Woman Wants To Take Photos Of Her Meal For Her Instagram, Her Boyfriend Ruins The Food, Then Is Upset She Won’t Pay For His Meal

People’s hobbies range from photography to extreme ironing, so it’s no surprise that they differ with each person. That’s why it’s important to remember that even if you don’t care for some activity, others might.

Redditor u/CapitalMess100 enjoyed taking pictures of her food—a hobby her boyfriend couldn’t get on board with. She told the AITA community that he would mess up the food before she could take a picture, which eventually led to a ruined date night and redditors split into two camps.

People’s hobbies include all sorts of activities, which makes photographing food far from the most unusual one

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This woman wanted to take pictures of their food but her boyfriend didn’t care much for her intentions

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Compromising is important in a relationship, but there is a limit to that as well

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In order for a relationship to work, compromising every once in a while is inevitable. Whether it’s reaching common ground on the matter of photographing food or something more far-reaching like choosing a place to live, it’s important to take your partner’s feelings into consideration.

Compromising in a romantic relationship can benefit both sides. It might bring them closer together by reinforcing mutual trust and understanding and can help develop a stronger sense of empathy. It often encourages the partners to walk a mile in their loved one’s shoes, which allows them to gain a new perspective.

However, there are things people are not willing to and likely shouldn’t negotiate on. Author and Professor at the Department of Philosophy at the College of Staten Island/CUNY, Mark D. White, Ph.D., pointed out that there can be such a thing as too much compromise. In an article for Psychology Today, he emphasized that, “A healthy relationship should affirm who each partner is and allow each person to meet his or her needs together with the other.” He explained that small adjustments are natural and unavoidable; however, compromising shouldn’t threaten one’s core needs and desires or other things they consider important and have a firm stance on.

People are willing to compromise in numerous areas for the sake of their relationship

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A 2021 survey of people in China revealed that there are quite a few areas people are willing to compromise for the sake of a romantic relationship. For example, 85% of men and 76% of women are willing to restrain their temper, and as much as 70% and 58% of them respectively are okay with adjusting their eating habits. The data also showed that nearly 60% of male and roughly 30% of female participants agreed to compromise over their hobbies.

The OP’s boyfriend didn’t seem keen on changing his ways when it came to his girlfriend’s hobby of photographing food. However, she is far from the only one interested in such an activity. Flaminjoy emphasized that influencer culture nowadays is so strong, people are no longer paying as much attention to brands as they do to the lifestyle of people with strong online presences. It also pointed out that Instagram influencer marketing in the food industry incentivizes an engagement rate of 7.38% and foodie micro-influencers—such as the OP herself—are a valuable asset due to their targeted audience, typically focused on a particular region.

The redditor taking pictures of food in local restaurants in her city seemed to have annoyed more people than just her boyfriend, though. The story split AITA community members who couldn’t decide whether it was her, the boyfriend, or both of them that was being a jerk.

The online community was split into camps with quite a few redditors on the OP’s side

The rest of the members thought everyone, including the girlfriend herself, was a jerk

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