Which 5-star Wuthering Waves Character Should You Pull on Release?

  • Wuthering Waves will have a beginner banner on release, letting players guarantee one of the Standard at the 80th pull.
  • The five standard characters on the banner are Calcharo, Jianxin, Lingyang, Encore, and Verina.
  • All the characters are strong and have their unique playstyle with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Wuthering Waves is releasing soon on May 22, 2024, and players will be able to pull from a beginner banner on release that will guarantee one of the 5-star standard characters on the 80th pull. But which standard character should you spend your Convene on release? The standard character banner will feature Calcharo, Jianxin, Lingyang, Encore, and Verina. All the five standard characters in Wuthering Waves have their own strengths and weaknesses. If you have trouble figuring out whom to pull, here is my ranking for the standard characters based on the CBT2 gameplay.

The following rankings might change after the official release of the game. Also, I will always recommend players pick the characters they find the best and only take the following rankings as a reference.

5. Encore – Strong Mid-Range DPS

Encore Wuthering WavesImage Courtesy: Wuthering Waves

Encore is a Fusion Sub-DPS unit wielding a Rectifier. She has mid-range attacks and can quickly rack up damage on single targets. She is a pretty strong unit and can quickly melt bosses, however, her playstyle is a bit complicated and she is a bit slow compared to Calcharo and Lingyang. Encore is in no way a bad character but I think there are better standard characters in the game.

4. Lingyang – Fast Close Combat

Lingyang Wuthering WavesImage Courtesy: YouTube/Wuthering Waves

Lingyang is a Glacio DPS unit wielding a Gauntlet and I like his animations in the game. He has a 5-hit fast melee attack combo and his Skill changes if used after dealing a certain number of normal attacks. This makes the fighting much more receptive and fun. If you are a fan of hand-to-hand melee combat, then Lingyang is definitely for you.

3. Jianxin – Healer and DPS Combo

Jjianxin Wuthering WavesImage Courtesy: Wuthering Waves

Jianxin is an Aero Healer with strong DPS abilities and she wields a gauntlet. She features some really strong team-wide healing skills and can also provide shields to mitigate damage. Other than that, she can also buff team damage and deal quite a bit of damage herself. I also love her character design and animations and consider her a solid pick for the start of the game.

2. Calcharo – Fast Evasion Focused Combat

Calcharo Wuthering WavesImage Courtesy: Wuthering Waves

Calcharo is an Electro DPS unit wielding a Broadblade and his character design is one of the most well-done in the game. Calcharo is a fast DPS unit focusing on evasions and electro-attacks. He is very enjoyable to play and can deal a ton of damage when played correctly. If you like playing fast DPS units, then Calcharo will be perfect for you.

1. Verina – Strong Healing and Buffing

Verina Wuthering WavesImage Courtesy: Wuthering Waves

Verina is widely considered the best unit in the game after the CBT2. She is a Spectro Healer/Buffer wielding a Rectifier. Verina features very strong healing and buffing abilities, making her one of the most important characters in the game on release. She can help the team deal a ton more damage and will make your life a lot easier in the difficult boss battles with her strong heals.