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Susie Wolff, a trailblazer in the world of motorsport, has left an indelible mark on the racing industry. With a passion for speed that ignited in her early years, Wolff defied societal norms and broke barriers to become a prominent figure in Formula One. Her role as a development driver for Williams Racing showcased her exceptional talent and dedication to the sport. Beyond racing, Wolff’s legacy and impact continue to inspire future generations of aspiring racers.

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Early Life and Racing Beginnings

Susie Wolff’s early life and racing journey began with a passion for motorsports and a determination to succeed in a male-dominated industry. Born on December 6, 1982, in Oban, Scotland, Wolff developed an early interest in racing, inspired by her father’s involvement in karting. She began her own karting career at the age of eight, quickly showcasing her natural talent and competitive spirit.

As Wolff progressed through the ranks, she faced numerous challenges and barriers due to the traditionally male-dominated nature of motorsports. However, this only fueled her determination to succeed. In 2001, she made her debut in single-seater racing, competing in the Formula Renault Championship. Her impressive performances caught the attention of the motorsport community, and she continued to climb the ladder, competing in various championships, including Formula 3 and DTM.

Wolff’s breakthrough moment came in 2012 when she was signed as a development driver for the Williams Formula One team, becoming the first female driver in over two decades to be associated with a Formula One team. This groundbreaking achievement showcased her talent and determination, paving the way for other aspiring female drivers.

Despite retiring from competitive racing in 2015, Susie Wolff’s early life and racing beginnings serve as an inspiration for women in motorsports, proving that with passion, determination, and talent, anything is possible.

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Breaking Barriers in Motorsport

Wolff’s remarkable career in motorsport was marked by her groundbreaking achievements, as she shattered gender barriers and set new standards for women in the industry. Throughout her career, she has been a trailblazer, challenging and overcoming the stereotypes and prejudices that have historically limited the participation of women in motorsport.

One of Wolff’s most significant accomplishments was becoming the first woman in 22 years to take part in a Formula One race weekend. In 2014, she participated in Friday practice sessions for the Williams team, demonstrating her skill and determination on the track. Her presence in the traditionally male-dominated world of Formula One showcased the potential and talent that women bring to the sport.

Wolff’s accomplishments extended beyond her participation in Formula One. She also became the first woman to earn a podium finish in the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) championship, a highly competitive touring car racing series. Her success in the DTM further solidified her position as a role model and inspiration for aspiring female racers.

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Susie Wolff  body measurements and personal details :-

Real Name: Susie Wolff  Stoddart

Nick Name:Suaie

Profession:Racing Driver


Marital Status:Married

Husband Name:Toto Wolff

Children:Jack Wolff (Son)

Age:39 years old

Height: 5.6 ft.

Weight In Kilograms:55 kg


Eye Colour:Dark Brown

Hair Colour:Dark Brown

Date of Birth:6 December 1982

Birth Place:Oban, Scotland



School Name:Oban High School

College Name:University of Edinburgh


Father Name:John Stoddart

Mother Name:Sally Stoddart

Sibling’s Name:David Stoddart

Competing in Formula One

In her groundbreaking career, Susie Wolff made history by competing in Formula One, showcasing her talent and determination on the track. As a test driver for the Williams team from 2012 to 2015, Wolff became the first woman in over two decades to participate in a Formula One race weekend, during which she took part in several practice sessions. Her debut came at the 2014 British Grand Prix, where she impressed both fans and experts alike with her speed and precision.

Wolff’s journey to Formula One was a result of her hard work, dedication, and undeniable skill as a racer. She began her motorsport career in karting before progressing to various single-seater championships, including the Formula Renault and Formula 3 series. Her success in these competitions caught the attention of Mercedes-Benz, leading to her role as a development driver for the Formula One team.

Although Wolff’s Formula One career was relatively short-lived, her impact on the sport was significant. Her presence on the track served as an inspiration to aspiring female racers around the world, proving that gender is not a barrier to success in motorsport. Today, Wolff continues to be involved in the sport as a team principal for the Venturi Formula E team and an advocate for diversity and inclusion in motorsport.

Role as a Development Driver

Her role as a development driver in Formula One showcased her expertise and contributed to the advancement of the sport. Susie Wolff, a former professional racing driver, served as a development driver for the Williams Formula One team from 2012 to 2015. As a development driver, her primary responsibility was to provide valuable feedback on the performance and handling of the team’s cars.

Wolff’s role as a development driver was crucial in improving the team’s overall performance. Her extensive knowledge and experience in racing allowed her to provide valuable insights to the team’s engineers and mechanics, aiding in the development and fine-tuning of the car’s aerodynamics, suspension, and overall performance.

Furthermore, Wolff’s role as a development driver also helped promote diversity and inclusion in the male-dominated world of Formula One. By being a prominent female figure in the sport, she served as an inspiration to aspiring female drivers and encouraged more gender diversity in the industry. Wolff’s contributions as a development driver were highly regarded within the Formula One community. Her feedback and input played a vital role in enhancing the team’s performance, and her presence helped pave the way for more opportunities for women in motorsport.

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Life Beyond Racing

After retiring from professional racing, Susie Wolff embarked on a new chapter in her life, exploring opportunities beyond the world of motorsport. With her vast experience and knowledge in the racing industry, Wolff sought to make a meaningful impact and inspire others through her ventures.

One of her significant endeavors was the establishment of the Dare To Be Different initiative in 2016. This program aimed to encourage and support women in pursuing careers in motorsport. Through various events and educational programs, Wolff aimed to break down stereotypes and provide a platform for women to showcase their skills and passion for racing.

In addition to her work with Dare To Be Different, Wolff also took on the role of Team Principal for the Venturi Formula E team in 2018. This made her the first female team principal in the history of the Formula E championship. In this position, she worked to develop the team’s performance and guide them towards success in the highly competitive world of electric racing.

Furthermore, Wolff has also become a prominent speaker, sharing her experiences and insights at conferences and events. Her inspirational talks focus on topics such as leadership, determination, and overcoming obstacles. Through her speaking engagements, she continues to inspire and motivate individuals from all walks of life.

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Legacy and Impact

Following her retirement from professional racing, Susie Wolff’s legacy and impact continue to shape the motorsport industry. Wolff’s accomplishments as a female racing driver have broken barriers and inspired a new generation of aspiring drivers. Her perseverance and determination have shown that gender should not be a limiting factor in pursuing a career in motorsport.

Wolff’s legacy can be seen through her role as the team principal of ROKiT Venturi Racing in the FIA Formula E Championship. As one of the few female team principals in motorsport, she has become a role model for women in the industry. Her leadership and expertise have contributed to the success of the team, and she continues to advocate for gender equality in motorsport.

Furthermore, Wolff’s impact extends beyond the track. She is the founder of Dare To Be Different, a non-profit organization that aims to inspire and empower women to pursue careers in motorsport. Through various initiatives such as educational programs and networking events, the organization provides support and opportunities for women in the industry.

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In conclusion, Susie Wolff’s journey in motorsport has been marked by breaking barriers and making significant contributions to the sport. From her early life and racing beginnings to her role as a development driver in Formula One, she has left a lasting legacy and made a positive impact. Beyond racing, Wolff continues to inspire and advocate for women in motorsport, paving the way for future generations of racers.