T.P Bon Ending Explained: Does Bon Become a Time Patrol Agent?

Coming from Doraemon creators Motoo Abiko and Hiroshi Fujimoto, T.P Bon is a manga series adapted into an ONA by Studio Bones and released on Netflix on May 2, 2024. It follows a high schooler, Bon, who is average at everything. However, one day, he randomly crosses paths with Ream and a yellow jellyfish named Buyoyon, and after that, his life completely changes. Well, if you are perplexed about the events that occurred in the finale episode, you can count on me as I have explained the ending of T.P Bon’s anime in detail.

What Happened at the End of T.P Bon Anime?

Bon and Ream from T.P BonImage Courtesy: Netflix

T.P Bon’s final episode shows Ream telling Bon that their new mission involves a lot of risks, so she isn’t willing to take him along. However, not convinced by Ream’s explanation, Bon gets ready to accompany her on the mission of rescuing a time reaper named Ambrose Bierce. Unfortunately, the trio gets trapped in the future due to an anomaly.

Ream, in a heartfelt moment, apologizes to Bon for getting him stuck in this situation. She also tells him about the agent she worked with when she joined the organization, who taught her everything a Time Patrol agent should know.

Ream continues that although her senior was transferred to the Anamoly Handling Unit, they both remained in contact. However, she never returned when that agent went on her last mission. The news surfaced that a space-time tear swallowed her. Ream then reveals that finding her idol is one of the major reasons she wants to be in Time Patrol.

Later, the trio almost dies because of a sandstorm, but an old man comes to their rescue. The man turns out to be no one else but Ambrose Bierce himself. Bierce was a writer who traveled to Mexico in 1913 and became a time reaper. However, he still looked enthusiastic since he was getting to experience the things that a writer always looks forward to.

After having a long conversation with the trio and escaping a deadly situation, Bierce starts showing interest in Bon’s time boat. Soon, they are joined by a weirdly dressed man who tells them that Time Patrol still exists in the future, and he has been tasked to rescue Bon, Ream, Buyoyon, and Ambrose Bierce. The man helps them to travel back to their respective eras.

Does Bon become a Time Patrol Agent?

Yes, Bon indeed becomes an official Time Patrol agent at the end of the anime. After making their way back home, when Bon says “See you next time,” Ream reveals that she will not be a part of Time Patrol’s rescue unit anymore.

She will join the Anomaly Handling Unit soon, so Bon will be the official Time Patrol agent who will be leading the Rescue team on further missions.

Well, Season 2 of the T.P Bon anime hasn’t been announced yet, but whenever it gets announced, we can expect Bon to go beyond his limits, as Ream will not be there to guide him anymore.