Woman Has Been Always Shamed For Life In Sin, Tables Turn When Pregnant Sister Comes For Help

Religion isn’t a ‘get out of jail free’ card for people to do whatever they like. Especially when they use their religious views to justify horrid statements, it can end up backfiring on them. Not all believers are the same, but some can take their views a bit too far.

A teen was faced with this exact situation when she had to ask her sibling for help with an unexpected medical problem. She was caught out in her hypocrisy and forced to eat her harsh words when she found herself accidentally pregnant.

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Sibling can’t resist the urge to mock hypocritical sister’s religious beliefs after she comes begging for help to terminate accidental pregnancy

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The poster shared that their 19YO sister is a “hardcore evangelical” and that even though she knew abstinence was effective, she did not follow it or use birth control

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The teen used to say that her sibling was “living in sin and fornicating” but still ended up reaching out for help even though she was doing the same thing she was so against

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The sibling mocked the teen’s hypocrisy and asked her to tell their parents about it, but the girl was scared and said that their parents would disown her

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Despite everything, the sibling helped their sister out and also felt a bit bad for rubbing her beliefs in her face

The Original Poster (OP) shared that their 19-year-old sister is a very religious person and that they also used to be the same before going to university. Because of her strong faith, she believed that abstinence was the only effective form of birth control. She also felt that using any contraceptives was a “sin.” So she did not end up using any form of birth control.

A survey found that over 80% of Christians engage in intimacy just like their non-Christian peers. But, another study found that the more religious a participant was, the less knowledge they possessed about intercourse. The research also revealed that people with strong faith were less likely to use contraception on a regular basis, which could put them at higher risk for unplanned pregnancies and diseases.

Researchers studied the actions of unmarried religious adults between the ages of 18-29. They found that religious adults were 71% likelier than non-religious people to believe they were infertile after not becoming pregnant despite not using protection. Another 51% also engaged in inconsistent contraception use.

This is concerning, especially considering the situation that OP’s sister found herself in. She believed in the idea of abstinence. But because she could not follow it and lacked the correct education, she did not take any measures to protect herself. According to research by Maren Oslund, participants mainly got their knowledge about intimacy from their schools, mothers, or friends. Other sources may not always be reliable, which is why it’s important for schools and institutions to provide the correct guidance to youngsters.

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Many institutions promote abstinence-only education and it’s been observed that the federal government invests over $175 million annually in such programs. The issue with these frameworks is that they have been found to promote scientifically inaccurate information. They often distort data on condom efficacy and promote gender stereotypes

According to Guttmacher Institute, “in theory, abstinence is 100% effective at preventing pregnancy and STIs. However, many adolescents who intend to practice abstinence fail to actually do so, and they often fail to use contraception when they do have intercourse.” This shows the dire need for correct and scientifically accurate education so that students understand their bodies and know how to proceed with intimacy as they get older.

The reason for this becomes even more important when you consider OP’s sister’s dire situation. The teen had nobody to turn to and had to reach out to her sibling for help because of her accidental pregnancy. She could not turn to her parents because she felt they would “disown” her. When she eventually went through with the procedure, she seemed to be doing okay physically, but had a hard time reconciling with her decision.

Although nobody should be put in such a tough situation, hopefully, the poster’s sister finally realized that she was wrong to force her beliefs on her sibling. This should have also been a wake-up call for her to use protection while being intimate. The post got 13k upvotes and 2.2k comments with people completely siding with the OP. Do you think the poster was right to mock their sister’s religious views? Add to the discussion in the comments.

People were annoyed by the sister’s hypocrisy and told the poster to use this situation as leverage in case she ever condemned the sibling’s lifestyle again

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