This Optical Illusion Has Confused Many People, Making Them Think That The Dog Is Levitating

On the afternoon of September 21st, a home camera captured an intriguing moment, where a family’s dog looked like she was partaking in a paranormal occurrence. The dog in the photo seemed to be levitating!

Bruna Gutemberg, one of the owners, was shocked at first but later realized that a shadow from hanging clothes was in the perfect place to create an optical illusion. Since Bruna casually posted her dog pictures in the Facebook group Arrombadinhos FOFOS Do Kralho, she decided to share this image with her peers, as well.

As much as the image itself was a shock, the amount of likes and people commenting on the image also took Bruna by surprise.

So, without further ado, we present you with a levitating dog and the reactions of people in the comment section on the Instagram post.

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Meet Lilica, a dog that was caught on camera ‘practicing levitation’. Well, not really, but this optical illusion definitely had people confused

Optical illusion, making it seem that the dog is levitating

Image credits: arrombadinhosfofos

Lilica lives with her moms and two other dogs

A family photo of Bruna, her wife and their 3 dogs by the Christmas tree

Image credits: brugut

Bored Panda reached out to Lilica’s owners, who live in Guarulhos, São Paulo, Brazil. To learn more about Lilica, Bruna shared some information first: “She is 9 years and 7 months old. She has been with my wife since 2014 and with me since the end of 2019, when we got married.”

Lilica lying on the couch

Image credits: brugut

Lilica lying on the floor

Image credits: brugut

To keep an eye on their four-legged family members, Bruna and her wife installed a camera

Lilica lying on the floor

Image credits: brugut

Surely, seeing something that tricks your mind into thinking that your dog is just casually levitating must have been shocking. Bruna shared how she was able to capture this moment and how she felt upon seeing it.

“We always leave a camera at home, because we have 3 dogs, and they sleep inside the house, during the day they stay in the covered backyard and a little inside the house. So we keep an eye on it.”

“Thursday, September 21st, I went to check if they were okay. When I opened the camera, I was scared. I thought: What is this dog doing?” shared Bruna.

Lilica lying in her dog bed

Image credits: brugut

The findings on September 21st shocked the owners, who later shared the image on Kralho’s Arrombadinhos FOFOS Facebook group

Lilica lying on the ground

Image credits: brugut

Bruna shared more about her first thoughts after seeing the image: “I was in shock. I thought to myself: What is this dog doing? I looked at it for a while thinking ‘is she flying?’ Then I decided to zoom in and saw that it was the shadow of the clothes.”

Bruna also shared how the image got online.

“I posted it on Kralho’s Arrombadinhos FOFOS Facebook group. I always post dog stuff there. Then the group administrators posted it on their Instagram page,” wrote Bruna.

Lilica lying in her dog bed

Image credits: brugut

Though the image was just an illusion, it sure sparked a lot of surprise and wonder in people who saw it

Lilica posing with a hat on

Image credits: brugut

The sudden interest in the image from other people took the owners by surprise. Bruna shared: “I would never have imagined, because I always share photos in this group, but it was never successful. We were impressed by the amount of likes and shares the photo received.”

Here is what people had to say about the image on Instagram

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