Tom Hanks’ Family Says He’s ‘Already Asking To Be Called Doctor’ After Receiving Honorary Doctorate From Harvard

Call him Dr. Hanks.

On Thursday, Tom Hanks gave the commencement address at Harvard University, where he received also an honorary Doctor of Arts degree, and it sounds like it’s gone to his head.

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“He is already asking to be called doctor,” his wife, Rita Wilson, told People.

The couple’s son, Truman, said that he is actually honouring his dad’s wishes, telling the magazine, “I’m calling him doctor — even if it’s only honorary.”

In his speech, Hanks talked to the graduating class about patriotism and the importance of justice.

“If you live in the United States of America, the trust is sacred, unalterable, chiseled into the stone of the foundation of our republic,” he said. “When it comes to our race, there are many models, but only one chassis. None of us are super, but we are the Americans, unique in our willingness to admit that when it comes to our race, we are all but human — so said Marlon Bran flakes to Tommy Tommy Handkerchief.”

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Hanks was also delighted to receive a Wilson volleyball as a gift during the ceremony. A reference to his 2000 hit “Castaway”, the ball was emblazoned with “HARVARD”.

Student Donny Xu, who was part of the graduating class, told People that he appreciated Hanks’ commencement speech.

“I think he tried to connect with young people with the superhero references,” he said. “He was good …definitely better than a politician.”

Another student, Cole Crawford, said, “I was really excited when I learned it was Tom Hanks. He did not disappoint. It was quite a patriotic speech, which was interesting, and I like how he focused on how now, more than ever, we need unity.”