Tips & Tricks for Farming Wind Charges in Minecraft 1.21

  • The first important tip to farm wind charges in Minecraft 1.21 is to create a room around the Breeze spawner, so they can't jump.
  • Bring tamed wolves or funnel the Breezes into an area where you can kill them easily. Add a collection system below.
  • Finally, create an AFK area so Breezes get angry and the tamed wolves will farm the wind charges for you.

Are you a huge fan of the new wind charge item from Minecraft 1.21? Would you like to have plenty of them to do crazy things around your world? Well, in that case, this guide is exactly what you need. We will be showing you some easy tips and tricks to help you obtain and farm the wind charge more easily in Minecraft 1.21. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

When Does Breeze Drop the Wind Charge?

Breeze and Blaze function fairly similarly. Both of them will drop their respective items if killed by the player. This means no other damage, such as environmental damage will cause them to drop XP and items. So, if you want to get ahold of the wind charges, you’ll need to kill the Breeze yourself.

But, there is also one more way for the kill to count as a player kill even if the player doesn’t kill the mobs. This is possible thanks to the tamed wolf. If a tamed wolf gets aggroed to something and kills it, it will count as a player kill.

However, it’s not as simple as it seems. In the case of the Breeze, wolves don’t naturally attack it like skeletons. So, they first need to get angry at the Breeze. According to our testing, the tamed wolf can get aggroed onto the Breeze in two scenarios:

  • If the Breeze hurts the player, or
  • If the Breeze hurts the tamed wolf or other tamed wolves.

So, if a Breeze gets aggroed toward the player, this won’t cause the tamed wolves to get angry and attack the mob. As you can already tell, this isn’t ideal, as either you or your tamed wolves need to get hurt for the automatic killing of the Breeze. But, there are some things you can do to make this farming process easier and faster.

How to Easily Farm Wind Charge in Minecraft 1.21

Method 1: Make the Area Around the Trial Spawner Smaller

What this implies is that you give the Breeze less space to move around. So, to make this simple, you can create a 9 x 9 room centered around the Breeze trial spawner, as this block will spawn mobs in a four-block spherical radius.

We suggest you also lower the ceiling significantly to stop the Breeze from constantly jumping. It can be right above the player’s head. This compact space will allow you to reach the Breeze much easier and therefore kill it faster.

Player fighting the Breezes in a small room

Method 2: Bring Tamed Wolves to Help Kill the Breeze

As we already mentioned, if a tamed wolf kills the Breeze, you will get both XP and the precious wind charges. So it can only help you in this battle. Bring multiple tamed wolves inside the room around the trial spawner and wait for the Breezes to spawn.

You can leave them there and create an easy path to access the room. However, keep in mind that the wind charge can open all non-iron doors and trapdoors, so having an iron door will prevent the Breeze from just running out of the room. You will then also need to have a button or lever on you so the Breeze doesn’t just activate them constantly. Also, feed your dogs meat so they regenerate health after the fights.

Tamed wolves damaging the Breeze and farming wind charges for the player

You can also use iron golems for this purpose, but you have to hit the Breeze at least once. If the iron golem does all the damage, it won’t count as a player kill. This may seem easy, but iron golems will kill the Breeze in three hits, so you will need to be fast.

Method 3: Funnel the Breeze in a Corner Using Water

Unlike the Blaze, you can use a water stream to push the Breeze into a certain spot. They even cooperate pretty well, so you won’t have many issues. Flood the room with water, as shown in the image below.

Then you can have the Breeze end up in a small area where you’ll be hitting it with a sword, just like in regular mob farms. Install a simple collection system below, and you’re good to go.

They will be able to attack you and push you away, but if you are quick, you can kill them in about four well-timed hits. Also, place some blocks above the trial spawner so you collect its drops as well as Breeze’s.

Breezes trial spawner flooded room and the Breezes stuck in a small room where player hits them from below

Method 4: Make a Semi-Automatic Wind Charge Farm

You could probably make a fully automatic AFK wind charge farm, but today, we will be focusing on something simpler. Create a 9 x 9 room as shown in Method 1.

Then, on one side, add a little chamber where you will be standing. Have blocks at the feet level and also slabs above them, so only the player’s face is visible. This will also prevent Breeze’s attacks from dealing damage to you.

Now, let your tamed wolves into the room, and you go into the tiny room on the side. When Breezes spawn, they will see and target you, hitting some wolves in the process. This will lead to your wolves killing the Breezes, which will make them drop wind charges.

Get all the way against the blocks and the slabs, so Breezes can see you from the entire room. Add a collection system utilizing hopper minecarts below the room, and you will be farming wind charges every thirty-odd minutes.

The reason why this is a semi-automatic farm is that the tamed wolves will take damage over time, so you need to heal them every once in a while or replace them once they die. Alternatively, you can install some dispensers that will shower the wolves with health potions. You can have as many tamed wolves as you want. The more of them there is, the faster they’ll take care of the Breezes. Tamed wolves in a room around the Breeze trial spawner and the player AFK spot on the side Player looking from their AFK spot while the tamed wolves attack the Breezes and farm wind charges in Minecraft 1.21

So those are all the recommendations we have for you. These tips will help you farm wind charges easily, so you can have lots of fun using them in your Minecraft 1.21 world. Which method will you use? Let us know in the comments below!