Woman Chooses Her Cat’s Health Over Her Sister Who Might Become Homeless, Wonders If She Is A Jerk

Most people would describe their pets as family members, they’ll celebrate their birthdays, include them in family photos, and take care of them when they are sick or injured. But what happens when someone is forced to decide between helping a beloved pet or blood relative?

An internet user shared a dilemma she ended up in after choosing to not help her sister with mortgage payments. Instead, she wanted to keep the money for her sick cat who needed surgery soon. Her decision proved divisive, as her family turned on her, while the internet understood her point of view. Enjoy reading through the lively discussion over family, obligations, and more.

The bond between a person and a long-time pet can be close to that of a family member

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A woman shared the dilemma she ran into when her cat needed surgery and her sister couldn’t pay her mortgage at the same time

It turns out, OP’s sister had run into money problems and came by to ask for help

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OP questioned her decision, as she got a lot of flack for it from family members

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Commenters wanted some more context, so OP answered their questions

Others sided with OP, declaring her NTA, as the sister did have other ways to find money

OP’s cat made it through surgery without complications and she gave some parting thoughts

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