“WHERE ARE YOUR ETHICS?”: Lady Gaga Slammed For Promoting Migraine Med

Lady Gaga’s latest appearance in an advertisement was met with sharp criticism, as fans accused her of “promoting greedy pharmaceuticals.”

Fans appeared to be tired of her high-profile team-up with the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer to promote their migraine medication, known as Nurtec.

As she posted the ad on Instagram, Lady Gaga revealed she made the video for those with migraines because it’s “time we all shine.”

“My friends @inezandvinoodh and I made this film for you. To those with migraine, it’s time we all shine,” Lady Gaga wrote in the caption. “Nurtec ODT is for the acute treatment of migraine with or without aura and the preventive treatment of episodic migraine in adults. Select Safety Information: Do not take if allergic to Nurtec ODT. Allergic reactions can include trouble breathing and rash. Call your doctor or get emergency help right away if you experience trouble breathing or swelling of the face, mouth, tongue or throat. Most common side effects were nausea (2.7%) and indigestion/stomach pain (2.4%). See full Approved Uses and Important Safety Information included in the video. #ad #nurtecodtpartner.”

Lady Gaga faced backlash after posting her recent ad as part of her collaboration to promote Pfizer’s migraine medication

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The reaction to the migraine pill ad seemed to be a bit of a headache, as fans questioned, “WHERE ARE YOUR ETHICS, GAGA?”

“Gaga promoting greedy pharmaceuticals in a country where ppl can go bankrupt for calling the ambulance, and where all meds are insanely overpriced! WHERE ARE YOUR ETHICS, GAGA?” one person wrote on Instagram, while another added, “Music please , i’m  sick and tired of make up and medicines.”

Some called the ad disturbing and accused the singer of promoting “greedy pharmaceuticals”

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“Girl you need new management,” one said.

“Girl I have a migraine right now just watching these ads,” wrote another.

Another said, “Very disturbing. I really don’t like what’s you’re doing now.”

Below is the recent ad for Nurtec that Lady Gaga promoted on her social media profiles


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On the other hand, some social media users defended the artist and said, “Well I’m happy you are happy and look pretty and have no headaches and stuff.”

“Just ignore the post and move along guys,” one fan suggested.

Another fan said, “If you saw her documentary you would know how much she soffers [sic] for physical problems (I don’t remember precisely I have seen it years ago) from time to time so it’s only right for her to support something that maybe helped her!”

Netizens claimed the commercial for the migraine medication was giving them a headache

Lady Gaga was described as an “actual Nurtec ODT patient” on the medication pill’s website, where quotes about the Grammy winner’s experience with migraines were included.

“I was diagnosed with migraine when I was 14. My experience with migraine was debilitating,” the Just Dance singer was quoted saying. “I would miss school, and be in bed for days with tremendous pain in my head, behind my eyes, and all throughout my face. I couldn’t read or have any lights on, and I needed to be alone in a quiet room for hours that could lead to days until the pain subsided. I was always frustrated getting them because I didn’t want to get behind in school or miss rehearsals for after school musicals.”

Lady Gaga explained that she began dealing with other medical conditions in addition to her migraine by the time she turned 25.

“When I tried Nurtec for the first time I’ll never forget wishing I had found it sooner,” she said. “My migraine was gone quickly, and I was so glad I found relief. I wondered if other people could have the same experience I have.”

“It’s like you’ve become a complete[ly] different person,” one fan said as they criticized Lady Gaga

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