Woman Lands On Magazine Cover After Internet Crowns Her Australia’s “Most Beautiful Woman” Over Viral Club Pic

A young woman, who had never considered the idea of modeling before, stunned fans as she dazzled on her very first magazine cover, all thanks to a photo of her from a nightclub that went viral on social media.

Ryli Johnson is a proud Aboriginal Australian from the rural town of Moree in New South Wales. She became an overnight sensation simply because she smiled for a picture with her boyfriend, Tyreice Baira Gela, during a night out in North Queensland in March.

Taken at The Bank Nightclub in Townsville, the photograph was shared on the venue’s social media page, thus changing the course of the 20-year-old woman’s life possibly forever. The self-described “small town little black girl” went viral for her natural beauty and was labeled the “most beautiful girl in Australia.”

Australian youngster Ryli Johnson was dubbed the “most beautiful girl in Australia” after a picture of herself with her boyfriend went viral online

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“She’s the very definition of beauty — someone sign her up,” one person wrote on Facebook, while another said, “Wow, she’s absolutely stunning, naturally beautiful, someone give this girl a modelling contract ASAP.”

“She’s stunning,” said a third comment.

The young adult said she didn’t even think her now-viral photo would ever be posted.

“I don’t really wear makeup but that night I just didn’t put any on at all and the guy asked if he could take a photo of us, not thinking it was going to be posted,” she told Daily Mail Australia. “It just started blowing up and my mum showed me all the comments and I was like, ‘What the hell.'”

“Like I’m only a small town little black girl from Moree and to have all these big city people commenting that I should be a model, I didn’t expect it at all. It’s just crazy.”

The viral image was clicked during the youngster’s weekend getaway with her boyfriend and shared by The Bank Nightclub in Queensland on their social media page

Image credits: The Bank Nightclub Townsville

Weeks after the young Australian woman became a viral sensation, Ryli was featured on the cover of Stellar, which describes itself online as Australia’s most-read Sunday magazine.

“A night out in Townsville saw her dubbed the ‘most beautiful woman in Australia.’ Ryli Johnson is ready for her close up,” read the text on the cover.

The budding model spoke to the publication about how her weekend getaway with her boyfriend in March turned her into a viral sensation.

“It has been surreal. I was at a concert recently, waiting to use the loos with about 500 other people, and these two people came up and recognised me,” she told the outlet. “Then everyone started cheering. It’s like, ‘What the heck?’”

The youngster received widespread fame and landed her first magazine cover within weeks


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Along with all the recognition and viral fame, the youngster admitted that she started receiving a number of rude comments after the picture from the nightclub went viral.

“I had to put my accounts on private. Because I had people message me, and they were really rude comments talking about my relationship or me,” said Ryli, who graced the Stellar cover wearing an outfit from Australian designer Bec + Bridge.

“Honestly, I never asked for this to happen. And the comments made me feel like: ‘Wow, maybe this isn’t for me.’”

“I’m the nicest person that you will ever meet. So I don’t think it’s fair for me to be treated like that.”

Ryli revealed that the idea of pursuing modeling never crossed her mind before, but now she is willing to see where it takes her


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Ryli revealed that she briefly had a stint with modeling at the age of 12 when her mother entered her into an Aboriginal model search competition. She didn’t take home the top prize at the time, as her cousin won the competition.

“Honestly, [modeling] never crossed my mind,” she said during a Sunrise interview in March.

Prior to becoming an online star, her plans were to go to university and become a teacher. But now, the youngster is looking to seize any new opportunity that comes her way.

During her first photoshoot, she had “the most amazing time” in front of the camera, courtesy of Stellar

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“I have this whole new opportunity, and I’ve always believed in saying yes to any opportunity and seeing where it leads,” she told Stellar.

Thoroughly enjoying her very first photo shoot, Ryli added: “I loved the atmosphere. I honestly had the most amazing time. It definitely gave me some inspiration of what I want to do with modeling.”

Ryli already has a growing group of fans who hope to see her build a successful career in the field

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