Woman Gets Mad At Her Friend For ‘Stealing The Spotlight’ By Disclosing Her FAS Diagnosis At Her Bachelorette Party, Wants To Remove Her From Bridesmaids

Some people have a perfect wedding in mind. After all, if it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, why not have everything be absolutely perfect, from the bachelorette party to the honeymoon? So it’s not surprising that this commitment to perfection can create a bit of drama and tension.

A bride-to-be shared a controversial decision she made, after firing a bridesmaid for “hijacking” her bachelorette party to tell everyone her diagnosis. On the surface, it does look like a pretty mean move, but she gave some context that split opinions. So read through, see the discussion in the comments, and decide for yourself.

Getting married is a special moment that most people would want to savor without distractions

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A bride asked the internet if she was in the wrong for firing a bridesmaid for deciding to announce her diagnosis at her bachelorette

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Talking about medical topics at a party can be an instant buzzkill

Despite many marriages not actually lasting, most people who choose to get married don’t plan to do it again. Naturally, if you plan for just one wedding, it has to be perfect. It’s also a time to celebrate and be celebrated by your friends and family, so naturally, OP felt like she was robbed of the limelight. What happened to the bridesmaid was ultimately sad, but her decision to suddenly and unexpectedly bring it up during a party was pretty misguided. Medical issues are rarely any fun, so regardless of what she ended up saying, the mood of the party was going to end up ruined.

For those who aren’t familiar, fetal alcohol syndrome is a particularly cruel diagnosis, as it’s one a person can not have any control over. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs) are a result of a fetus being exposed to alcohol pre-birth. This condition, among others, is the reason mothers are told not to drink. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop some, resulting in a number of possible issues for the unborn child. How badly the kid is affected will vary, but symptoms include poor coordination, low body weight, and sometimes difficulties studying. As the little “s” at the end of “FASDs” should tell you, this condition is a spectrum, where some people go undiagnosed for years, while others suffer constantly.

While we don’t know exactly what was going on in OP’s friend’s head and the extent of her condition, props to OP for not disclosing these details about her friend. While sharing the diagnosis during the party was questionable, firing her over it was what pushed many people to declare the bride a villain in the story. But, uncommonly for these sorts of stories, OP came back with an update. Instead of getting defensive, she seems to have embraced people’s criticism and worked it out with her friend. Often, when a person realizes that the internet sees them as a jerk, they cease posting and we never hear from them again. So it’s fortunate that this time there was a happy ending.

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OP gave some more context that readers needed to judge the situation fairly

Some people thought both parties acted poorly

While a few sided with OP

However, a number of commenters thought OP was absolutely at fault

The bride did later post an update to the whole story

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