Someone Online Asked “What’s A Secret That Would Change How The People Around You Look At You If They Knew?” And 35 People Confessed

There are some things that you just can’t tell anybody. These facts, thoughts or opinions can be so controversial that maybe you think that people will judge you, they won’t agree with you or be scared of you once they learn them.

But sometimes it’s nice to release it to the world and the internet with the safety of anonymity that the platform often provides. Which is why people were open to discuss it when they were asked “What’s a secret that would change how the people around you look at you if they knew?”

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What I’ve been through in the past, and what I continue to go through (because of my “broken brain” due to all that). I make a deliberate choice each day to choose love and connection, as cheesy as that sounds. I don’t want anyone to ever feel as alone and unwanted as I do. I’ve gotten a reputation as “the sweet innocent one” and I come off as a bit naïve, it really shocks people if they learn about my past. It’s like no, my kindness is a choice. I can’t change what happened but I can change what happens now, and what happens to others. Break the cycle, everyone!

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Our house was the first one on our street to be built. My husband and I [made love] in every single house on our street while they were under construction. I imagine our neighbors would look at us differently if they know we’d f****d in their house before they even had a chance to.

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People think that I’m a good listener, and that just makes them say things to me that they really shouldn’t. I’m only listening because I don’t want to be rude, not because I care. Don’t tell me your family secrets, please.

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I'm a Christian (thus isn't the secret. I hope.) and am disgusted by a lot of things that fellow Christians do in the name of Christ. My spouse and I have a hard time going to church. Trump supporting, covid deniers, anti masking.

Yet hosting a vaccine clinic in the early days of mass vaccination roll outs as a service to the community and I'm sure to show Christ's love.

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I have a very hard time liking/growing fond of people, even after knowing them for years. I could just drop all contact with them and not miss them at all. Was like this even as a child, all the way to now…

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All of my friends and family are Jehovahs witnesses, they think I am but I plan to leave. 85% of them will shun me when I leave.

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How much of an emotionally exhausted and fragile wreck of a person I am right now.

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I’m a janitor. But I’m worth over a million dollars because I own real estate.

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A few years ago, I went to the zoo during their Halloween celebration month where costumes were allowed. I dressed up as a zoo keeper. I told people that the penguins were animatronic. That when the giraffes get sick we feed them to the lions. I told a group of children that scientifically speaking, snakes and apples are cousins.

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My intrusive thoughts. Holy s**t sometimes i surprise myself on how gnarly i think in just a second.

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My sense of smell is off the charts. I can usually tell if someone showers in the morning or at night by the way their hair smells. If someone ate a yogurt in an auditorium hours prior but threw out the container in the trash and I walk in on the other side of the room I can smell the yogurt. My memory is also sense-driven. I remember people by their voices or scent, not their faces, or if there is something different about them (odd gait, odd body proportions, etc). My touch memory is also weird. Did I lock the front door? I focus on my hand and go through what my hand has felt in the past 20 minutes and if the feeling of locking the door is there I’m good. I’m literally a freak and if people knew how much of their behavior/body-oddities/scent I actually have no choice but to remember, everyone would look at me like I’m a monster.

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I get more of a rush out of training my dog than any experience I've shared with humans. Dogs just feel more intense and genuine. when you look at them you know they are there, present, with you. There's only a handful of people I can say have ever even come close to that level of understanding and none of them managed to achieve it without words the way the dogs I've worked with can.

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I don't give a damn about anything or anyone at this point. Life feels like a game, and I'm just a spectator until this body fails. Any connections I form, I have no intention of nurturing. The human experience is so shallow compared to the universe at large that I can't shake the perspective that none of the tears, suffering, or smiles matter at all. They're a flourishing of energy that'll at some point be done flourishing.

I don't understand how people get so *invested* in life like any of this show is of any importance at all.

I enjoy a pretty sunset, or a laugh with ithers, but I'm not convinced any of it makes the game worth the candle.


I am married, I own my house (half-half with my wife) have 3 kids and I have a steady job. I have no clue how i got there, and i have no clue what I am supposed to do 90% of the time

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I am under the constant and irrational assumption that everyone knows something that I don't. I fully understand that it is unwarranted and I'm being paranoid, but the mental blockade it has created means that it's really hard for me to trust people.

Think of it as constantly worrying that everyone has a snake in their pocket, and it's only until you know for sure they do/don't that you'll be fine.

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I have so much unresolved trauma and I'm just trying to have a good time

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My mental health is circling the drain, I'm horribly depressed, but I am trying *so hard* to get better.

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I cry almost every night but don‘t want to tell anybody since I‘d feel like a burden

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I didn’t graduate high school. I was getting out of an abusive relationship my senior year, getting stalked, and was super depressed and ended up dropping out.

I got my GED at 20, and am now an engineering major at my university. But I’ve never told my friends or boyfriend that i didn’t graduate, and i even lie on job applications.


I was an abusive boyfriend, I still can't forgive myself for it

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How incredibly terrified I am nearly all of the time. I'm not confident, I don't think I'm in control any more, I don't think I can do this. And still, here I go

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I like both men and women

It sounds trivial but my family is morman and I wound be able to handle it if they find out

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..My parents had me chemically castrated as a pre-pubescent kid?

..not really a secret though, turns out pretty much everyone around me knew way before I did...

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The actual things ive been paid ludicrous amounts of money to do as a highclass escort in Dubai.


I was in a cult for a couple years.

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I have schizophrenia.

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I am an absolute horny mess right now…perimenopause is turning me into someone even I don’t recognize ?

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I’m empty inside and have been since 2019.

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I’m a convicted felon. Nothing violent, a white collar crime.

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Sometimes I crave attention from other people , like an attention hoe level

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That I have serious gender identity issues and would transition in a heartbeat if I could, except I know that none of my family would ever accept me.


I can fart and sneeze at same time

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I’m gay

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Sometimes, I shave my legs so they’re nice and smooth, and then I sit down, close my eyes, and rub my hands all over them, and I pretend that I’m actually touching a girl’s legs.

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I'm scared of girls