“Stay Crazy Japan”: 133 Interesting Pics That Show Why Japan Is A Country Like No Other (New Pics)

Every country boasts its unique charm, whether it’s the people, the food, the nature, or anything else, for that matter, that creates it. And while what captivates people the most differs from visitor to visitor, some places seem to leave many of them fascinated with what they’ve seen or experienced.

One of such places, likely to leave its visitors in awe, is Japan. Home to everything from bustling cities to breathtaking nature, and so much more, it also surprises travelers with some rather unexpected sights, such as fried chicken vending machines and public air showers for those suffering from pollen allergies, just to name a couple. Scroll down to find more examples and explore what other unique features add to the charm of Japan.

#1 Japanese Hospital's Food. I Gave Birth In Japan, And These Are A Few Examples Of Meals That I Got While I Was At The Hospital

Image credits: jenkinsinjapan

#2 So I Was In Zao Fox Village, Located In Japan, And I Saw These Foxes Waiting For Their Water

Image credits: LittlePrayer

#3 Fukui Prefecture Has Dinosaur Benches And Is Known For Its Dinosaur Museums. Roughly 80% Of All Dinosaur Fossils In Japan Are Found In Fukui

Image credits: CODfukui

#4 Public Air Shower In Tokyo To Blow Pollen Off Hay Fever Sufferers

Image credits: Humvee13

#5 A Can Of Cake From A Vending Machine In Japan

Image credits: SinjiOnO

#6 At Nara, This Morning In The Rain, I Saw This Kid Sharing His Umbrella With A Deer. It Melted My Heart

Image credits: laura6319

#7 The River Looked Whitish And Murky, So When I Looked Closely, I Saw That Jellyfishes Were Migrating

Image credits: AU75GM

#8 Only In Japan

Image credits: themouseyouknow

#9 I Captured A Picture Today Of This Man Trying In Vain To Defend Himself From A Deer In Nara, Japan

Image credits: HOWDEHPARDNER

#10 Don't Fight The Monkey

Image credits: mellofello808

#11 Mannequins In Japan

Image credits: Rio_M

#12 Subways In Japan Have Women-Only Passenger Cars

Image credits: CommitteeOfTheHole

#13 There Really Was A Dragon In Shikoku

Image credits: chicago0812

#14 This Catbus For Transporting Japanese Preschoolers

Image credits: BaronVonBroccoli

#15 Today's View From My Tent On Mount Fuji After Sunset. No Editing. It's Just Japan

Image credits: Austrianpotatoe

#16 I Flew To Tokyo On This Bad Boy

Image credits: Mister_Minister

#17 The Amount Of Snow In Hokkaido, Japan

Image credits: TAK17246558

#18 This Fresh Honey Dispenser At A Hotel Breakfast In Japan

Image credits: Sxzym

#19 Some Elevators In Japan Include An Emergency Kit On The Corner, That Includes Things Like Water, Food And Even Mini-Toilet In Case Of Blackouts Or Earthquakes

Image credits: PlanEx_Ship

#20 This Store In Japan Automatically Calculates Your Total When You Place Your Basket In The Area Using RFID Tags On The Products

Image credits: killingwave

#21 Game Boy-Shaped Mailbox In The Mountains Of Shikoku

Image credits: ruins_rider

#22 Manhole Covers In Japan

Image credits: Lepke2011

#23 When You Need Help At A Train Station In Japan, Customer Service Literally Pops Out Of The Wall

Image credits: BeardedGlass

#24 This Starbucks In Kyoto Was Only Allowed In This Area Because They Were Able To Keep The Original Facade Of The Building Intact

Image credits: ninja_padrino

#25 These Movie Tickets From The Ghibli Museum Are Frames From Different Ghibli Movies

Image credits: Outpsyched

#26 Door Latch That Doubles As An Accessories' Holder At A Public Restroom In Japan. Simple Concept, Straightforward Design, Elegant Execution

Image credits: YourInfidelityInMe

#27 This Is How Smartphones At Local Japanese Fast Food Restaurants Are Disinfected

Image credits: reddit.com

#28 Landscape-Friendly Vending Machine

Image credits: ekimemo_kinako

#29 Strange Sights In Japan - A Magical Orchestra In Shiga Prefecture

Image credits: TidbitsfromJapan

#30 A Fried Chicken Vending Machine In Otaru, Hokkaido

Image credits: Kafeen

#31 Japan Has Clear Coca-Cola And Clear Iced Tea

Image credits: AkaParazIT

#32 Today, I Saw A Batman On The Expressway In Chiba

Image credits: snsd_mumin

#33 Abandoned Seafood Restaurant And Its Crab Sign In Osaka, Japan

Image credits: pinpoint_m

#34 Pavilion Tokyo 2021. An Interesting Tea House In The Middle Of The City

Image credits: mazterz

#35 My Japanese Work Boots Have Suction Cups On The Bottom For Walking On Ceramic Tile Roofs

Image credits: kyoto_kinnuku

#36 Automated Snack Vendor In Tokyo

Image credits: Humvee13

#37 This Bedside Lamp At My Hotel In Japan Can Be Half-Lit

Image credits: bartholomew

#38 Japan’s Natural Heart-Shaped Toyoni Lake

Image credits: souji5okita

#39 Japan Has Started Selling Caffeinated "Gaming" Ramen And Curry

Image credits: improbable_humanoid

#40 In Japan, You Can Play A "Flushing Sound Effect" In Public Bathroom Stalls So Others Can't Hear You Do Your Business

Image credits: oddmatter

#41 The View That Unfolded At The Top Of The 270 Steps Was Like Something Out Of An Anime

Image credits: shiifoncake

#42 River In Japan Filled With Cherry Blossom Petals

Image credits: WizardsTools

#43 Gas Station In Tokyo. These Fuel Pumps Are From Above

Image credits: Comfortable_Shower37

#44 Tile At Osaka Subway Points North To Help People With Maps

Image credits: griftertm

#45 Dobby Looks A Bit Different In Japan

Image credits: kllro_

#46 My Mission Is Complete. I Finally Visited All 3 Life-Size Gundam Statues In Japan

Image credits: suannie_rx0

#47 The Pet Hotel We Used Makes A Journal Of Your Pet's Stay To Give To You When You Pick Them Up

Image credits: zaftpunk

#48 First Light On The Beautiful Streets Of Kyoto, Japan

Image credits: timtamtoosh

#49 This Building In Osaka Has A Highway Run Through It

Image credits: JarodColdbreak

#50 Japan Has Condom Sizes That Ranges From "Mega Big Boy" Down To "Smart Boy"

Image credits: ihaveneverdonemeth

#51 Used Clothing Store With No Attendant In Japan

Image credits: sjbfujcfjm

#52 I Thought I Was Smart Avoiding The Crowds By Visiting The Bamboo Forest At 10 PM. I Only Managed To Scare Myself And Bail Without Entering Very Far. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Kyoto

Image credits: sicxer

#53 This Is How Smooth The Bullet Train Is In Japan

Image credits: fakeproceedings4

#54 Real-Sized Plastic Model Of Nissin Cup Noodles

Image credits: yosemite78atreddit

#55 These Transparent Public Bathrooms Turn Opaque When You Lock Them

Image credits: victortkchan

#56 Little Jizo Statues In Kamakura

Image credits: singevoyageur

#57 This Monk-Shaped Traffic Cone On Buddhist Temple Grounds In Japan

Image credits: prgkr7

#58 Kyoto Temple Ceiling Art

Image credits: Diginoise

#59 Manhole Cover In Kyoto, Japan

Image credits: RichardButt1992

#60 I Came Back To This One Waterfall In Yamagata During 3 Different Seasons

Image credits: souji5okita

#61 KitKat In Japan Have Started Changing Their Packaging From Plastic To Paper

Image credits: Mishishi_Kiseki

#62 I Came Across This Tree While Walking Through A Forest In Japan

Image credits: Jamminmb

#63 This Sapporo Beer Tap Is A Samurai Sword Handle

Image credits: tnick771

#64 This Building In Tokyo Is Literally The Width Of A Door

Image credits: frostkaiser

#65 This Japanese Restaurant Has A Waxwork Samurai In The Urinals

Image credits: VeryOftenWrong

#66 Pokémon Mailboxes, Yokohama

Image credits: lingriffon

#67 Bathroom Pictograms Wears Kimono In Kyoto Station

Image credits: burgerthrow1

#68 I Bought This "Statue Of Too Much Liberty" From A Vending Machine In Japan

Image credits: Vomix

#69 I Found A Pillow Menu In My Hotel Room

Image credits: Ravelism

#70 Monkeys Enjoying A Hot-Spring Bath At Jigokudani Park In Yamanouchi (Nagano Prefecture)

Image credits: isabel.coixet

#71 The View From Inside My Capsule Hotel "Room" In Tokyo

Image credits: kirbzy

#72 A Giant Macaron Is Given By France To Every Winner Of The Grand Sumo Tournament In Japan

Image credits: GaddockTeegFunPolice

#73 Fake Gun To Scare Snow Monkeys In A Japanese Onsen. This Is Only For The Women's Side. The Men's Side Doesn't Have It

Image credits: hiruma255

#74 This Rocket Building In Tokyo, Japan

Image credits: biwook

#75 Takaragawa Onsen - Gunma, Japan

Image credits: chickenmamaleno

#76 Godzilla Zipline In New Godzilla-Themed Park, Awaji Island

Image credits: 7shine7

#77 From The Hakone Open-Air Museum

Image credits: x0_Kiss0fDeath

#78 This Japanese Movie Theater's Large-Sized Drink Has Straw Holes For You And Your Date

Image credits: cuycuy

#79 When I Go To Asakusa, I Pass This Bookstore. It Looks Very Old And Completely Tilted

Image credits: octopus_catcher

#80 I Went On A Walk Through Osaka And Found This Awesome Shrine

Image credits: sofa-king-hungry

#81 You Can Buy Dress Shirts At 7/11 In Japan

Image credits: organicbabykale1

#82 Spotted The Coolest Car I've Ever Seen Today In Tokyo

Image credits: denizs

#83 I Managed To Avoid The Crowds In Kyoto And Took This Photo

Image credits: Meteorsw4rm

#84 Today I Learned That In Japan, They Buy Their Child One Backpack. That's It, Not One Every Year

In fact, it might be passed on to another generation. It is solidly made and also serves as protection in an earthquake. But it is an investment. This one is on sale for $517.

Image credits: but-what-about5

#85 Etiquette Poster "Please Turn Down Your Volume" In Seibu Railway, Japan

Image credits: Public_esko

#86 These Stairs In Kyoto Station

Image credits: svalvard

#87 A Sanrio Store In Asakusa, Tokyo

Image credits: tanmaypendse63

#88 Ryzen Vending Machine In Japan

Image credits: Nullpo_x3100

#89 This Building In Sapporo Has A Thermometer

Image credits: imlookingforelliot

#90 Daily Life In Japan's Countryside

Image credits: pere_peri_peru_

#91 Stay Crazy Japan

Image credits: lKANl

#92 In Japan, We Have Action-Flavored Coke

Image credits: zutari

#93 This Escalator In Tokyo That Has A Landing

Image credits: QuarticDysfunction

#94 Condom Vending Machine In Japan That Has "I Love You" Written In Many Different Languages

Image credits: Little-Slime

#95 Every Station In Japan Has A Logo. USA Station In Japan Had A Logo That Look Like The United States' Flag From Afar

Image credits: MaryPaku

#96 These Melons In Japan Cost Almost $90

Image credits: TemperatureNervous59

#97 This Slide In Shape Of An Elephant Trunk At A Tokyo Park

Image credits: FindingFoodFluency

#98 My Friends Got Married, And They Wore Traditional Japanese Wedding Kimonos

Image credits: ann0v1

#99 Deer Couple In Nara, Japan

Image credits: Marukosu15

#100 The Ladies' Bathroom At My Nearby Mall In Japan

Image credits: Personwhoisfriendly

#101 In Japan, The Floor Of My Subway Car Is QR Codes

Image credits: Japesthetank

#102 My Mom Is Visiting Japan. She Was Not Prepared

Image credits: neomatrix248

#103 I Saw This Yesterday While Driving In Japan. You Can Never Have Enough Anime Stickers On Your Car

Image credits: Ishiibradwpgjets

#104 Japanese Police Cars Can Raise Their Blinking Lights To Be More Visible

Image credits: sand500

#105 My Dad Is In Japan And Just Sent Me This Picture

Image credits: Manic0892

#106 This KFC In Osaka, Has An All You Can Eat And Drink Beer Buffet

Image credits: binthewin

#107 In Japan, There Are Genetically Modified Strawberries That Taste Like Normal Ones

Image credits: uncanny_goat

#108 I Saw This In Kyoto, Japan. I'm Assuming It Is To Prop Up The Plant And Make It Grow In A Specific Way, And Once It's Strong Enough, They Will Remove The Lattice

Image credits: qito_r32

#109 In Japan, This Can Be Ordered At Many Restaurants As A Tomato Salad

Image credits: mcreefa

#110 Cabbages Being Used As Decorative Flowers In Japanese Public Spaces

Image credits: getott

#111 Nanzoin Temple, Fukuoka. This Is Said To Be The Largest Bronze Buddha In The World

Image credits: bunderwood78

#112 Mario Kart Tour That I Encountered At The Famous Shibuya Crossing

Image credits: tvz32

#113 Tentacle Ear Accessories In A Capsule Machine In Japan

Image credits: Little-Slime

#114 Japanese Moka Train Station In A Shape Of A Locomotive

Image credits: Longrua1231

#115 This Is What A Bathroom Looks Like On A 1st Class Japanese Bullet Train

Image credits: JesusaurusRex666

#116 This Helpful Guide I Found In Japan

Image credits: Frogman7

#117 Picture I Took Of A Random Person I Saw In Nagoya, Japan

Image credits: Nooblulu1

#118 Approaching The Tallest Tower In The World - Tokyo Skytree

Image credits: OmniStrife

#119 This PS5 Energy Drink From Japan

Image credits: narabyte

#120 This Penguin Mailbox In Nagoya, Japan

Image credits: Luminoustygian

#121 Japanese Style New Year's Eve Dinner

Image credits: Different_Working155

#122 This Control Panel At A Japanese Hotel I Stayed At Last Week Which Requires Your Room Key To Provide Electricity To The Room

Image credits: MabiMaia

#123 From My Hotel Room I Spotted This Shrine On The Roof Of A Building In Tokyo

Image credits: tattoojew

#124 Whale Meat Vending Machines In Tokyo, Japan

Image credits: blyatbob

#125 Largest Daibutsu (Large Buddha) Statue In Japan At 120 M Tall. The Ushiku Daibutsu In Ibaraki

Image credits: Shin-anigan

#126 In Tokyo Elevator

Image credits: foolingraven

#127 I Went To A Craft Beer Bar In Tokyo Last Night, Definitely Got My Fill

Image credits: gen3ricD

#128 Found In A Driveway In Japan. Other Houses And Buildings Were Perfectly Normal

Image credits: Maelarion

#129 Eating These Incredibly Sweet, Huge Japanese Black Ribier Grapes In Shibuya

Image credits: cherrysnobs

#130 This Lobby At The Robot Restaurant In Shinjuku

Image credits: theyokesonyou44

#131 You Can Buy Spaghetti In A Hot Dog Bun In Japan. It's Called A "Napolitan Roll" Or "Napolitan Dog"

Image credits: Iwamiyama

#132 Mountain Tsurumi, Kyushu, Japan

Image credits: Kenouk

#133 Whale Meat Sashimi Commonly Sold In Supermarkets In Japan

Image credits: airwarr