Step Aside Nick Cannon! Frightfully Fertile Elephant Man Reveals He Has 38 Kids And Still Wants More

Dancehall artist Elephant Man is giving Nick Cannon and Cam Newton a run for their money with 38 kids. During an Instagram Live interview, the artist revealed he plans to keep going.

Elephant Man attends 2018 HOT 97's On Da Reggae & Soca Tip

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

According to Complex, in an interview with “Noah Powa, the Pon Di River” singer discussed his large family and his hopes to keep expanding it. Starting at the young age of 17, Elephant Man has chosen to continue having children as long as he is able.

When asked if he plans on stopping anytime soon, the singer replied, “How yuh mean? Den if it come, it nuh come bredda, weh you a talk bout?”

He also told Dancehall Mag that he knows he is ugly, but the girls love him, so he can’t help himself. During his interview, Elephant Man implied that he does not use condoms to prevent pregnancy.

“You nah sex your woman inna nuh condom,” he stated. “You ever go to your woman inna her house inna condom, yuh inna trouble.”

His views on condoms may have begun rumors that the 47-year-old contracted HIV/AIDS. To further clarify, he stated that his still alive, so there is no way he could have the disease. Although regular testing would clear all that up better than waiting until it’s life or death.

He doubled down and stated that God only keeps the strong alive, “Mi nuh dead,” he said. “Mi stay strong cause the fittest of the fittest shall live and God nuh waan no weakness inna him camp.”

According to Dancehall Mag, Elephant Man also came under fire for fathering so many children. The father of 38 says that all of his kids are taken care of. Addressing allegations of being an absent father, he stated that having so many kids, it is inevitable for him to have arguments with the mothers of his children, but he will always provide for the children.