a huge bonus. I then asked for my promotion and they told me that no promotions would take place under Covid. I waited a few more months until they finally gave me my promotion. And the salary increase was £100 A YEAR. Which is much smaller than what my salary was reduced because of Covid. I took home the letter indicating I had a promotion, gave my notice and began looking for a senior engineer role somewhere else. F*ck greedy corporations.

Edit: of course, I forgot to mention that they removed all our bonuses during this time period, but management got it all.

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15 years old. 3rd day on the job at a convenience store. The manager petted me on the head all softly like as I cleaned shelves. Then later the same day, he took me aside alone into the office to accuse me of stealing money. The cash register I had worked the previous two days had not added up right because I had made a lot of mistakes in using it due to a lack of training. That and several other staff were dipping in and out of my till all day and I didn't know this wasn't normal. In hindsight it was probably all a pretext to get me alone in a private space. Nooooooope €3.50 per hour is not gonna keep me here around this creep. See ya. I ran down the street crying and have never worked for anyone except myself since. F**k dat shiz.

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Was working at a nursing home in medical records. Micromanaging supervisor whom I hated had retired but not recommended me for her position even though I knew as much as she did. They hired someone with zero experience off the street. I asked for time off to go to a conference for my side hustle and was told no. State might come in and do their yearly inspection, and New Manager had never been through one before so I needed to stay. They cut my hours due to declining patient population, New Manager reported I'd been missing shifts (not that she'd cut my hours), so I walked in during the morning meeting, threw the keys on the table, told them I didn't work for liars, and left. Side hustle went full time. Never looked back.


It was in a retail job about 20 years ago. One of the managers who was a good friend of mine was off sick with cancer. They’d asked me to step into his role but (obviously) I wasn’t getting paid the full amount for that. I wasn’t very happy in my personal life at the time either. It sounds like a daft thing but the store was freezing cold and the house I was living in at the time was freezing cold. I was skint, hungry and cold all the time. One day something just clicked and I had to make a change. I went down and spoke to my manager and told him I was going to leave. He was really nice to be fair and said he’d give me some holiday time off the books if I wanted to think about it for a bit. Within a week I had a new, much better paid, job and within six months had moved to a new (warmer) house. You’d be hard pushed to walk out of one full time retail job and straight into another full time one in the UK now but I lucked out there.


Worked for an oil field service company as their IT computer person. Our shop was located about a half mile off of interstate 80. Corporate/company policy was absolutely NO firearms allowed not only in the office, not even in your parked personal vehicle, so basically none where allowed on their property. The secretary (who was, no joke, certifiably crazy) brought a gun to work using the excuse it was to protect her in case some nut job came off the interstate and into the office, she said she needed to defend herself. She wasn’t well liked and when ever she would get into a verbal argument with an employee, she would pull her pistol out and let you know she had a gun. The first time I saw her with her gun in her hand I got up and walked out, never went back.


My wife quit her job becomes her boss was very mean to her. I think she was jealous of her life style and position in life relative to hers. She kept giving my wife a hard time, and finally, she called me and asked if I care if she quit. I said go for it, and she walked out that day. Was the best thing she has ever done, and felt like she had power in the situation. Fortunately I make more than enough money to cover her, which made that decision much easier to make.


I was working in a warehouse job when I was 17yo. We'd just moved into a much bigger warehouse & needed another store person. I had a friend, let's call him Greg, looking for work so I got him a job there. Greg was not very good at this particular job but Greg had a drivers licence to do deliveries to customers & I did not.

A month later the warehouse manager gives me a heads up, apparently head office doesn't want to pay two storemen & head office wants to keep Greg because he has a licence.

This is a new warehouse with literally hundreds of pallets of items to unpack & put on shelves so I decide to just bugger off, good luck to them.

But Greg only liked the job because he got to work with his mate & with me gone, he felt no need to hang around.

Greg emails his resignation that afternoon & leaves them in the s**t with 150,000 different items to unpack without a store person.


Worked at a large UK electronics retailer, left the day before Christmas eve because I was shouted at for not lying to a customer about recovery drives. He wanted to sell her the £50 recovery service, when she asked if she could do it herself, I said yeah you'll just need an 8GB USB and the manager insisted she needed a 32GB one

This was Windows 8 btw


Had a pain in the a**e micro manager boss b***h owner, who thought cause she managed to launch a moderately successful company, she knew better than everyone else. Constant nagging, monitoring, bi**hing, questioning everything you did. One day I just snapped after I read a stupid email from her saying I wasn't visually doing enough to justify my minimum wage job. Sorry if I'm not running around like my hair is on fire. IT work typically means you just sit pretty still and stare at a screen. Sent an email back saying I quit, to be made effective immediately. Tried to screw me over on reclaiming training costs from me, but I never signed a contract, so she had no legal recourse! Got a job paying twice what I was earning shortly after.


I was hired at a place that said they would train you. They did REMOTE internet lectures showing us, and explaining to us, what we were supposed to do using the tools. Nothing repeated. 8 hours of grinding talk, daily.

Myself and one other guy (team of about 14 trainees, good people) got to try using the tools two separate times for one particular thing.

That was it. They tried to start us after 1 week of this. I told them I wasn't ready. The whole TEAM said "we've had no practice!" (They switched trainers) And the new trainer said, "You've been doing this for TWO weeks!" And we said, no, just one!

She said, well, I'll show you a few more things, but we're starting today.

I called the manager and explained that it was a good team of qualified people we just needed like, 2 days to practice and we'd be ready. Nope. Okay. In that case, I quit.


I found out that the matchmaking service I was working for was profiled on W5 for milking money out of lonely individuals, and they specifically targeted old, rich widowers by honeypotting them with fake profiles of potential matches.

I quit on the spot.


Tiny restaurant where I worked the til and counter, just the husband and wife owners in the back cooking. One day she pulls me into the bathroom, whispering how her husband has me on video taking tips out of the tip jar. I said no way, I was most likely pushing the bills to the bottom and also the tips are mine when I’m here? We didn’t divide tips there because I made like $5 an hr. She keeps whispering how I can never touch the tips during shifts and how very very angry her husband is at me. I asked can I see the video and explain it to him? She’s like oh no no no we can’t show you the video. I was 19 and pretty dumb in the ways of working, but smart enough to leave immediately.


At a Wendy's. Just spent the day watching one of their training videos. the second day they were like, so you're ready to start cooking right? and I'm just they have me watch the video again. so I just call my friend to pick me up and left.


This camel's back broke after a few months of:

•not being allowed to drink water or sit down unless on your lunch break (12 hour shifts)

•do something x way, get yelled at for not doing it y way, do it y way, get yelled at for not doing it x way

•sexually harassed by a client, asking not to work with them anymore, always forced to work with that client from then on

•client tells the boss they like working with me? I'll never work with them again

•written up for "being late" when I had gotten there before boss and fell asleep in my car waiting for him, still came in 5 minutes before start of shift

•zero positive remarks

•boss banned from mentoring local college students for not giving them breaks or positive feedback

On the day in question I was first in at 6am, had to work with the creep client, and was given last lunch at 230. While wiping down equipment and resetting the room before lunch I was being yelled ar for not being as smart as my PhD boss. So I went to lunch and just... never went back. I did write "I QUIT" on my paper time card instead of a punch out time. F**k you Mike.


Was already underpaid and the tips started to not even get me to minimum wage. Manager disrespected me one day minutes into the shift and I just walked out.


I got fired from a pizza delivery job once and told I had to finish my shift on a Friday night.

They said I was a no call no show the previous day. I wasn't scheduled. They wrote me in but didn't call me. The ink wasn't even the same color as the rest of the schedule. So when I showed up for work the next day they told me I was fired for no call no show, but I had to stay and work.

I said f**k that, and walked two doors over to the Chinese place and asked if they needed a delivery guy. Hired on the spot. Plus free egg rolls.

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Mine was fast food. It's your regular fast food story, unfortunately. We had two cooks and myself during the day shift. I was running front line, drive thru, and fry station by myself for 4 hours straight. I couldn't keep up. For four hours, I was struggling and getting cussed out by customers because of their wait. My manager decided at that point to come out and help the two cooks.... I watched her do that so she didn't have to deal with the irate customers for another hour before I cracked.

The last customer I spoke to was screaming at me in the window for having to wait 10 minutes to get his food. I just walked up to my manager and gave her the headset and walked out. I sat in my truck in the parking lot and had a full-on panic attack for an hour before I went home. I was going through a very rough time at that point in my life and just couldn't handle it anymore. That was probably the only time in my life I ever had an actual panic attack. It was not fun at all.


I had the owner of a restaurant I was managing spill literally boiling fresh made chicken noodle soup on my middle torso all the way down. So hot and painful to the point I had to strip my soaking boiling shoes. My reaction was to run and swear.

He told me If I swore so vocally again he would let me go. I then needed medical attention, to which he llrefused. I went to the hospital anyway, came to work the next day with bandages, and was told I would work today's shift as repayment for missing my previous one. I explained that was illegal and gave him an ultimatum, either he fix it with him paying my medical bills or I walk. He laughed saying I had no control over it. So I walked. 3 months later after filing suit, I supplied all the information needed to indict him on tax fraud, failure to properly insure, failure to maintain a safe work place, and he and his other businesses had to be sold for him to afford the legal costs, my medical bills and the mandatory restitution payments.

Stupid b***h is still paying me out, and now that he's fulfilled his sentenced time, lives in a relatively medium sized town and we frequent the same locations, I consistently remind him of what his next payment is owed and due.

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Not me but the weirdest one I have ever seen. I am the electronics guy at walmart. One night they drop someone new on me. He had gone through all the onboarding and training videos and s**t which takes a few days. They tell me to point him at something to do. I take him to the ink aisle and show him how to zone it. Put everything in order line it up against the edge of the shelf s**t like that. He says he's cool he gets it so I'm like great and walk away.

Like not even 10 f*****g minutes later I go to see how hes doing and dude is f*****g gone. We never saw him again.

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Large corporation kept “downsizing” the workforce but not the workload. Those of us who were left (team of 15 reduced to 2) felt so lucky to have a job that we didn’t complain about taking on the jobs of three people and working 60+ hours per week. Company hires a new department head and a couple months later I have my annual review where he says “we just need you to do more” to which I replied “no”. No forethought. No plan. I just knew I couldn’t take on more. I definitely caught him off guard. And I couldn’t believe “no” came out of my mouth. We were both stunned. But that was effectively my two week notice.

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They changed my schedule and didn't inform me, and then b**ched at me when I showed up following the old schedule. Someone had quit just before my 3 days off and I texted my boss to ask if he was gonna need me those 3 days and he said no, so Friday rolls around and I come in following the old schedule. Boss is there, doesn't say anything about me being late and I just work my shift like normal. Same thing on Saturday. Sunday I am 10mins late because of traffic, my fault but I am rarely late so i figured I would apologize and that would be the end of it. But my boss lays into me for being late 3 days in a row, confused I ask what he's talking about. He had changed the schedule on Friday/Saturday and apperantly I was 4 hours late for both those shifts. When I pointed out I wasn't informed the schedule changed and I even asked him on Tuesday if he needed me. He replied "it's your job to know when you should be here" I just layed my keys on his desk and left.

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**I got mugged on my first night of being a pizza delivery guy.**

It was my second or third delivery of the night. On the walk from the car to the apartment, in the apartment complex courtyard, I was attacked by two men.

They hit me in the head several times, knocked me to the ground, took the pizza and the money bag, and ran. Good thing they didn't take the car.

This was in 1989, so it was long before smartphone apps.

I went back to the pizza shop and quit on the spot. The owners were very kind, they took me to the ER to be checked out, they paid for the hospital visit, and they totally understood why I'd want to quit.

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After a fairly long day a customer had (very rightly) asked to see the manager, but as it happened the owner was in at the same time talking to some of them. I went to the main manager and said a customer wants to see him

The owner taps my shoulder hard, glares out at the customer and bellows "the manager is busy, tell them to f**k off!"

Rather sick of how they treated customers and staff as it was I just looked at him and said "tell him your f*****g self" and walked out the building

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I've only done that one time.

And it was because the manager time card dude got on my case about punching out late. at a call center. I was on a call. and then finished the call and punched out. but the call took a while later than my punch out. and somehow I got in trouble for that. I was just doing my job. *made a sale ffs*.

so i quit right there. I wasn't hearing that s**t. and I've never worked in sales since. I lived with roommates and had some money saved, it didn't matter. got a different job. didn't matter at all to me.

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I was brand new. The department I was hired to work. The Head of the Department was retiring that week and two others were going on vacation. No big deal I thought of course they'll move more experienced people over here to continue my training and help run the department.

Nope on the day when everyone else assigned to the department was gone I showed up to work and found out I would be the only person working it. I'd been there for less than a week and still didn't even know what half my job duties were. I clocked back out and left.


Was an assistant store manager at Papa John's, I was 19 - I was doing nearly everything the GM should have been doing. Scheduling, inventory, ordering, counting drawers/cashing out drivers, taking deposits to the bank, covering when people called out, working open to close on a regular basis.. literally doing his entire job. After a busy Friday night I just walked into the back office and had a fantastic conversation I will never forget:

Me: "hey man unfortunately I won't be able to come in tomorrow"

"Oh, got plans or something?"

"Nope. I actually won't be able to come in Sunday either, or any day after that."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I quit. Good luck, see ya."

Put my keys down and walked out the door, never looked back.


Was about to give the restaurant 2-week notice.

I was bussing tables at this 'fine dining' establishment.

Then, Friday at closing time I got yelled at for clearing a table cloth that Mr. Manager told me was not dirty enough.

OK, don't let me get in the way of you leaving kinda dirty table cloths on for the next customers.

I quit right there.


Told them I couldn't work Saturdays because I played rugby.

That was fine for months until I found myself rostered on a Saturday a few weeks in advance.

Told the manger I couldn't do it and reminded her of my sport commitments. She said she would amend it.

The following week I noticed I was still rostered on that coming Saturday. She wasn't in at the time so I left a message saying that there might be a mistake because I was still rostered on.

I received a reply in capitals saying something along the lines of "you're rostered to work 9am - 2pm Sat, come in then or don't come in at all"

So, I left that afternoon and didn't return for another shift.

I received calls and messages for about a fortnight asking when I would be returning, but never answered or replied to any


It got heated with a co-worker. In front of customers and on camera. Got called into HR and told they were going to do an investigation and go home for now. I said give me a piece of paper and wrote "I quit effective immediately." That place was a s**t show. Half the staff was coke heads or alcoholics. Place hadn't been upgraded in decades and management constantly ignored you/had you fend for yourself. I snapped and afterwards asked myself why the hell I would fight to keep this job? I had another job at the time anyways so I walked out and never looked back. Should have done it like three months earlier to be honest.


I quit working at IHOP after about five minutes. I applied for the job, got hired, and was told to come back a few days later to start. At the time, I had a full beard, and I figured it would be a good idea to trim it up a bit before my first day, so I shaved it down to a Van Dyke (as was the style in the late 90's).

I walk in on my first day, and the manager who interviewed me started telling me about how they were going to take X dollars out of my paycheck to cover the meal I was allowed to eat while working. That sucks. I come to work to make money, not give it away, but I can live with it.

Then the manager kind of pulls me aside and tells me, "I told you to be clean-shaven during your interview. You need to take care of that." The problem is that he said no such thing, so I responded with something like "No, you didn't mention that, but I'll..." and he cuts me off with "Yes, I did."

I have no problem being clean-shaven. I have no problem following the rules of the place I'm working. I do have a problem working people who can't admit even the possibility that they made a mistake and then double down on it. If he'd said "Oh, I thought I did mention that..." then everything would have been fine. I instantly saw what working for this a*****e was going to be like, so I took off my IHOP shirt, handed it back to him, and told him this wasn't going to work out. Never got paid for those five minutes, and I didn't eat at an IHOP again for something like 15 years.


I worked a couple days at a warehouse near Port Everglades in the 90s. Second day on the job, supervisor tells me to scan a bunch of packages. I immediately go over to scan the pallette. Another supervisor immediately starts screaming and cursing at me. "Why the f* are these boxes still here? What f*ing country did you crawl in from? Move, move, move!" And other abuse...

Dropped the scanner right there and walked out.


Covid was running through everyone and no one was taking precautions to stop the spread so I quit before I caught it. I didn’t want to bring it home and give it to my family.


Working at a late nite pizza place as a driver, the shift manager kept sending his BFF on double and tripple runs and sending me on single long away runs. I protested, shift manager blew me off then sent his BFF to do the Ford Truck plant lunch delivery's alone (was like 8 orders).

I spent the next couple hours fixing myself pizzas and chicken wings and food and taking it to my car. Took like 8 pizzas I wrapped in plastic wrap, several bags of frozen chicken wings, frozen bags of french fries, 6 24 packs of sodas, 6 24 packs of beer, and a large box full of family size packs of double stuff oreos. Told the shift manager ~ I didnt do s**t for prep I was supposed to for that night because he's a d**k, hope he enjoys the extra work. I quit

They tried to screw me on my last paycheck, saying it didnt come in. I told the Main manager he better pay me now or Im going to report them for selling beer to minors, another thing the s**ty shift manager did for his bff's. My paycheck manifested very shortly after that.

Restaurant closed less than a year later


My area manager at the 2nd hand electronics store blatantly told me to knowingly break the law by not holding goods for 7 days after they were traded in. I said no. He pressed harder. I sent my version of events to the CEO. He tried sweet-talking me saying the company would take responsibility, not overriding his area manager's ludicrous request. I was never going to get it in writing, so I quit on the spot.


I was a 3rd shift cook at a greasy spoon diner. It was always just myself and a server. Our relief was the store manager and her drunk husband. They were constantly late and/or the old man would still be drunk from the night before. Also one of the 2nd shift guys was known for calling in semi-frequently.

After one too many shifts of having to cover both 2nd and 1st because people couldn't be bothered to come in, I split my tips for the day with the server on duty, wrote "I quit" on my time card, punched out, taped it to the managers office door, and left


I was 18. Worked at Baskin Robbins. I was 1 of two male employees.

"Hey man, did you get a raise?" No?

"Me either. Did you know Katie got a raise?" No.

Boss overheard us talking and said that we were the only two that didn't

get a raise because we underperformed.

Sure. Reached over, grabbed the notepad and wrote "This is my two weeks notice, I cannot work for the rest of the two weeks." Cause I thought you had to give two weeks notice as a dumbass teenager, then I walked out.


Let me preface this by saying the mine was shutting down within 4 weeks anyways....

Sand mines have things called "screen towers" which is essentially a tall (60ft) sifter where the sand gets shaken and separated.

It was a Minnesota January. -11 degrees out with 25+ MPH winds so it felt like nearly -40 degrees. The seals went out on the screen tower and we can't run without it. So the 6 of us went up there in the god awful cold, replaced the seals, and started it back up. About 3 hours total, 60 ft up in the air, howling winds. Absolutley MISERABLE.

Now, even though we pleaded with the mine superintendent that we need high-temp seals even though it was terribly cold (those things get to be a few hundred degrees), he made us use the low-temp seals as he figured extremely cold=low temp seals....but they're typically used in water screens where near extremely cold water is constantly running over them.

About 15 minutes after it started back up, the seals we predicted, and he wanted to send us right back up there for another 2-3 hours because he was stubborn and didn't listen because he was the one with the apparently meaningless engineering degree and we were just lowly heavy equipment operators.

I went to my locker, grabbed my s**t, and just drove out of there. Didn't tell a soul. When he called about 20 minutes later, I told him there's no way I can fathom working for someone like him for another minute.

I did have a job offer from a mine in Texas so I gave them a call on my way home, told them I accept, and was down there 2 weeks later.